Great food photography requires engrossing and emotive images that sell magazines, products or food services. You need talented creatives with an eye for detail, practical experience and innate skill to transform your concepts and ideas into reality.

Pittsburgh may be famous for its skyline and cultural centers, but it is home of Heinz and the Strip district with its bustling eateries and bars.

The photographers in Pittsburgh are big foodies themselves and navigate the culinary world as effortlessly as they navigate the cityscape.

If you’re seeking talented professionals who know what makes for good editorial or advertising imagery, check out the food photographers on this list.

Christine Armbruster

DBB burger, nuggets and draft beer captured by Christine Armbruster

Christine is a successful commercial food photographer who creates food photos with a documentary feel.

She combines her fascination with culture and people with her educational background in commercial photography to provide unique brand and product images. When she is not clicking gorgeous food photos, she works on space and editorial imagery.

Her use of lighting, styling and complementary props gives her product photography a refined and interesting touch compared to bland and dreary versions seen elsewhere.

Erin Kelly

Fresh cut fruit and berries on tart pie captured by Erin Kelly

Erin Kelly is a stylist and lifestyle, interior, and architectural photographer with over a decade of experience. While her signature style is authentic and naturally posed images, her food images are well styled and true-to life.

Her work has a vivid and palpable quality with bright and colorful images that bring out the shapes. colors and textures of plated food. It has been featured in commercial and digital publications not limited to Food Network, Daily Beast, and Philadelphia Magazine.

Carla Cardello

Berry French Toast Casserole by Carla Cardello Food Photographer
Strawberry and blueberry pie captured by Carla Cardello

Carla is a cityscape photographer who also enjoys creating immersive and mouth watering images of decadent food for brands and small businesses.

What started off as a hobby with her recipe blog (after a certification in culinary arts) has now become a full-time venture. Carla is so obsessed with photography that she even has a camera inked on her arm.

When it comes to food photography for bakers, brands and cookbook authors, Carla is the complete package. She offers recipe development and styling help, along with food and product photo sessions.

Adam Milliron Studio

Colorful roasted vegetables on a platter captured by Adam Milliron Studio

When he is not working on client location, Adam can be seen organizing photo shoots in his 2000-sq ft studio with a well-equipped commercial kitchen, prop room, and ample space for two custom sets.

Adam’s journey into food photography has been interesting and rather fitting given his career beginnings in a catalogue studio and gaining valuable experience in color design and paint industry

This has enabled him to create food stories for editorial and commercial clients by combining branding, lighting, and color techniques.

Jill Farrar

Fried chicken and gravy on a decorative plate [Jill Farrar]

This Pittsburgh portrait, event, and food photographer is a self-confessed travel and adventure junkie who wields her camera like a mirror reflecting the stories she sees.

When it comes to photo shoots, she is open to working on location and at her studio. Her bright and striking images are the result of the groundwork she puts into understanding the needs of each client and their vision and expectation for the project.

Jill’s work has featured in publications including Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Erie Times News and Weekender Magazine.

Skysight Commercial Photo

Untitled photo
Icing sugar scattering over brownie bars captured by Skysight Commercial Photo

Autumn recognizes that marketing images are the first impression of your brand or company for prospective customers. She and team draw on their experiences and technical skill to provide high-quality images and active shots of product, food and associated people.

Whether you need images for websites, ads, social media, or email newsletters, the Skysight team creates visuals that are consistent with and complementary to your concept and goals.

They deliver work that is creative and interpretative and perfectly captures the brand essence or the company ethos.

Rose Colored Creative

Food creative with decorated cakes captured by Rose Colored Creative

Sarah is essentially a travel, editorial and lifestyle photographer. She draws on these experiences and insights to offer enhanced food imagery for brands, magazines and food bloggers.

Her images showcase mouthwatering foods and products in real life settings to create an emotional response in the viewers. Saah uses props, lights, colors, backdrops and people in her shots to create an immersive experience.

From plated dishes at the fore to full table outlays and images that document the joy of cooking and baking, she documents food in required editorial style.

Heather Mull

Dark chocolate and cocoa beans captured by Heather Mull

Before her foray in freelance photography, Heather served as a staff photographer at Pittsburgh City Paper and as founding contributor to Table Magazine.

While her experience covers various photography styles, she prefers portraiture, editorial food, and farm-to-table imagery. When Heather is not creating striking and thoughtful food images for clients, she teaches photography to adult students in Pittsburgh.

Her work is a mix of styles from close up shots of the hero dish to table layouts that don’t look staged. Her style is minimalistic but she uses colors, shadows and backdrops to accentuate the simple food scene.

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