There is little to be desired when you find yourself in San Francisco. Whether you are looking for great attractions to visit, stunning nature to escape to, sights to see or some great food to eat, this city will not let you down.

The Golden City is something for everyone here: for art lovers there’s the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the zigzagging Lombard street, Pier 39 with its plethora of activities and, of course, The Golden Gate Bridge. These all present excellent opportunities that talented photographers of San Francisco take advantage of.

If you are looking to add your own products to the art scene by working with food photographers in San Francisco, check out our list. A whole plethora of extremely talented photo artists await you below.

Katie Newburn

Artfully arranged trays of ingredients from overhead [Katie Newburn]

As she was born and raised in Napa Valley, Katie came into contact with both excellently prepared and displayed food from a young age. This, unsurprisingly, helped fuel her creativity and prompted her to turn her lens to food. Her photographs are created from a unique perspective, as if the process is happening right before your eyes.

Besides food, she also excels in photographing people, interiors and a variety of other subjects.  She has worked with famous clients such as Apple, Yahoo, Starbucks, Postmates and many others.

Jason Tinacci Photography

Food, coffee, and flowers [Jason Tinacci Photography]

Jason Tinacci is greatly inspired by his surroundings. This fact is shown in the variety and vibrancy of his photographs. From something as simple as a bottle of good wine or as comprehensive as a table full of food that takes hours to prepare, Jason's portfolio speaks for itself.

He is also the founder and owner of TrellisCreative, a boutique stock photography agency focusing on wine, food and luxury lifestyle-themed stock photography. When Jason's not taking photos for work, he likely still has a camera in his hands, ready to shoot something intriguing.

Maren Caruso

Colorful ingredients on a black background [Maren Caruso]

Born and raised in San Francisco, Maren is an experienced photographer who has shot over one hundred cookbooks. Her photographs are eye-catching with vibrant and bold colors. She aims for lighting that makes the food, ingredients and drink stand out.

Maren doesn’t shy away from the curious parts in her subjects, but rather pursues them in unique ways. Her professionalism and creativity are widely recognized and her clients include big names such as Google, Four Seasons, and Alter Eco.

Leo Gong Photography

An arrangement of food [Leo Gong Photography]

Leo Gong is a commercial and editorial photographer based in San Francisco. He has over two decades of experience when it comes to shooting food. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Commercial Photography, his pursues his passion for telling stories through his photographs of food. Leo tries to see the culture and history behind every single ingredient.

From the simplest sandwich to the most complicated culinary masterpiece, Leo Gong’s photographs capture and bring forth every delicious detail.

Nader Khouri

A colorful assortment of food [Nader Khouri]

Having a background in photojournalism when you are in the food photography business can come in handy, as Nadir Khouri has proven. There is authenticity in all of his work, which is inspired by the innate need to eat, drink and live healthily. Food in all forms is present in his photos, from the freshly picked ingredients, over to the cooking process, and finally of the masterfully captured gourmet meals.

He has worked with Whole30, Fiji Water, Fairmont Hotels and a great number of other companies and organizations, and is a board member of the American Photographic Artists (APA) San Francisco chapter.

Erin Scott Photography

Fresh food on the table [Erin Scott Photography] 

Erin has photographed dozens of books and has also written, shot and styled a cookbook of her own. She has her own fully equipped studio with an extensive prop and surface collection. A garden with herbs and vegetables serves as a foreground for her photography and her children can help with that.

There is no project that scares her – she has experience in independent shoots, shooting on location as well as editorial and commercial shoots, and her client list is a long one: Sunbasket, Peet’s Coffee, Artisan Books, and many others.

Eric Wolfinger Studio

A variety of ingredients grouped out on the table [Eric Wolfinger]

Eric Wolfinger has a perspective which gives him an advantage when it comes to food photography – he has experience as a cook and a baker. He has spent years traveling and documenting all sorts of foods from all around the globe. His food photography brings you that sense of adventure, as if each photo was taking you on a trip.

This awarded photographer has been called “The Annie Leibowitz of food photography” and has photographed a large number of cookbooks.

Lori Eanes Photography

Fresh tacos with quirky ingredients [Lori Eanes Photography]

An artist in more than one way, Lori discovered her love of photography while getting a degree in painting. In her photographs she likes bringing together opposites. She is very dedicated, detail-oriented and doesn’t give up until she finds the right angle in the right light.

Lori has been a photographer for a number of years and some of her clients include San Francisco Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, Galaxy Desserts and Stanford University.

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