San Jose is not limited to tech firms and billion-dollar "unicorns." Given the farming and winery backdrop of northern California, the city enjoys a vibrant dining and cultural scene.

What does this mean for those of you in the food business? You need talented visual creatives to stand out from the competition. Visual merchandising is what sells your product or service.

The talented food photographers in San Jose will help you achieve this essential goal of making your eatery or brand popular with your chosen audience. Here’s a list of some of the city’s top professionals, all experienced in the niche and ready to take your project to the next level.

Ready to start your search for food photographers in San Jose? Check out this list of some of the city's talent to find the best match for your dish.

Hands On Studio

Hands On Studio provides a range of photography services including product, food, lifestyle, fashion, events and real estate, and more.

The team also offers video production and animation services for television, product, corporate and commercials. They are not only dedicated to creating the best visual content but can offer a mix of useful experiences and skill sets to your shoot.

Kyle, who heads the team, has been gaining valuable experience in this field from 1996. This translates into great brand and commercial imagery for branded and ecommerce clients at local level and nationwide. His style is diverse and flexible from punchy close-ups to artistic table spreads.

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John Kaemmerling

John firmly believes that when you love your work, the shots come naturally. He's a passionate commercial photographer based in the Bay Area since 1997 who studied photography in college. He is no novice when it comes to creating pithy brand and advertising visuals.

John works from his 1,200 sq ft studio shooting everything from food to models, cars, and architecture. He is open to working on your location and willingly scouts for suitable locations based on client requirements.

Eddie Ostrowski

Simply put, Eddie is well-versed in the art of great photography. From a hobbyist who captured friends in high school bands and skateboarders, to a technically sound photographer, he's come a long way.

Eddie ditched his MFA course in Fine Art and Photography to shoot for music labels and magazines. This practical experience, coupled with raw skill, enables him to choose the best lighting and styling system for a particular client project.

His work leans towards fine art techniques with simple but compelling food compositions. Eddie has worked with major brands, including Erik’s Deli Cafe, Veritas, and McDonalds.

Kasimira Photography

Ksu specializes in commercial and editorial photography. She creates a range of images that enable food, product, events teams, and travel brands to showcase their product or service to an interested audience.

A Russian native who emigrated to California, Ksu briefly initially worked as a cartographer in Moscow. Her past introduced her to her future loves of travel, food, and photography.

Now operating as a pro photographer, Ksu credits both travel and chefs for inspiring her to capture the beautiful, compelling food images you see in her portfolio.

Nan Dinh Studios

Nan is a Graphics Design graduate from San Jose University. He blends his design skills with the passion for capturing beautiful memories, spaces and food in print.

In his own words, “I am driven by the desire to document the world through images and typography.” This ability to understand the context of his work enables him to grasp the client’s vision and create the purposeful images they seek.

Nan’s work is not limited to commercial or advertising photo sessions, but extends to glamour, fashion, event, portraits and film stills. His ability to combine his creativity and expertise is seen in the sensual food images he captures.

Bay Area Video & Photography

If you seek food related visual content all in one place, this Bay area studio has the answers. The team have 17 years of experience in design and commercial art in addition to photography.

They operate from a 4,000 sq. ft. studio fully equipped with sets, props and kitchen to shoot food and product photos with or without models. The studio is also experienced in capturing videos for cooking shows, food entrepreneurs and food sites.

Bay Area Video & Photography's penchant for meticulous planning of shoots, creative styling and composition, and knowledge of colors and lighting is evident from their entire body of work.

Prime Images Photography

Although headquartered in Dublin, Prime Images has been serving clients across the San Francisco Bay area and nearby locations since 2005. They primarily work from their studio providing attractive images for restaurants, hotels, food and product-based businesses.

Prime Images also dabbles in industrial, corporate, and fashion photography. Their team can arrange photo sessions at the client’s location whenever required.

According to the team at Prime Images, crisp, clear images speak louder than words to your audience. Creative and professional, the team at Prime are familiar with a diversity of styles and can adopt the one your menu most requires.

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