Food photography has become increasingly popular in recent years. Whether you are a restaurant owner looking to capture images of your dishes or an influencer shooting a campaign for a food brand, a food photographer in West Hollywood will help to create stunning images of food that will make anyone excited to eat what you have on offer.

A good food photographer will be experienced with shooting for this niche and will know what the best background and setup would be to show off your item. The food item you are showcasing will always be the focal point of the photo to grab your audience’s attention quickly online.

Here's our list of the top food photographers in West Hollywood, CA. All of these photographers are very experienced with food photography and will be the ideal partner for your next project.

Pascal Shirley Photography

Beyond Burger Site Captured in West Hollywood by Pascal [Pascal Shirley Photography]

Pascal is a food photographer who offers his services around West Hollywood and Los Angeles. As well as food photography, he also offers travel, lifestyle, and portrait photography.

He was named one of the top 30 photographers by PDN in 2015, and his work is often showcased across the West Coast of the country. He’s worked with many of the top food brands and restaurants in the country and is known for his excellent attention to detail when showcasing your product.

Lindsay Kreighbaum Photography

A Colorful Pastry Spread Captured in West Hollywood by Lindsay [Lindsay Kreighbaum Photography]

Lindsay specializes in creative product and food photography and also offers stop motion photography for companies today. She particularly enjoys partnering with vegan or sustainable brands.

She has a strong artistic background, which is evident in each of the vibrant images she takes. Lindsay works to bring your brand to life in every image she captures and loves taking on new challenges when working with restaurants and food brands.

Vanessa Stump Photographer

A Delicious Waffle Breakfast Captured in West Hollywood by Vanessa [Vanessa Stump Photographer]

Vanessa has been working as a food photographer since 2001 but also offers lifestyle and portrait photography services. She’s worked with many of the country’s top restaurants and chefs, including Wolfgang Puck.

Vanessa is praised for her bright and fun personality, which makes working together a joy for everyone involved. She loves getting to know the clients she collaborates with and learning more about their brand and food products.

Kristin Teig Photography

A Sunny Spread of Citrus Fruit Captured in West Hollywood by Kristin [Kristin Teig Photography]

In each of Kristin’s images, she blends her background in painting with her love for food and culture. She’s worked in over a dozen different countries, and her images have been featured in cookbooks for Hooni Kim, Joanne Chang, and many other well-known chefs.

She splits her time between Los Angeles and Boston and works with editorial and commercial clients. Kristin is praised for the detail that she is able to capture in each image and for being able to bring even the most basic food items to life in a photo.

Jakob N. Layman

Spicy Chicken Wings Captured in West Hollywood by Jakob [Jakob N. Layman]

Jakob works throughout the West Hollywood area and works with restaurants and bars to showcase their offerings to customers. He previously worked as the founding photo editor of Time Out LA and now works as a freelancer for brands and publications across the country.

Jakob’s work can be seen in GQ, LA Times, Food & Wine, and many more of the country’s top magazines and newspapers. He is known for his ability to capture the vibrancy and colors of each product or dish he photographs.

Andrea D’Agosto

Close-Up on Dumplings Captured in West Hollywood by Andrea [Andrea D’Agosto]

Andrea is a photographer and motion artist who loves showcasing stories through each of her images. She primarily photographs food, drinks, and the hospitality industry, using still life and lifestyle photography techniques.

She’s established many long-lasting client relationships over the years, and she is great at solving problems when they do arise during shoots. She previously worked in her family’s restaurant, so she is great at knowing how to showcase dishes and products to make them look appealing to an audience.

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