French Country Style Wedding

Dainty elegance is the perfect synonym for a French country style wedding! And yes, wedding venues in Birmingham can totally pull this wedding theme off. A stunning dress, as worn beautifully in this inspirational shoot sets the stage for being outside in the country and making a wedding memorable.

The table setting has to be mentioned, too. The finest of details and colours are laid out perfectly, carrying the style and ambiance throughout the day.

Colour Palettes for a French Country Style Wedding

Colour palettes for a French country style wedding revolve around pastels. Colours like blush pink, dusty blue, pale yellow, brown for wooden and rustic vibes, and lavender or purple are some of the best options. Couples should select classic pastel palettes in complementing styles to accentuate the overall wedding colours.

Intertwining colourful elements through floral bouquets, boutonnieres, table setting, or décor are excellent ways to ensure the wedding theme is consistent throughout the ceremony and reception. Décor accessories like decanters, bud vases, and chandeliers should also have pastels shining through in forms like lace, ruffles, lighting, or flowers.

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What to Look for in a Venue for a French Country Style Wedding

French country style wedding venues should epitomise the French theme with a magical touch. Couples wishing to stick to the wholly French country theme should consider chateau-like venues. Open parks, areas with covered terraces, pillared rooms, and more should be ideal choices to host the wedding. While chateaus aren't always easy to come by, there are different options to choose from to bring out the gorgeous French country vibe.

Some couples also prefer hosting the wedding in a vineyard or olive garden with an open patio or an overlooking terrace. Open spaces are excellent for French-style country weddings since there is much room for decor and other finishing touches.

Food for a French Country Style Wedding

Come reception time, the first course at a French country style wedding should always be cheese! A wide variety of cheeses on a charcuterie board with grapes is an excellent French addition. Classic pairing like cheeses, grapes, wines, and bread should always be included in the menu. French country style courses include foie gras, scallops, and lobsters, with mains like duck breast, beef filets, and lamb served pink.

Other main options could include salmon, red mullet, and John Dory in fish. Since many people prefer vegetarian options, ensure plenty of beetroot and cheese crostini, mixed bread with French butter and dressings, tomato and pepper soups, and veggie mains are available. Desserts should be classic like Crème Brulee, sabayon, macaron towers, and croquembouche.

Table Setting Style for a French Country Style Wedding

For the French style table setting, couples should opt for rustic wooden tables with lace-trimmed serviettes and linen runners in checks or stripes. It is quite easy to top the tables with rosemary and olive branches and pitchers in ceramic or acrylic with traditional wedding flowers like roses and lilacs.

French country themes usually include purple flowers like lavender-coloured orchids. If you want to make the table setting look more authentic, you could also add a touch of tiny wildflowers in mismatched jars or bottles to make the table setting look like something out of the hills of Nice.

Wedding Dresses and Accessories for a French Country Style Wedding

Brides can get highly creative with a French country-inspired wedding gown. French brides usually opt for traditional white wedding dresses or gowns to keep up with the old-fashioned bridal couture. A white gown with a vintage hairstyle paired with an ombre hair clip (which could also serve as something blue) will make for an elegant accessory.

Crystal ankle ties or anklets with sparkly heels inlaid with rhinestones will also add a touch of renaissance to the ensemble. The additional bridal accessories to the wedding dress could be a lace bustier or ball gown-styled skirt with delicate frills to make the day magical.

Bouquets & Boutonnieres for a French Country Style Wedding

The wedding bouquets should be a profusion of classic pastel shades in themes reminiscent of the French countryside. Blushing blooms in yellow and white or wildflowers with purple orchids, peonies, and roses can add breathtaking beauty. Introducing lace or ruffled detailing will add a magical touch to the overall theme.

Boutonnieres in blush and ivory or a single red rose that complements the tie or bow tie will make an excellent accessory. Often, the boutonnieres match the wedding bouquet. It can also match the colour of the tie or the bow tie. Some flowers for the boutonniere include blush pink roses, peonies, and purple orchids to fit the French country wedding theme.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a French Country Style Wedding

The wedding cake is the crowning glory of French weddings. The French country style theme should include a multiple-tiered cake with ombre ruffles or vintage icing in blush lace. Most couples still prefer the classic white wedding cake with buttercream, but many prefer floral motifs, artwork, or patterns to fit the wedding theme.

Sugary vines, honeycomb patterns, and edible flowers will add to the overall French country style wedding theme without overpowering the couple. Some couples also prefer classic white cakes with gold flourishes and detailing to add to the elegance and beauty of the ceremony.

Ceremony Décor for a French Country Style Wedding

French country embodies the spirit of effortless charm. Letting the venue's natural beauty speak for itself is one thing, but ensuring your guests resonate with the French theme is another. When considering the wedding décor, you should think of vintage chandeliers above the pews and greenery, neutral colours, and wood accessories to accentuate the country feel.

French styles are usually a mix of textures, styles, and colours through satin drapes, flowers lining the walkway, and mood lighting during the ceremony. Excellent inspiration for this ceremony décor would be the iconic decoration in 'Father of the Bride' or any weddings in 'The Wedding Planner.'

Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas for a French Country Style Wedding

The French people are known for their declarations of love. For incredible photo shoot ideas, the surrounding props should be love letters in a flowery script (think renaissance writers!) in front of an ornate dresser. Brides can pose in front of vintage mirrors with a hand-written love letter.

Another famous French country theme for accurate pictures is ensuring old-fashioned binoculars in the frame as props. Binoculars are contemporary methods of intent that signify moving away to a new faraway place. These are usually laid out in a tray with flowers and letters beside the bride and groom.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas for a French Country Style Wedding

Outdoor weddings should ideally be in picturesque villages or rustic cottages. Wedding venues with open fields, sprawling hills, or verdant greenery are excellent outdoor wedding options. French country is extremely 'je ne sais quoi,' which means pleasing without describing it. An outdoor French country style wedding should embody this feeling of ageless elegance, beauty, and magic.

Some outdoor wedding ideas to consider are untouched structures like farmhouses, gazebos, pillars, mills, and barns. Outdoor weddings can be enchanting when decorated according to the French country theme, with plenty of flowers, lace, ruffles, and antique furniture.

A French Styled Shoot + Free Wedding Photography

I’ll never tire of seeing giant balloons in weddings or French countryside inspired styling and this beautiful inspiration shoot from Anthony Hoang Photography has some of the best of them.

And as if this wasn’t delicious enough – there is some extra sweet icing to go along with it. Anthony Hoang is setting off on a tour of America in 2014 and is offering free wedding photography to some lucky couples in order to commemorate it! Details on this generous offer can be found after the exquisite eye candy below.

ballerina style wedding dress / Anthony Hoang Photography
French styled wedding shoot / Anthony Hoang Photography
perfect ballerina bun / Anthony Hoang Photography
giant wedding balloons / Anthony Hoang Photography
perfect dessert table / Anthony Hoang Photography
French styled wedding shoot / Anthony Hoang Photography
perfect wedding cake / Anthony Hoang Photography
cake pops / Anthony Hoang Photography
wedding ceremony doors / Anthony Hoang Photography
French styled wedding shoot / Anthony Hoang Photography
French styled wedding shoot / Anthony Hoang Photography
French style wedding table number / Anthony Hoang Photography
French styled wedding shoot / Anthony Hoang Photography
French country tablescape / Anthony Hoang Photography
French wedding styled shoot / Anthony Hoang
giant wedding balloons / Anthony Hoang Photography

Wasn’t that a fabulous shoot? The back of her dress left me speechless.

And now – on to the sweet free wedding photography details:

From Anthony – “This trip will be one of the most memorable experiences of our lifetime – bringing together what we’ve been dreaming of – our desire to travel and take photos at the same time. My wife Kim and I are hoping to stretch our time as long as possible trotting all around America. For us, to see a new country, meet new people, and have the privilege to share and capture one special day will be priceless. Giving the gift of wedding photography will be my way of giving back to those who Kim and I will be fortunate enough to get to know. It will be our way of saying a big thank you for letting us into your lives and to be a part of your big day.”

Free Wedding Photography from Anthony Hoang / Honolulu
Free Wedding Photography from Anthony Hoang / California
Free Wedding Photography from Anthony Hoang / New York
Free Wedding Photography from Anthony Hoang / Las Vegas

Credits:  Photography: Anthony Hoang // Floral Design: Kate Dawes Flower Designs // Paper Goods: With Love Stationary & Design // Styling & Design: Polkadot Events // Bridal Gown: The Babushka Ballerina // Hair & Makeup: Le Rouge Beauty // Cake: Taart // Dessert Buffet: Sharmel Dollar Designs // Groom’s Attire: Michael Innis Menswear // Favors: My Darling Heart // Balloons: Float // Models: Talia & Charlie from Division Models // Illustrations from Alarna Zinn.