Frida Khalo Inspiration Wedding

A Frida Khalo wedding will have an intense and provocative Latin vibe. Romance: deep red lips on the bride and soft colours like coral and peach in the decor and flowers blend together to represent the beauty of Frida perfectly.

She was a woman of great talent and strong colours were her passion. Intensity and beautiful hues are represented in Edinburgh wedding venues, making it the ideal place to hold a wedding with a bold and spirited bride, much like Frida, a Mexican artist with perseverance and passion.

Food for a Frida Kahlo Inspiration Wedding

A Frida Kahlo inspired wedding is one that is heavily influenced by the customs and traditions of Mexico, so choosing food for your Frida Kahlo inspired wedding should include traditional Mexican foods as well as a few modern favourites.

Since everyone loves tacos, it’s only reasonable to serve them at your reception. However, there’s a great twist on tacos – a dish called tacos al pastor – which uses strips of pork wrapped in a corn tortilla and topped with pineapple and onions. Be sure to offer both hard and soft shell tacos as well as plenty of salsa and veggie sides.

Enchiladas are a tasty dish that can be served at a sit-down dinner inspired by Frida Kahlo. Enchiladas can be made with chicken or beef and served with a side of rice and beans.

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Wedding Dresses & Accessories for a Frida Kahlo Inspiration Wedding

The artwork of Frida Kahlo utilises vibrant, bold colours, so brides have many options for a wedding dress inspired by this noted artist. Brides can choose from dresses influenced by traditional or often indigenous culture, or they may opt for a dress that has more Spanish or Latin characteristics.

Frida Kahlo actually inspired a Huipil dress pattern that is wildly popular. This dress reflects the styles of ancient Mexican women, and brides may opt to add lots of personal touches, including ribbons as well as personal embroidery.

Dresses inspired by the Spanish are often wedding dresses with layered ruffles and even bolero jackets. These outfits are often modeled after outfits worn by matadors or flamenco dancers.

Bouquets & Boutonnieres for a Frida Kahlo Inspiration Wedding

Bouquets and boutonnieres for a Frida Kahlo inspired wedding are typically brightly coloured flowers wrapped with loose ribbons. Brides can choose tulips and accent the bouquet with sweet pea and clover. Brides may want ranunculus and garden roses for their bouquets. Peonies are also quite popular – and they can be utilised for centerpieces as well.

Tropical flowers, all in bright colours, make for beautiful bouquets. Orchids, dahlias, and hibiscus are all native to parts of Mexico. The dahlia is the official flower of Mexico, and they come in a wide array of colours.

Boutonnieres may be more subdued. Gardenias are not only native to Mexico, but they are also fragrant. Pair the gardenia with bird-of-paradise for a splash of colour.

Budget for a Frida Kahlo Inspiration Wedding

The budget for your Frida Kahlo inspired wedding need not be extravagant. You can find a variety of ways to trim the budget so that you have a lovely day without breaking the bank. Have the wedding in an outdoor setting, and craft your own Frida Kahlo inspired wedding dress.

An outdoor wedding can cost significantly less than a wedding at other locations. Plus, when you choose an outdoor venue during the spring and summer, you’re likely to have plenty of natural decor that you wouldn’t have otherwise. Use this to your advantage to save some dough on your nuptials.

Some brides will order a dress such as the Huipil dress, and then they get to work doing their own embroidery. This can help to save a great deal of money.

What to Look for in a Venue for a Frida Kahlo Inspired Wedding

When choosing your venue for a Frida Kahlo inspired wedding, there are several things to consider. First, you’ll want to find out exactly what extras are included in the rental of the venue. Some wedding venues offer the use of furniture like tables and chairs, benches, and even backdrops. Others offer these necessities, plus they offer the use of any audio/visual equipment they may have. Still, others offer nothing but rental of the site.

If your budget is on the smaller side, you’ll find you can save a great deal of money by renting a wedding venue that offers a few “extras” in with the price of the venue rental. Otherwise, you’ll need to allocate money for the rental of furniture or A/V equipment within your budget.

At the same time, if you have your heart set on a particular venue that doesn’t offer extras, then you’ll need to adjust your budget for that. If you’re working with a tight budget, be sure to set down and decide on your must-have items and pour the bulk of your budget into those items. This day will never be re-created, so be sure to allocate your budget for the most important items.

Colour Palette for a Frida Kahlo Inspired Wedding

The art of Frida Kahlo typically features bright, bold, deep, vibrant colours. These hues range across the rainbow, so you’ll be able to choose a colour palette for a Frida Kahlo inspired wedding that fits your particular personality.

Some brides choose the golden yellows of Frida’s artwork, accompanied by a deep olive colour as well as a jungle green colour. Others will opt for reds and blues paired together; the red should be the bright red of the Mexican flag while the blue could best be considered a royal blue.

Then there are brides who opt to pair red and pink together – and not just any pink! This pink is a bright “hot” pink that can be paired with red and even purple for a very colourful wedding!

Details for a Frida Kahlo Inspired Wedding

A Frida Kahlo inspired wedding is one that takes many traditional Mexican ideas and adds a colourful twist to the decor.

Frida Kahlo is known for her traditional artwork that was brightly, vibrantly coloured. Her paintings, including her own self-portrait, feature purple, hot pink, bright red, and deep greens.

A Frida Kahlo inspired wedding will not only be of splendid hues, but it will feature a traditional dress. Kahlo is known for the huipil dresses that she designed and wore. She’s also known for appearing with upswept hair decorated with flowers.

You might want to decorate with bright, patterned fabric on backdrops and at the wedding reception.

Groom Style for a Frida Kahlo Inspired Wedding

Grooms can also choose wedding wear and accessories that add colour to the wedding party.

Some grooms wear a blue suit jacket (any colour blue is acceptable, but a navy or royal blue fits in elegantly). In fact, royal blue was the colour of the house that Frida and her husband, Diego, lived in, in Mexico. Did we mention she was a colourful person?

A bow tie is also quite fitting for a Frida Kahlo inspired wedding groom’s attire. The bow tie can be black or dark blue. Pair the blue suit jacket with a white button-down shirt and navy or black pants, and you’ve got the perfect “Diego”, looking for his Frida Kahlo inspired bride!

Outdoor Wedding Ideas for a Frida Kahlo Inspired Wedding

Just because your Frida Kahlo inspired wedding is outdoors, doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate the bright colours Frida was so widely known for.

Floral patterns are prevalent throughout Frida’s artwork, so incorporate lots of standout flowers for the wedding ceremony. Large floral arrangements with colourful flowers are the perfect mark of a Frida Kahlo inspired outdoor wedding.

Choose a brightly coloured and wildly patterned runner for your walk up the aisle as well. If you’re using chairs for the seating, drape flamboyant fabric across those seats for a touch of Frida Kahlo. The same can be done with an arch or arbor as your backdrop.

Favours and Gifts for a Frida Kahlo Inspired Wedding

The internet is a great place to find a variety of Frida Kahlo inspired wedding favours or gifts for guests.

Have a group of friends who love coffee mugs? There are a wealth of elegant yet colourful coffee mugs embossed with Frida’s image or artwork. Consider it a collectible gift.

Art lovers who are also bookworms means a Frida Kahlo bookmark is another great collectible. These bookmarks may also be embossed with a Frida quote, making them even more enjoyable. A variation of this is a Frida-inspired tassel bookmark.

These favours can be placed in flashy canvas bags that feature Frida’s likeness.

Frida Kahlo inspiration

I’m completely in awe of this magnificent Frida Kahlo wedding inspiration shooting by Alejandra of Imaginale Design and forever in debt to her for sharing these stunning images with us. It’s eclectic, romantic, and I’m loving the bright colours and Latin vibe – it would be so perfect for a brunch wedding! The textured wedding invitations are super chic, the Spanish colonial home in Phoenix is perfection, and any drink involving flowers is an automatic ‘must’ in my book. The Spanish style palette (popsicle) bar is pure genius and the peach, pink, coral, and red colours running throughout the entire shoot is simply gorgeous.  Love it! Need more? Be sure to check out a video of the shoot here.

Credits: Vendors: Photography, videography, and concept design by Alejandra Vidal of Imaginale Design // Styling Assistance: Jennifer Wood of Mignonne Handmade // Dress by Monique Sandoval of Ouma // Invitation Suite: Kendra Enriquez // Hair & Makeup: Jessica Gallegos // Location: Chateau Boudoir Studio in Phoenix, Arizona //Floral Design: Emily Burton // Decor Items: Shannon Sadik of Modern Revival // Model: Jessica Zindel of The Agency Arizona // Originally published in the holiday issue 2012 issue of Wedding Nouveau.