Los Angeles is a cultural melting pot that inspires tasteful palates from some of the world’s best chefs. Behind each master-class chef is a talented individual whose ingenuity and passion for cooking are highlighted through exceptional meals.

With Los Angeles overflowing with creative juices, there’s no challenging the fact that each cuisine is unique and mixed with L.A.’s art scene and chef’s choice of traditional comfort-food recipes. As if taste wasn’t enough to spur excitement, food photographers in Los Angeles can arrange a display of rich cuisines that are pleasing to the eye and inspiring to the taste buds.

Sincerely By Kara

Flatbread spread photographed by Sincerely By Kara.

Kara Stout is the founder of Sincerely By Kara, which promotes wellness and a healthy lifestyle living through hearty and heartfelt meals. By empowering women to eat healthy through balanced meals, her tactful and inspirational photography and wellness content creates shining stories through her portraits.

In addition to food styling and photography, Kara also works with brands to expand their audiences and dive deep into recipe development. Her work has been featured in many media outlets such as Glitter Guide, Glamour, and Whole Foods Market.

Jennifer Chong Studio

DIY cashew cream pizza delicately arranged and photographed by Jennifer Chong. 

Jennifer Chong’s passion for photography in the travel, food, and interior design industry has been well-developed throughout her career. After focusing solely on photography after experience as an art director, her list of clients includes American Express, Los Angeles Magazine, Food and Wine, and popular L.A. restaurant, Joan’s on Third.

Her food photography is not only crisp in detail, it’s also articulately positioned to be eye-catching and salivating. With vibrant pops of color and layers of textured ingredients, there isn’t a shot that Jennifer Chong can’t serve.

Crystal Cartier

Nachos with a twist captured by Crystal Cartier. 

Crystal Cartier portrays some of the most opulent ways to photograph a dish. Her stunning and lustrous images of both savory and sweet dishes are almost instantly hunger-inducing.

By taking some of the simplest ingredients and transforming them to be eye-catching and tasteful, as a chef does in the kitchen, Crystal Cartier is capable of creating fresh catch-of-the-day photos that’ll make you want to try every dish. She's completed a range of editorial and advertising photo shoots for clients including Tropicana, Weight Watchers, and Fitness Kitchen LA.

Mittongtare Studio

Oyster seafood medley plated and photographed by Mittongtare Studio.

Creating bold and tasteful photos of complete dishes and it’s ingredients, Mittongtare Studio encompasses the robust taste of each of their meals photographed. By using the latest high-quality equipment, Mittongtare Studio delivers fresh and original final products.

With over 15 years of photography work in food, lifestyle, and consumer products, Mittongtare Studio carefully plans each session and flawlessly orchestrates colors and shapes into one proficient photo. By taking the extra step into each session, Mittongtare Studio’s accuracy and creativity deliver quality, one-of-a-kind images.

Andrea D’Agosto

Plated shrimp being drizzled in sauce by Andrea D’Agosto.

Capturing the essence of food, drink, and beyond, each photo taken by Andrea D’Agosto is profound. Not only does she photograph food and drink, but restaurants, chefs, and cookbook spreads are included in her portfolio too.

Working firsthand in her family’s restaurant ignited her passion for food photography just as chefs are inspired by the flames of the grill. In each photo, depth is created to bring the dishes to life. From simple sandwiches to extravagant full-course meals, each photo taken is raw yet colorful.

Tatijana Vasily

Stacked sandwich by Strong Roots photographed by Tatijana Vasily. 

Creating picture-perfect and colorful photos, Tatijana Vasily shoots fun and pleasing photos of our favorite dishes. With each photo, she brings food to life, whether it's smoky barbeque or a gooey bowl of chocolate.

Each picture is artistically displayed in a dazzling manner the activates all your senses with just one glance. Vasily has a number of clients ranging from ice cream shops and bakeries to diners and caffeine drink brands.

Laurie Proffitt

Fish accented with lime, salt, and other condiments by Laurie Proffitt.

Laurie Proffitt takes simplicity to new heights. With each photo taken, caterers and food enthusiasts alike swoon for her seamless and effortless style. Each photo sparks inspiration and captures the subject's essence.

Laurie Proffitt's quality and creativity has earned her an esteemed reputation within the L.A. food photography scene. Specializing in cookbooks, editorial, packaging, and branding, Laurie Proffitt is L.A.’s one-stop-shop for food photography and imagery.

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