Food photography is a unique niche of photography that helps to bring delicious food items and restaurant dishes to life. The top food photographers in Manchester regularly collaborate with stores, restaurants, and chefs to showcase their products in a dynamic series of photographers.

When you need photos of food taken, consider working with someone who is experienced in this niche, as it’s so different from photographing people in portraits.

Keep reading as we share 10 of the top food photographers in Manchester, all of whom will bring your every dish to life with their cameras.

Eat and Breathe

A Fresh Breakfast Captured in Manchester by Eat and Breathe

Eat and Breathe is a Manchester-based photography studio that has both professional photographers and food stylists to work on your next project. They have a purpose-built presentation and demo facility, which allows you to create photos and videos to share with your customers.

They’ll also be able to offer you assistance when developing new products for your store or restaurant while also capturing images of this process to share with your audience online.

Pavlova and Cream

A Detailed Food Photography Shoot Captured in Manchester by Majella [Pavlova and Cream]

Majella is the chief photographer behind Pavlova and Cream and will be excited to work with your restaurant, cafe, or hotel on an upcoming project. She uses brightly lit compositions to create a contrast to the moody images that many other photographers in the industry use.

She has many years of experience in the industry and has been prominently featured in The Sunday Telegraph Food supplement. She also offers lifestyle and commercial photography, both of which could help you to take your business to the next level this year.

Blank Canvas Ink

Fresh Smoothie Captured in Manchester by Richard [Blank Canvas Ink]

Richard is the owner and photographer behind Blank Canvas Ink. He is a professional product photographer and enjoys travelling the world and documenting some of the world’s best new food products.

He has a natural eye for product composition and knows how to create stunning images that would be ideal for use on your website or social media accounts in the future.

Jelly Bean Media

An artfully-staged action shot of a person drizzling sauce over a juicy cheeseburger [Jelly Bean Media]

Simon and Anne are the team behind Jelly Bean Media. Their aim is to offer UK businesses and brands professional photography and videography services throughout the country.

They mainly focus on short videos and images for social media. They work to craft stunning images of your food products that offer the perfect combination of shadows and bright highlights.


Alcoholic Drinks Captured in Manchester by Gerry [Gerrymac]

Gerry is based in Greater Manchester but will travel across the North West of England to shoot your food products. He has over 30 years of experience working behind the camera and is in high demand throughout the year.

His images have been used for advertising campaigns, public relations, product showcases, and editorial work. Over the years, he’s worked with top brands in the UK, including New Era, Land Rover, and The National Lottery.

Emma Boyle Photography

A Personal Branding Shoot Captured in Manchester by Emma [Emma Boyle Photography]

Emma Boyle offers a wide range of services in the Manchester area, including food photography and personal branding shoots. She’ll work with you to bring your business to life in a new way that will help to attract more customers to your store or restaurant this year.

Emma is known for her kindness and patience and will be excited to learn more about your brand before working together on an upcoming shoot.

Decoy Media

Asian Dishes Captured in Manchester by Decoy Media

Decoy Media was founded in 2011 and offers a huge range of photography services in the city and beyond. They focus on offering creative visual content, always delivered on time and to your brief.

They have a friendly approach and are known for their professionalism and timeliness when working together. The team will be excited to learn more about what you have to offer, then bring it to life with their cameras.

Joe White Photography

Gourmet Burgers Captured in Manchester by Joe [Joe White Photography]

Joe is known for his vibrant food photography. He would be the ideal photographer for your next restaurant opening. He offers a good selection of photography services, so he will also be willing to capture your location and the people who work for your business.

Joe is known for his modern photography style, which makes you want to reach out and try any of the food that’s showcased on your website or social media accounts.

Georgie Glass Photography

Afternoon Tea Captured in Manchester by Georgie [Georgie Glass Photographer]

Georgie is a freelance food photographer based in Manchester. She offers food, drink, and location photography in the city but will also travel further afield as needed for your project.

Georgie regularly works in Europe on brand shoots for restaurants, cafes, and hotels. She is known for bringing food and drink offerings to life in a way that helps customers appreciate your products.

Lucas Smith Photography

A Food Spread Captured in Manchester by Lucas [Lucas Smith Photography]

Lucas Smith is a food and drink photographer who works in Manchester and across the country. He travels to restaurants and cafes to showcase their food offerings in vibrant and modern images that will be attractive to your audience.

Food photography is the perfect way to celebrate your business opening or an updated menu, and Lucas will work to create images that will wow even the pickiest of eaters.

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