Top 8 Food Photographers in San Diego, CA

Food photography can be used for a wide variety of reasons, but to capture the best images, you’ll want to work with a professional food photographer. Whether you are an influencer, business owner, or chef, you can use food photography to promote your offerings to the world.

A professional food photographer will know how to display even the most basic dishes in an attractive manner. They’ll create images that will make anyone drool over your food and rush to your store or restaurant to pick up your product.

Keep reading as we share the top food photographers in San Diego, CA. They will be excited to collaborate with you on your next tasty shoot.

Rob Andrew Photography

Rob Andrew is a talented photographer who is based in San Diego. He knows that good photography can connect us to the subject and should have a visual spark that attracts a new audience to your product.

He specializes in food photography and works to craft beautiful images of products and dishes of all kinds. Regardless of what type of food you are trying to promote, he’ll help to make it come to life on the screen for your potential customers.

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Rick Starkman Photography

Rick Starkman has worked as a freelance commercial photographer since the 1980s and started working with digital as early as 1996. He continues to push himself to improve his skills, and from his portfolio - it’s evident how much care and attention he puts into each image.

Rick is well known for his stunning food photography, which makes any dish look fresh and delicious on the screen. His images would be ideal for sharing on your company social media accounts to help showcase your brand to the world.

Justin Galloway - Photo & Motion

Justin is based in Southern California and will travel anywhere in the country to work on your next advertising or editorial campaign. He is passionate about exploring the cultural story behind the food and learning about the reasons food artisans are so motivated to create their incredible work.

During your session, Justin will be excited to see the new creations coming out of your kitchen. He is a passionate cook himself, so he is always excited to try new foods and photography techniques during his sessions.

Moore Photography

Mike is the chief photographer behind Moore Photography and is known for his friendly personality. Clients praise his keen eye for detail and detail in testimonials how much fun they had together on the shoot.

As you can see from his gallery of past works, Mike creates stunning images of food, working with a variety of angles and close-ups to capture the perfect shots for clients each and every time.

Olivia Hayo

s well as working as a photographer, Olivia is also a chef, recipe developer, and stylist. She has a master’s degree in food culture from the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy, so she is an excellent choice for any upcoming photo shoots you have planned.

Olivia has worked across the world in the food industry and is extremely knowledgeable about food and drink products from restaurants and beyond. You’ll be able to leave her to style and shoot your food without having to worry about anything during your time working together.

Eder Photo

Since 2007, Eder has been working as a photographer across the San Diego area. He offers a wide range of photography services including, food, wedding, and event photography.

Eder always aims to create meaningful images with his work and loves telling the story of your brand in each photo. His work has appeared online and in regional print publications. Throughout his career, Eder has been recognized with many awards during his career.

Anne Watson Photography

From a young age, Anne has always been enthusiastic about working in the culinary industry. She has always taken every opportunity to learn more about food, which is apparent in every image she takes.

Throughout her career, Anne's photos have appeared online and in print publications. She works with a wide variety of clients, ranging from local food trucks to Michelin-starred restaurants.

Marshall Williams

Marshall is a professional photographer and director, and is also a passionate foodie and amateur winemaker. He loves showcasing tasty restaurants and brands through his photography work. Marshall's favorite part about his job is being on location with your team and seeing the food creation process in real-time.

He also offers a studio in central San Diego and can accommodate your commercial food shoot here in the city. Marshall has a full crew who can work alongside him, making every step of the process easy for everyone involved – and fun.

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