Frosty, Aristocratic Styled Wedding

A wedding that has frosty in the description brings to mind elegance. Why? Start with the beautiful black cape and the incredible bouquet with standout flowers including red, white, peach and pink blooms. What ways to add warmth to the day!

A vintage car and an old castle add to the special effects. Olga and Alexander show style and happiness in every image. The brunch table is to die for and the menu is stunningly simple. What more can we say? Read on!

What to Look for in a Venue for a Frosty, Aristocratic Styled Wedding

Since the wedding theme is frosty and aristocratic, the only type of venue that comes to mind would be castles! Old castles with plenty of history would be ideal. Since the wedding theme is an aristocratic wedding, the perfect setting should be of historical importance.

Most castles, chateaus, old manor homes, and stately estates also offer parts of the estate or the entire area for wedding guests and parties. If this sounds interesting, it is ideal to contact the owners and check about the rooms available (if needed for guests), rental charges, and any other added costs. It would also be helpful to get quotations from a few different venues before finalizing one.

Details for a Frosty, Aristocratic Styled Wedding

Couples choosing an aristocratic, frosty wedding theme should consider all aspects of the wedding ceremony and reception. The wedding could be outdoors in an attractive venue with a cosy and welcoming ambience. While the setting will undoubtedly be magical, you should ensure heaters are nearby for elderly guests and children.

When selecting the venue, it would also be helpful to have the entire wedding coordinated by a single point of contact or an event planner to help with the coordination of all guests, accommodations, meals, venue, and airport transfers.  

Colour Palettes for a Frosty, Aristocratic Styled Wedding

Aristocratic, frosty weddings can have autumnal or winter colour palettes. Some shades to add for a pop of colour would be terra cotta, mustard, marsala, caramel, and white. These shades look gorgeous in the winter and are a striking offset to the wintry look and feel of the wedding.

Another palette to consider would be a winter wedding palette. This would work with shades of blue, icy blue, navy blue, gold, white, off-white, tan, and beige. Most couples prefer striking colours in stark contrast to the wintry wonderland of the venue. Contrasting colours add style, make the wedding look authentic, and incorporate the theme's vintage look and feel.

Table Setting Style for a Frosty, Aristocratic Styled Wedding

When looking for an authentic regency or aristocratic table setting style, it is essential to remember that the theme of the wedding should not be disturbed. It is effortless to add modern touches without realizing your mistake. When considering the dining experience, couples can opt for handcrafted dishes, quarter plates, and soup bowls. Hand-embroidered linens (very aristocratic!) are a needed addition to this themed table setting.

Wooden or ceramic salt and pepper shakers in white or blush pink should be added to keep up the era of the wedding theme. Couples can add solid vases with riotous blooms, candelabras with dripping candles (a la English Regency), and printed tablecloths.

Budget for a Frosty, Aristocratic Styled Wedding

The wedding budget will be according to the unique accents, entertainment, and events planned for the entire duration. It should include shopping for the aristocratic theme, the caterers, wedding cake, flowers, decor, photographer, videographer, DJ or music, and transportation. You should also include the furniture rental, venue rental, logistical support, local fees, charges, and labour rates for all the service staff, and lighting.

The wedding budget should be decided in advance of the theme. Doing this will help curtail costs when finalising all the wedding's products, services, and locations. Frosty weddings also mean the additional cost of ensuring the reception is held indoors with adequate heating facilities.

Wedding Invitations for a Frosty, Aristocratic Styled Wedding

English vintage wedding invitations long ago were usually handwritten on thick paper and delivered by local men closest to the bride and groom. While your loved ones may not have the time to do this, making the wedding invitations as authentic as possible is best. Since the handmade paper was usually dark, selecting a dark shade for the invites would help keep with the overall aristocratic theme of the wedding.

The vintage wedding invitation could be all black, with pictures of flowers like roses, daisies, peonies, and more. The script should be more of an elegant scrawl and should mimic an 'olde English' spelling. Doing this to save the date and the wedding invitations will set the mood for the rest of the wedding.

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for a Frosty, Aristocratic Styled Wedding

Brides wishing to host an aristocratic wedding should be mindful of the wedding dress. Women in the olden days wore several layers of clothing – including at the wedding. The wedding dress can be a tribute to Queen Victoria's marriage to Albert of Saxe-Coburg with luscious white silk fabric, fitted petticoat, corset, hand-embroidered headband, and a bouquet of myrtle.

The accessories should be gemstones (the most prevalent type of jewellry at the time), with minimal makeup, and deep red lips. Hair should be in an updo (think of all the regency-type movies) with flowers woven throughout. It would be best if you borrowed a vintage hair clip or gemstone ring from one of your aunts for something blue.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Frosty, Aristocratic Styled Wedding

Wedding cakes were not extremely detailed as they are today. While selecting an aristocratic theme, it is necessary to remember that the cake will probably not be modern-looking. Naked cakes with jams, clotted cream, and fillings make up the wedding cake.

However, if you're looking to add a touch of modernity to the wedding cake, you could speak to a local baker and ask them to add cameo-based design details to the cake. This is because Queen Victoria was highly fond of cameo jewellry and popularized the style so much that it is still in use today. Beautiful cameo figurines in frosting on a naked cake would add to the aristocratic theme.

Portrait Props for a Frosty, Aristocratic Styled Wedding

Portrait props for an aristocratic, frosty wedding would be taking pictures of the bride and groom with their vintage wedding cards. Having a little piece of history and your big day will help make the event extremely memorable. Couples' portrait shots should be in front of added authentic details like vintage cars, vintage horse-drawn carriages, and more.

Another excellent idea is taking portrait shots of the couple in front of the venue entrance. Standing in the snow while there is a castle in the background is one of the most impressive pictures you can take. Several features like walking through a snow-covered forest or looking into each other's eyes with snow softly settling around you are also highly romantic.

Ceremony Decor for a Frosty, Aristocratic Styled Wedding

The ceremony decor should be simplistic, graceful, yet extremely elegant. The majority of the decor should be from flowers. If the wedding is indoors, you may want to decorate the ceiling with drapes to cover the look of the modern roof. However, if you're planning an outdoor wedding, then the ceremony decor should only account for the overall beauty of the place and how the flowers are adding contrasted beauty.

A wall or a tree decorated with flowers, candles, and a small table will add authenticity to the ceremony. Guests can sit on benches (not chairs) decorated with wedding flowers in the color palette. It is best to keep the ceremony decor extremely beautiful and minimalistic to allow the surrounding wedding venue to shine.

A Frosty, Aristocratic Styled Wedding

Rom Olga Siyanko – “This is the story we imagined to inspire our Frosty Aristocracy vintage wedding editorial…

When we met Olga and Alexander they were dreaming about a winter wedding. They dreamed about waking up in a frosty nobler morning of England during 1930s-40s and going for a walk through the crunchy snow around their own ancestral estate…”

Vintage wedding ideas | Olga Siyanko
Hand-painted and calligraphy wedding invitations | Olga Siyanko
Vintage wedding tablescape | Olga Siyanko
Vintage wedding car | Olga Siyanko
Winter wedding fur wrap | Olga Siyanko
Dutch style floral wedding invitations | Olga Siyanko
Vintage 1940s wedding | Olga Siyanko

“The venue for this vintage wedding inspiration shoot was a very special land with an old castle built in the English style. Every brick was filled with a spirit of history! The groom came for his bride in a vintage car – a black Chrysler Desoto from 1939.

Their brunch was held in the estate where they can be seen sitting together at an elegantly set table. All the flowers around them were in an autumnal colour palette: terra-cotta, caramel, Marsala, mustard, and milk. Every single piece of decor like tables, chairs, tableware, cutlery, brass candlesticks, where all were chosen to compliment the vintage wedding style.”

Vintage bridal bouquet | Olga Siyanko
Aristocratic wedding | Olga Siyanko
Black velvet tux | Olga Siyanko
Floral painted wedding invitations | Olga Siyanko
Vintage wedding style | Olga Siyanko
Autumn wedding flowers | Olga Siyanko
Vintage autumn wedding | Olga Siyanko
Gold calligraphy on black | Olga Siyanko
Embroidered headpiece | Olga Siyanko

“The couple was styled to create an aristocratic old-time sense for our bride and groom: a noble velvet tuxedo, an elegant dress made from natural silk and a vintage fur cape on the bride’s shoulders. The bride’s vintage style was perfected by a special hand-embroidered headpiece.

Additionally, the calligraphy wedding invitation suite enriched the spirit of the shooting and gave it a perfect final touch and a sense of the frosty spirit of aristocracy!”

Vintage wedding place setting | Olga Siyanko
Winter wedding dress with fur wrap | Olga Siyanko
Vintage wedding ring | Olga Siyanko
Still life floral wedding invites | Olga Siyanko
Embroidered wedding headpiece | Olga Siyanko
Gold calligraphy on black | Olga Siyanko
Vintage wedding inspiration | Olga Siyanko
Vintage getaway car | Olga Siyanko
Vintage getaway car | Olga Siyanko

Credits: Photography: Olga Siyanko // Wedding Agency: WED Kiosque // Flowers & Décor: FLO Kiosque // Stylist: Svetlana Sokolova // Jewelry: Nch Wedding // Dress: Karina Galstyan Fashion // Calligraphy: My Morning Glory // Chairs & Flowerpot: Rocketmice // Armchair: Celebrate It Rent // Brassware & Table: RENT Kiosque // Fur Coat: Skornyakova Design // Car: Retro Garag // Location: Private Residence near Moscow, Russia.