Top 9 Food Photographers in Toronto, ON, Canada

Top 9 Food Photographers in Toronto, ON, Canada

Delicious food photographed well will exceed expectations for your brand. Every business owner, restaurant manager, or person in the food industry will agree. Which is why the best representation of your product is required for promotional reasons. Food photography becomes an essential.

Getting the right person for the job is crucial. Advertising and showcasing your specific, unique items is unquestionable. The following experts can help you achieve high standards for your client basis, just pick the one that works with your vision the best and you’ll be on your way.

Ready to start your search for food photographers in Toronto? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your menu.

Ryan Szulc Photography

Ryan is a pro at capturing food and its surrounding culture. To date he’s shot over 50 different styled cookbooks, many of which have granted him awards. His work has been featured in the Communication Arts and Applied Arts photography annuals over the past 10 years, adding to his incredible credibility.

To add, Ryan’s spacious and bright 2,000 square foot studio features a full kitchen, extravagant big windows for natural lighting, and a separate office for clients to sit back and relax.

The Food Group

The Food Group isn’t an ordinary food photography service; it’s an all around group of professionals willing to assist you with everything from recipe development to perfecting and delivering incredible final images. They’re food experts, and they don’t take their jobs for granted.

What’s the goal over at The Food Group? To capture food in images that look so good, people want to start eating immediately. Photographers, videographers, and stylists come together here to transform a table into a story and a dinner into a design worthy standing ovation.

Fresh Food Photography

Kathy’s life has always revolved around food and photography. Her goal is to find unique and creative ways to show meals at their best. Food pro Kathy does so through her dynamic use of lighting, unique props, and elements of composition.

Kathy loves evoking raw emotion through her photographic skills. Where does she do this? Typically, from home, but she can also be mobile if you need her to be. Reach out and start your food photography conversation today to see where she can go and when.

Dylan Swart Photography

Dylan Swart, a commercial food and beverage photographer, spends his day-to-day working with talented, creative professionals. He promotes premium brands and helps advertising agencies reach their beautiful food imagery goals.

Dylan’s style of work centers around creating bold, passionate visuals. With food and beverages, he can wholeheartedly and easily do this. Be on his radar and see what resulting photographs you get for your marketing platforms.

Jeff Wasserman Photography

Lover of photography, lover of art, and lover of food – Jeff Wasserman does it all. His essential job titles consist of commercial photographer, photojournalist, and photo editor. Winner of 100+ Society for News Design awards, and a recent Applied Arts award, Jeff is definitely a valued, most-wanted photographer.

Jeff has a very down-to-earth personality. He values every image and every video he’s ever captured, no matter if they're food, drinks, products, or anything outside of that scope. His bright smile will draw you in and make you feel confident in his photography abilities.

Kevin Braganza Photography

Kevin Braganza challenges the status quo, urging himself to create timeless visuals for people and their brands. He specializes in food photography with big brands and family-owned businesses all the time.

Kevin has a passion for visual storytelling. It doesn’t matter if it’s outdoors or on-location, he has a studio set-up and styling techniques that can be used in either natural or artificial lighting. His skills unleash with every new creative project. If you hire Kevin, you’ll be sure to see all that he has to offer.

Kimberly Lee Photography

Kimberly Lee is an internationally exhibited Commercial Photographer specializing in greeting photos and videos for global clients. She focuses on food and beverage photography, but also excels in lifestyle and editorials.

Kimberly is great at balancing creativity and organization, which is why you don’t have to stress with her by your side. Currently, Kim is working as a freelancer, but she’ll take on any project to make her clients happy. With her, you’ll be able to bring your ideas to life in an instant.

Alexander Korin Photography

Alexander Korin’s first encounter with film and art was back in 2008, when he was a young high school student. After his creativity began to grow, he found himself at Camara Obscura School of Art, completing a four year degree in film studies.

Now, Alexander admits that his expertise has never been words. Which is why he uses the art of photography to speak for him. Take that and combine it with his love of food, you get a committed, confident, creative photographer.

Tracy Cox & Associates

Tracy Cox is authentic, approachable, and 100% natural. Her passion for capturing the essence of food is one of a kind. As an artist, Tracy displays a real focus on the fleeting beauty of great food. You make it and then you eat it - and that's what she captures with her camera.

Now, for the first time ever, Tracy is offering motion-based photography features of personalized stories of food and what it means to us. She offers a truly different approach to this specific niche of photography.

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