Top 8 Food Photographers in Louisville, KY

Kentucky’s major city is not simply about Derby horses, bourbon, or fried chicken. It is home to visual artists who provide delectable food photos and videos for brands and businesses.

They tap into their knowledge well, access their creativity and technical skills, and utilize their ability to style and compose shots to delivers appealing and marketable images, graphics and videos.

The Louisville commercial food photographers on our list excel in using color, props, composition, and creativity to improve brand and business reach of their clients.

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Guillermo is well aware that to build a brand or business identity, you need images that create an emotional response. His tantalizing food, product and lifestyle portraits are created with this goal in mind.

He uses his knowledge and skills to understand and create images that works for each of his clients. Guillermo’s grasp of colors is exceptional and he uses this along with contrast and shadow techniques to create pictures that talk to the viewer.

He is adept at using props, different lighting and styling techniques as revealed by his portfolio.

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Jessica Baelhar

Jessica is a Louisville based stop motion artist and photographer who specializes in product, food and beverage, and portrait work. She is open to working with publications and brands with a modern vision.

Jessica shots awe inspiring food and drink images from her personal studio equipped with both a kitchen and a prop room. She is equally open to working at the client’s office or restaurant, or any other photo shoot location.

What captivates us about her work is her use of lighting and color coordinated props. If you’re looking for slow motion graphics of your food product or chef in action, she is game.

Andrew Kung 

Andrew Kung is a commercial photography team that provides clients with images and videos for advertising, editorial and digital media.

Andrew and his team work from their 7000 sq ft commercial on both video and photo productions for clients. The studio is equipped with a special cyc wall, kitchen, green room, open conference area, and more. Although based in Kentucky, they are open to working travel across the country on client projects.

The creatives at Andrew Kung Studio listen to your ideas and end goals to create visual assets that tell your brand story in the best possible way.

Their style limits the use of backdrop. It focuses on bright lighting and closeups to capture the nuances of the plated dish or beverage for visual effect.


Dennis had crafted his skills in an advertising agency first as a creative and art director, and later on, taking on the additional role of a commercial photographer.

He brings with him two decades of experience both behind the camera and on the strategy and planning team. This puts Dennis in a better position to understand the ever-evolving food scene than his peers.

He uses his acquired knowledge, technical skills and brand-building experience to create immersive and exciting imagery for product, drink and food clients. He is also adept at providing people lifestyle portraits for business branding.

Dean Lavenson Photography

Dean and his team have over 20 years of experience capturing and creating beautiful images for commercial and corporate clients.

When not clicking food or product images, they work on architecture, fine art, location and people projects.

We love the crystal clear and magnified shots of food and drinks. The finesse in capturing bright and vibrant closeups is visible in their detailed table layouts and action shots of culinary creatives.

Their clientele included Papa Johns, Texas Roadhouse, and Four Roses Bourbon among others.

Alex Hall Visuals

Alex uses bold visuals to develop consumer interest in the food, drink and product lines of clients.

His career trajectory has been interesting and associated with food in one way or the other. As a technical director for Relish Cooking Show to being an executive manager of a team of creatives, Alex has helped shape brands’ identity and sell their products.  

Alex is one of the few photographers in this list who offers slow motion graphics for food and products. His portfolio showcases his ability to use light, shadow, colors and contrasts, food elements, gorgeous props and styling techniques.

Alliance Photography Group

One of the oldest studios in this list, Alliance has been helping companies reach out to customers through visual branding and advertising since 1978. They offer image service to capture interiors, people, products, food, and home and office spaces.

The team of photographers, graphic artists, food stylists and layout artists operate from a 10,200 sq. ft studio. You don’t have to scout for photo locations as this studio had everything from room sets and exhaustive prop list, to kitchen area, Cyc walls and green rooms.

The team at Alliance promises to make your photo session fun and yet highly productive.

Jenn Davis

Jenn is not simply a food photographer but is also a creative director and food stylist for editorial and commercial imagery.

Jenn often works with a team of creative artists to bring client projects to fruition. Her imagery is varied with bright-airy, colorful-whimsy, and dark-vibrant food and product images.

Her clientele is a mix of publications, brands, and agencies not limited to Wilton, Aldi, Edible Nashville, and SisterMag.

From mood boards and planning sessions to creating table layout and final production, she offers her expertise and creativity at every stage.

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