Best Food Photographers in Stamford, CT

As a business owner you’re expected to do everything yourself and to perfection. These unrealistic demands can become stumbling blocks in taking your business to the next level.

You need reliable experts who can shoulder your burden when it comes to the visual and digital side of things. Professional and talented photographers who know how to make your place, brand or dish stand out with images while offering your customers a memorable experience.

The commercial food photographers on our list help you do just that leaving you to focus on other important things. They are happy to partner with local and national businesses and present their products or services in the best possible light.

Paul Johnson Photography

Paul has over two decades of experience in capturing food, product and architectural images. He works from his Stamford based studio providing promotional, branding and advertorial shots for clients.

Paul’s photos are crisp and clean with perfect use of lighting, ambience and backdrops. His preferred style is bright and airy shots. He loves capturing close ups that bring out the details, colors and textures of the product or space.

From overhead shots to close ups of the well styled hero dish, he is adept at showcasing your dish or product in a highly appealing way.

Some of his clientele include Seagram, Applebee’s Grill and Bar, Bigelow and Starwood Hotels.

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Lamontagne Photography

Janine is one of those photographers who graduated from analog photos to digital images.  She has over 25 years of experience providing clients with food and drink, architectural and product photography services.

While she chose to study commercial photography at Rhode Island School of Photography, her love for architecture is visible in her stunning shots.

When it comes to food and drink, Janine adopts varied techniques involving light, angles and depth of field. She captures stunning images that sell your product or dish as an experience.

Her work has been featured in NY times, Wine Enthusiast Magazine, and Earth Magazine among others. Janine has worked with local and national clients like Klaff's Kitchens, Mack Media Group, Zois Pizza, G's Burgers, and Famous Pizza.

Unitas Photography

Charles understands the importance of impactful imagers especially for businesses in the food and beverage industry. He knows what kind of imagery works to make prospective customers sit up and take notice.

A lifelong visual artist, Charles provides clients with visual content for social media, ecommerce and online marketing.  His food imagery is a set of clean and sharp images that put the focus firmly on the plated food. With overhead shots to action images of foods figuring in his portfolio, Charles reveals his skill at capturing a variety of shots.

In addition to food, product and people images, he offers his graphic design and illustration experience for branding and advertising projects.

Karissa Van Tassel

Working from her studio in Connecticut, Karissa offers stunning imagery for clients in food, product, fashion, portrait, and interior niches.

Through her commercial work, Karissa focuses on presenting product and food images in a way that perfectly aligns with their brand vision and customer goals. She is equally happy with a local bakery shoot as she is with working for a global brand.

She often adds a portraiture and fine art touch to her food photos, especially when playing around with props and food elements. You’ve likely come across Karissa's work in publications like The New York Times, CNN, and New England Home.

Dani Potter Images

Dani is a German immigrant who has continued her professional photography venture in the United States. Despite a career in television, her educational background in Art History and Photography meant that Dani’s foray into commercial photography was a given.

After attending Hallmark Institute of Photography in Massachusetts, Dani began to work with clients in and around Connecticut. Starting with weddings and portraits, she has branched out to commercial and branding imagery.

Dani’s love for details and her penchant for perfection is visible in her food photos, especially her bokeh and close shots of delectable food.

Marc Sullivan Photography

While Mark is a commercial food photographer based in Stamford, he works with clients all across Connecticut and beyond. He covers editorial and commercial projects in food, architecture, products and people.

With years of experience in this field, Mark is well versed with timeless techniques and latest trends. When it comes to food images, he offers help with not just about the main shoot but with food styling and table layouts.

Some of his clients include Grey Advertising, Campbell Soup Company, American Specialties and Tastes of Italy.

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