Best Food Photographers in Raleigh, NC

A professional photographer knows that having the best food, product or service isn’t enough. Businesses need to convince customers that they are offering a price worthy premium experience.

This is an area where the talented visual creatives in Raleigh excel. The state capital is known more for its cityscape and colleges, and less for its food scene. But talented food photographers based in Raleigh have the ability to deliver over and above what their clients need.

Our list showcases some of these experts who partner with brands and businesses in Raleigh.

Mallin Photography

Mallin Photography is a leading studio in Raleigh whose owner, Steve, has over three decades of experience in the industry. He and his team cover product, corporate, industrial, event and people photography across the US.

Steve works his magic by combining off-location, complementary background images with your food or products. He and his team of food stylists and graphic artists work seamlessly to capture and create images that sell your services and products. You will find Steve’s work featured across print ads, outdoor advertising, websites, and trade publications.

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Richard Barlow Photography

An award-winning photographer, Richard services clients within the US along with a global clientele.  He specializes in wedding and commercial photography from healthcare and food to real estate and construction.

While his wedding photography has been featured in local and national publications, his food images are no less impactful. They range from crisp closeup shots of drinks and plated food to table overlays in minimalist style. Richard also enjoys capturing chefs and culinary artists in action.

Food Seen

Food Seen, owned by Felicia, provides a range of digital marketing services from conceptual design photography to brand development and advertising. The agency has worked with high-profile industry clients including Pepsi Bottling ventures, Eater, and Vietri.

Felicia’s food imagery showcases the journey of food from farm to table and the people involved in these exquisite creations. She provides enchanting and vibrant brand and website images on-location and at her studio.

Abdel firmly believes that good food pictures have the power to draw viewer’s attention and keep them interested in your product, ad or website. He enjoys capturing images that tell a story about clients and their delicious food.

Abdel’s signature style is enticing close-up and macro shots of plated food. His images are minimalistic but use texture and colors of food ingredients to create sensory compositions.

Popup Food and Abdel will help you get your food branding ready and perfected for the kind of audience you want to address.

Brian Sappie Photo

Like many of his contemporaries, Brian service business, big and small, with different photographic requirements. With eiht years of experience, he has worked with varied clients from real estate and people to travel and sports.

When it comes to food photos, he covers all styles from still life shots of complete dishes to busy overhead table settings. His images are bright and crisp with food color taking on complementary and contrasting roles.

FaceInLens Creative 

Ayhan is a professional photographer with 15 years of experience who has worked with global clients. Some of his images have been published in international newspapers and magazines.

Ayhan brings a fresh perspective to every project and creates food images that create an impact and evoke a response from viewers. His use of bright white backdrops and highlights reminds us of contemporary wedding photography.

In addition to striking wedding, real estate, family lifestyle, and food photography, Ayhan excels in graphic design and website development.

Brian Mullins Photography

Starting his career as an editorial photographer for magazines, Brian has developed technical skills and gained experience that reflect in the photos he captures for clients.

He covers event, editorial, corporate and commercial projects. Some of his clients include Amazon, Qualcomm, Better Homes & Gardens, and Cisco.

When it comes to food, Brian isn’t only about the final picture, but helps with menu selections and styling as well. As a licensed drone pilot, he uses remote camera setups and special lighting to provide inimitable yet realistic branding and event images for commercial clients.

Stephen Thrift Photography

Stephen is one of those photographers who made the shift from a corporate employee to solopreneur. He covers numerous photo niches from portraits and weddings to real estate and food. Stephen’s work has been featured in publications like Style Me Pretty, US Airways Magazine, and Nature Magazine.

His images are all about the dish or food ingredients. He downplays props and backgrounds to put the plated dish or the table spread at the center. This enables viewers to appreciate the colors, textures and emotional appeal of these simple compositions.

Amber Foster Smith Photography

Amber serves businesses in Raleigh, Holly Springs, and Chapel Hill through her boutique studio. She offers both casual shots at your locations and stylized food sessions at her studio based on your preference.

Amber makes great use of props, background, and light settings to tell your story the way you wish to present it. Amber has this ability to develop creative food images that woos your audience. She also offers her studio premises on rent to other food photographers for their projects.

Find a location in Raleigh, for your next film or photo shoot, meeting, or event.