Top 9 Food Photographers in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Top 9 Food Photographers in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Vancouver is a lively metropolis with dining spots, grand parks, beautiful cityscapes, museums and other tourist attractions.  The modern city still retains its status as a community center with lively pubs and top-tier restaurant experiences.

All this food and beverage commerce means more competition and the need for fresh and impressive visual content. Talented, creative photographers can capture your food stories to build trust with your customers.

The gifted food photographers from Vancouver on this list will conjure up images that thrill and tantalize your audience. Ready to start your search for food photographers in Vancouver? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your delicious menu.

Foodie Photography

Tracey is an award-winning food stylist and photographer who has been around since 1998. She stated her studio when digital photography and its food niche was still in the emerging stage. With a formal education in commercial photography and creative arts, Tracy has been able to build a great base to her work and personal style.

Tracey's specialty is food and beverage shots for hospitality, cookbooks, advertising, editorial and product packaging. Her clientele is a mix of startups to big brands and includes North Delta Seafood, Daiya Foods, Nanak Foods, Waves Coffee and more.

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Sarah Ware

Sarah is committed to working with local and small businesses, helping them with eye-catching imagery. She worked as a Registered Dietician for 15 years before she took up blogging on nutrition and then shooting grand advertising images for clients across Canada.

This prior experience of creating recipes, styling and photographing the dishes has helped Sarah hone her professional skills. Her images have a soft and mood evoking style with an emphasis on celebrating the colors and textures of each food item.

Mark Gibbon Photography 

Mark is a man of varied talents, and has donned different roles in the beverage and food industry. A trip to Malawi ignited his passion to get behind the camera rather than simply pose in front of it.

Mark’s preferred style is simple and uncluttered with minimal use of props. The focus is always on the food or drink, more so when it comes to capturing his favorite foods – seafood of all kinds. He's known for his bright and light pictures taken against white backdrops.

Rachel Korinek

Rachel is an Aussie food photographer now based in Vancouver. She was introduced to photography by her husband in her twenties and has never looked back.

A familiar face in the food photography and blogging community, Rachel experiments with various techniques. Her go-to style is bright, colorful and uplifting imagery that emphasis the qualities of the food or beverage. When shooting for clients like Clean Eating, Aldi, Woolworths and West Elm, she focuses on highlights, shadows, and, the emotional connection with food.

Darina Kapcok 

Darina is a well-known name among food photographers and bloggers. An English teacher in a past career, she now dazzles clients and audiences alike with her coffee table style food images. Her use of colors, props, backgrounds, and particularly her expertise in light and presentation techniques is obvious from her gallery of work.

Many of Darina's food images have been featured in numerous online and print magazines including Vancouver Magazine and The Globe & Mail. Apart from her stunning food setups, her free tips on commercial photography through her blog - Gastrostoria - has attracted a lot of fans.

Nora Hamade

Nora credits her love for travel and food for her success as a commercial food photographer. Her images are well recognized on social media and has earned her a spot in Chatelaine Magazine’s “23 Women in Canada Changing the Way We Eat Now” list.

While she works with a diverse set of food clients, Nora has a special affinity for the hospitality industry. She enjoys elevating restaurant and resort menus and featuring their staff and chef in beautiful work portraits. Her client list includes names like Bacchus Restaurant, Cactus Club, Fairmont Empress Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel, and Fine Choice Foods.

Clinton Hussey 

Clinton has a rather unconventional way of portraying foods. Many of his images fall into the food art category as he plays with culinary elements and props. His food imagery isn’t restricted to the culinary or hospitality industry, Clinton uses food as an emotional and environmental anchor for other products, people, or lifestyle visuals.

Clinton works from his 3,500 sq ft studio equipped with a fully-equipped kitchen. He also offers clients motion graphics and GIFs to create greater impact and provoke a foodie response from the viewer.

Airisa Photography

Unlike most of the visual creatives on this list, Arisia offers lifestyle branding and interior imagery in addition to food and product photography. She ascribes the subtle European touch seen in her pictures to her Latvian background. Her artistic strength is her ability to rebrand client images for branding and social media.  

With an education in photography, Airisa is technically skilled at playing with lights, highlights and angles. Her creativity and her eye for detail enable her to create beautiful and colorful compositions that tell a brand story.


Aroshaliny’s talent as a cook, baker and food stylist is visible in her beautiful flat lays and close up shots of food. She manages to capture the essence and deliciousness of plated foods.

Aroshliny’s talent lies in making simple and straightforward food and product images into something sophisticated with motion graphics. She has the knack of capturing images that are absolutely close to real life. She works with a variety of clients from small bakeries to food brands and fine-dine spots across Vancouver and nearby areas.

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