Best Food Photographers in Santa Fe, NM

Despite its small size, Santa Fe has enriched the cultural, art, and food scene of the Southwest. As a historic and scenic city that attracts tourists, musicians, and the wedding crowd, the dining scene in Santa Fe remains vibrant.

The culinary creatives and food entrepreneurs here are in constant need of strong and appealing visual content to remain popular.

This requires visual creatives who can help them market their brand and bring in a steady stream of customers. The Santa Fe food photographers on our list are all talented and brilliant with unique ideas and techniques that your business needs.

Nadav Soroker

Nadav is one of those food photographers who didn’t start out capturing food. He studied documentary photography and photojournalism at university level before working as a staff photographer for various newspapers.

Nadav also did his share of environmental reporting in his previous career. His food images have definitely benefited from his rich documentary experience. Nadav clearly relishes creating visual stories about the farm-to-table journey.

His work isn’t limited to plated dishes but tells distinct stories about people and places from ancient vineyards to a chef at work. Although based in Santa Fe, Nadav’s work takes him all across New Mexico and the cross country.

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Herschel Mair Photography

That Herschel Mair has decades of experience (25 plus years) is clearly visible through his extensive online portfolio. He has gained valuable knowledge and expertise working with product, advertising, corporate, and food clients in and beyond Santa Fe.

What we appreciate about Herschel’s work is that it takes the form of the unmistakable artistic touch. He combines a distinct subject (food in this case) with muted and yet complementary backgrounds and food elements that enhance the framed vision.

Herschel forgoes noisy scenes for minimalistic images with the drink or food soaking up the viewer’s attention.

Jen Judge

Jen is a multi-specialty photographer who has worked with clients across the genres throughout her career. She is a writer cum photographer who covers lifestyle portraiture, travel, hospitality real estate, and food.

Her style is extremely flexible as a result, focusing on humanistic stories and a deep appreciation of color, textures, and other subject elements.

Arizona Tourism, Santa Fe School of Cooking, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Condé Nast Traveler, New York Times, and Vogue are some clients she has worked with in the past.

Oh Photo

Liz is a commercial photographer who has shot for local businesses, academia, nonprofits and big brands through agency assignments and individual basis.

Liz’s event, portrait, lifestyle, commercial, food, and product photography give you a sense of pace, energy, people and venue. She is one of the rare photographers on our list to work on archaeology projects in and around New Mexico.

Her goal is to create compelling messages and impactful stories for her clients through her camera. Her work is a mix of colorful close up shots and detailed overhead images.


As a featured and official photographer for Santa Fe and New Mexico magazines, David’s technical prowess is never in question.

As someone who started his career with analog cameras before going digital, David has seen the industry up and close. This vast experience enables him to create meaningful images for clients branding and advertising needs.

David is primarily a product and portrait photographer but enjoys capturing music scenes and events. He also offers video services to any client who requires it.

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