Milwaukee, as a major commercial hub in the cheesehead state of Wisconsin, features numerous dining spots, bars and food companies. All these businesses require professional, tasty-looking images for ads, websites and social media.

A delicious food photoshoot can improve customer experience and increase sales. If your one such business, you’re probably looking for a talented food photographer who can support your marketing goals with their imagery.

Ready to start your search for food photographers in Milwaukee? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your menu.

Landre Photography

Lacy earned a BFA in photography from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee before embarking on her career as a commercial and editorial photographer. In addition to delectable food visuals, she works with clients who require architectural, lifestyle, portrait and corporate images.  

A photojournalist contributing to newspapers and magazines since 2009, Lacy has gained valuable on-job experiences. She utilizes this perspective along with raw skills and creativity in all her commercial projects.

Lacy is at home working with global brands as she is with mom-and-pop stores. My clients range from small business owners to national publishers to well-known brands. When it comes to food, her images are gorgeous with a range of styles from airy minimalistic to chaotic spreads and colorful compositions.

Jena Carlin Creative

Making you swoon over brown food images requires creativity and talent. Jena belongs to that breed of food photographers who do just that.

An Auburndale native, Jena works from her 3,500 sq ft located between Chicago and Minneapolis. Her client list includes major brands such as Kohls, Ghirardelli, Reader’s Digest, and Martha Stewart.

We love her larger-than-life imagery that makes us want to grab that nutri bar or smoothie right away. Jena believes in Making Edible Unforgettable, and her portfolio is testimony to her skills. Her BFA in painting with a minor in photography seems to have influenced her work giving her images a fine art touch.

Chris Kessler Photography

Chris is a commercial photographer who specializes in everything food and portraiture. Although Milwaukee is his base of operation, Chris is available to shoot anywhere across the United States.

What we loved about this work is the sharp imagery with textures, colors, and food elements taking precedence over backdrops and fancy props. Bright and airy, bold colors, dark and striking. Chris’s skills in lighting, shadows and his ability to create beautiful compositions make him a great choice for your food project. He has a knack for using different techniques to bring out the sensory details of food imagery.

McDill Design

McDill Design is another studio that offers more than photos or videos. The team also provides a range of digital marketing services under one roof.

With over 40 years of combined experience between them, McDill design has successfully learned to balance technique and art. This style enables their team to create indelible food and commercial photos for clients.

The design and photography studio’s work ethic is based on warm, respectful and mutually beneficial relationships with clients. If your brand needs more than still images, the agency offers video, animation and motion graphics, as needed.

David Jackson

Jackson & Co is a photography studio servicing clients in Wisconsin and beyond. Jackson has his team offer a bouquet of services including imagers, motion graphics and retouching options.

While their food and commercial photography is immersive and brand aligned, they also work on lifestyle, music, advertising and editorial projects. They have collaborated with high-profile clients not limited to HBO, Walmart and Arby's.

If you prefer a company that provides incendiary, food-based visuals, you can’t go wrong choosing to work with Jackson & Co.

Michelle Kujawski Photography

Michelle is based in Delafield (between Milwaukee and Madison) but works with clients nationwide and internationally as well.

She believes in capturing experiences and draws inspiration from nature and travels. While she is an award-winning wedding photographer, and her select food images are a feast for the eyes and leave you wanting more. Michelle also works on select real estate and lifestyle branding projects for community minded businesses.

With a decade of experience in marketing and client management, she is an expert at creating compelling food images that align with the vibe of your brand.

Scott Lanza Photography

Scott’s tryst with food photography began in 1987 as he worked on a collection of recipes titled “The Gatherings Cookbook.” He has gone from strength to strength over the following decades by specializing in food and product photography.

His clients range from businesses to ad agencies and cookbook authors. Scott works from a 4,000 sq ft studio with a well-equipped kitchen and prop room, and collaborates with talented food stylists on specific client projects.

Scott captures all kinds of vibrant food photos, and due to his home in Wisconsin – he has a special interest in photographing cheese. Some of his big clients include McCain Foods, Hillshire Food Service, Sargento Cheese, Culver's Restaurants, and more.

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