Best Food Photographers in Memphis

Memphis is a city famous for its food. From the Memphis-style barbecue to southern homestyle cooking, you can’t beat dining in Memphis.

Showcase your restaurant dishes or brand with professional images shot by one of the talented food photographers in Memphis, TN. It’s the best way to give a visual representation of food for commercial and editorial use.

Cheryl Malik Photography

If you’re a food lover, you’re likely already familiar with the popular blog 40 Aprons. It’s a project started by Cheryl Malik, a Memphis-based food photographer.

Cheryl Malik developed her blog using her own photos, which has led to quite an impressive portfolio of images. She shoots with an editorial style for her blog and magazines. She also shoots commercial food images for marketing.

Throughout her career, Malik has worked with numerous restaurant chains in Memphis and national food brands. The popularity of her blog made her an expert in the industry. She now collaborates with big brands on photography projects.

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Stephanie Mullins Photography

Food photography is a dream job for a foodie, and Stephanie Mullins is one dreamer who turned it into a reality. She’s one of the best food photographers in Memphis.

Mullins is an avid food lover. After studying photography and training in technical details, she now operates her own photo studio based in Memphis. Her food photography studio has many clients, including Cracker Barrel, Logan’s Roadhouse, and the Tennessee Craft Beer Magazine.

Many of the projects that Mullins works on are commercial food photoshoots. She has an eye for great images that effectively showcase any dish.

Michael Allen Photography

The award-winning talent of Michael Allen will always deliver incredible pictures of food. With his experience and portfolio quality, he’s easily one of the most creative food photographers you’ll find.

Memphis is the creative playscape for Michael Allen. He’s a versatile photographer who shoots across many niches. He takes techniques from each industry to form a signature style that clients know and love.

Allen specializes in commercial food photography. He has a local studio available to use and also offers styling services. His food styling makes food look flawless in every shot.

Rhonda Cosentino Photography

Photography is the preferred medium that Rhonda Cosentino expresses her creativity. As one of Memphis’s most creative food photographers, she’s the go-to person to think “outside the box.”

Cosentino has won numerous awards for her creativity behind the camera. Clients can tap into her many talents to bring their visions to life. She has experience with food styling, lighting, and postproduction.

Working with clients is a collaborative experience with Cosentino. She welcomes your ideas and works to satisfy her clients. Her client-centric approach to her photography business keeps her a favorite photographer to work with in Memphis.

Loreana Rojas

Food brands looking to improve their online presence can achieve consistent content with Loreana Rojas. She’s a Memphis-based food photographer whose focus is on building content for her clients.

Social media is full of food pictures, so you’ll need a professional touch to stand out. Rojas works with many upcoming and major brands on shooting content perfect for uploading to social media as a post or ad campaign.

Rojas’ creativity helps her image grab your audience’s attention while scrolling your page. The vibrant pictures make any food or drink marketable.

Alison Stukenborg

Food lifestyle images are the perfect way to represent your food, and Alison Stukenborg has just enough creativity to create amazing scenes.

Alison was still a child when she received her first camera, but it wasn’t until later in life that she decided to pursue it as a career. She’s worked on many projects, and food photography is the latest niche to explore. And she’s already built up a portfolio on par with the best.

From a campaign with a national brand to a collection of images for a local restaurant, Alison works with all kinds of clients.

Maria Benton Photography

Maria Benton is a wiz with the camera how she captures such compelling images of food. She’s a Memphis-based food photographer and one of the top in the industry.

Benton specializes in commercial food photography, but it’s not how she started her career. She successfully made the tradition from photographing people to food, and now it’s her favorite subject.

Clients approach Benton will different kinds of food projects that she executes successfully. For example, many clients have used her pictures to create a menu, post on social media, or build their websites.

Jay Adkins Photography

It’s not rare to see Jay Adkins in the back with the chefs with his camera just inches away from a sizzling pan. His passion for his work makes him one of the best photographers in Memphis for food photography.

Adkins is a skilled food photographer who shoots commercial and editorial-style images. Many restaurants invite him to shoot onsite in their restaurants to create a brand story behind the restaurant and the food it serves. These shoots are effective in capturing stages of a meal, from food prep to the finished product.

Allen Perez Visuals

Sometimes it’s not enough to just show the food that you sell in your restaurant. Allen Perez has the solution for restaurants in Memphis looking to work with a food photographer.

Allen Perez is a photo studio managed by Maria, a talented food photographer. She’s a native of Memphis who enjoys spotlighting the local cuisine by being active in the food scene and working with many restaurants on photoshoots. She not only takes pictures of food but also of the restaurant ambiance.

Maria is an excellent food photographer for images for menus and online display.

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