A memorable food image brings out emotions and stories about your brand or company. It immerses your customer in your culinary experience and can build a lasting connection with them.

Richmond is home to some of the best that traditional Southeastern cooking has to offer. The capital city is also home to food creatives who help brands look their best on social media, menus and publications.

Ready to launch your next food photo shoot? Let’s take a look at some of the talented food photographers in Richmond ready handle your next project or event.

Michael Grayson Photography

A tasty bowl of dumplings stands by [Michael Grayson Photography]

Michael’s images tell the story of the dish. From the creative work of chefs and cooks to the pleasure that customers experience, he captures it all. He specializes in commercial and editorial food photography in the Richmond area.

What we liked about his work is that he doesn’t stick to a single photography style but uses the one that best suits a particular setting or food story. Michael is all about minimalistic composition featuring some documentary vibes, with motion and movement as an add-on.

Some of his top clients include Virginia Chutney Company, Roots Natural Kitchen, and Chicago Steak Company.

Tyler Darden

A fresh tableau of pizza [Tyler Darden]

One look at Tyler’s work and your reaction may be to begin salivating. Over his 15-year career, he has created stunning visuals for leading local publications and brands including not limited to: Creative Quarterly, Richmond Magazine, and James River Distillery.

Tyler brings his industry knowledge and expertise as a magazine art director and lifestyle photographer to every project. The resulting brand imagery speaks directly to desired audiences.

Tyler excels in both still food and food-and-people images with bright, colorful photos. Sensory elements are his signature style.

Kate Thompson

Cocktails and mocktails captured in in the kitchen mid-preparation [Kate Thompson]

Kate provides commercial, lifestyle, and food photography to clients in and around Richmond. She co-owns Palindrome Creative, a design studio, along with sister Anna where they offer the entire gamut of visual services for clients from logo design to custom photography.

Brands can benefit from the creativity and refined eye of this visual artist. While Kate’s work style is minimalistic and earthy, she plays around with lights, shadows, shapes and lines to create gorgeous food imagery.

Her ability to accentuate the subject dish and weave a story about it has made her popular with clients like Hyatt, Shagbark Restaurant, and Sub Rosa Bakery.

Ash Carr

Chef with Greens captured in Richmond by Ash [Ash Carr]

As owner of Hazel Witch Farm, food is a primary and familiar subject for Ash. Her transition to food and lifestyle photography makes perfect sense given her sublime connection to farm produce and the people that bring it to market.

As a visual artist, Ash seeks to amplify the beauty in natural foods through her images. Her photos have an artistic touch with a keen focus on showcasing the intricate details of dishes, whether raw or cooked.

We love her monochrome style and her colorful images featuring strong contrasts and depth-filled shadows.

Fred And Elliott Photo

A bright photo of steak and eggs on a plate [Fred And Elliott Photo]

When a food stylist chef and a commercial photographer collaborate on your project, you can satisfyingly expect the unexpected.

Elliot the stylist and Fred the photographer combine their expertise in different but related fields to provide their clients with something special in terms of food imagery and videography.

Elliot uses her skills at cooking and plating to provide vibrant macro compositions and table spreads. Fred works on his magic to develop food imagery that sparks a conversation. This has resulted in satisfied customers like Virginia Living Magazine and Coca-Cola.

Shenandoah Imagery

Bright red strawberries pair with ice cream on a plate with roses backgrounding [Shenandoah Imagery]

Brittany’s goal, as the founder of Shenandoah, is to showcase the fun uniqueness of your brand to your audience. This organic food fan and event and product photographer draws on those elements that make a food picture pop. She always tries to leave a great first impression.

Brittany’s love for baked foods and desserts is visible in her work which stresses on the plating and arrangement of food. Her images are tasteful and lively with delicious colors and satisfying backgrounds.

Reveal Photo

Food Photography of handcrafted pumpkin pie with plated slice of pie. Food styling by Debi Shawcross in Richmond, VA.
An expertly styled pumpkin pie [Reveal Photo]

Tim is a product and still life photographer with over 35 years of experience working for businesses in Richmond and across Central Virginia.

He services clients on location and his 4,200 sq. ft. studio equipped with a large kitchen and a separate prop room. Some of the brands Tim has worked with include Deloitte, Hamilton Beach, Magnolia Bakery, and Pioneer Woman.

Tim’s food images reveal an eye for detail. His ability to showcase culinary heroes behind the food allows him to tell emotive visual stories.

Gayle Tiller Photography

Pot pie alongside ingredients and a giant knife [Gayle TIller Photography]

Gayle Tiller is an award-winning photographer with three decades of experience. Her approach to photography projects is thorough, always with a personal touch. When she is not clicking food images, Gayle also works on family portraits and lifestyle pictures.

Her experience as a vegan cook and gardener helps her capture food elements in unconventional ways. Her images reflect her mastery over lighting, styling, food and color pairings.

Gayle has this ability to capture the essence of the food and its prep techniques. This provides restaurants and other clients with branding assets that start a meaningful dialogue with their respective audiences.

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