Food photography is a popular niche of photography for both businesses and restaurant owners. You’ll find that it’s a great way to showcase your upcoming products and menu changes. The top photographers we share today will be excited to make your food products look vibrant and delicious with their cameras.

A good food photographer will have excellent attention to detail and be excited to work with you to bring any type of dish to life on the screen. In Savannah, we present the top ten photo artists ready to make your next look more delicious than ever.

Ready to start your search for food photographers in Savannah? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your menu.

Tamara Gibson

Tamara Gibson and her team aim to create natural food and lifestyle photos for their clients. She focuses on capturing candid moments, as opposed to forcing images in a more staged manner.

Tamara loves working with people who want to create individual images that aren’t as picture-perfect as those we see on Pinterest. The team will take risks to create unique images perfect for showcasing your menu and brand in the best light.

Amanda James Photography

Amanda splits her time between New York City and Savannah. She started testing out her photography skills at the young age of 13 and has been obsessed with this art form ever since.

Now as her full time career, Amanda believes there’s nothing better in the world than watching your vision come to life with her camera. She’ll be excited to learn about your ideas and then bring them to life on the plate.

John Carrington Photography

John is a freelance photographer who offers food and editorial photography in Savannah. While he grew up in East Tennessee, he has spent the majority of his career working in the Savannah area.

John started his career working as a photojournalist and worked with the Savannah Morning News for twenty years. Passionate about bringing your restaurant to life with his photos, he wants every photo to be ideal for your website.

Luke Smith Photography

Luke Smith is known for his excellent attention to detail and vibrant photography style. He’ll create bold images which show off your food and drink in the best light for your customers.

When working with Luke, he’ll take the time to get to know what you are after and ensure you are both on the same page with your expectations. This will ensure that you receive a full selection of photos that help to promote your brand to new heights.

Concept-A Photography

Concept-A Photography offers wedding and food photography in Savannah. However, their team loves to travel and will be excited to meet you anywhere in the US for your upcoming shoot.

They believe that you should never overlook the little details when it comes to capturing food, drink, and events. You’ll find that they capture those little moments that you might forget to photograph when organizing your next restaurant opening.

Shot by Somi Studios

Shot by Somi Studios offers every service you could possibly imagine. They'll be excited to work with you in their Savannah studio and create exciting images for your business.

With so many years of experience in the industry, you can be sure the team will be used to working with businesses of all shapes and sizes. Somi can create close-up images of your food products but will also work to capture them as part of a larger setup.

Brooke Collins Photography

Brooke offers every photography service you could imagine in Savannah. She loves working with families and businesses to showcase their new offerings with fun and creative images.

If you are looking to appeal to a family audience, you’ll find that Brooke is great at working with local families and models. She’ll ensure you attract your target audience and keep thriving in your business this year.

MGreen Productions

When you are looking to update your company’s branding this year, you'll find that MGreen Productions are the perfect company to assist with this task. They'll work with you to create vibrant posters and images that will attract a wider audience to your business.

The MGreen team will start by learning about how they can help your business to bring its vision to life. Then they’ll use modern photography and editing techniques to create bold images like no other business in the local area has.

Hilary Duke

Hilary is a freelance photographer who is based in Savannah, Georgia. She first started her career in 2013 after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Photography from the University of Alabama.

Passionate about experimentation, Hilary takes inspiration from the great photographers of the past when creating images for any local business.

Woodie Williams Photography

For the past twenty years, Woodie has been capturing both products and people in Atlanta and Savannah. He travels around the state to work with the top restaurants, which are looking to draw more customers through their doors.

Woodie is known for his keen attention to detail and will be sure to make your food look as appetizing as possible on the screen.

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