The Hoosier State may not be renown for its cuisine but has its fair share of an active food scene. The food entrepreneurs and brands in Indianapolis require brand and advertising imagery. This requires the expertise and creativity of a professional photographer who knows what works.

A talented commercial photographer can help you create attractive images that are unique to your business, food product or service. The creatives on this list have stellar portfolios and ample experience in bringing clients’ visions to fruition.

Chris Whonsetler Photography

Bone Snapper Rye whiskey bottle and a glass of whiskey [Chris Whonsetler Photography]

Chris has honed his skills as a commercial photographer through his global travel experiences. He adopts a rather unconventional way of capturing brand images.

He sees photography as a way of revealing his perception of the world around him. Chris brings this same philosophy to his photography projects and helps clients to bring their the who, what and where of branding with rich and dynamic visual content.

His food portfolio is filled with action shots, slow motion captures, and still pictures with punchy colors and bright imagery.

Little Robot Photo

Colorful cocktails [Little Robot Photo]

Haley has what can only be considered a lifestyle approach to commercial and product photography. A storyteller who uses images rather than words to bring a client’s brand or product to life, Haley knows how to tap into a viewer’s emotional state.

Her food styling largely focuses on natural lighting and the use of organic and natural backdrops. From wood to marble, she has her backdrops and other appealing props to visually entertain the audience.

Her portfolio is not limited to still life food photos or distinct venue views. She covers customers enjoying the food and ambience, and hospitality creatives and staff in action.

Katelin Kinney

A creative shot of a watch surrounded by raspberries and jam [Katelin Kinney]

Katelin considers her photography to be a form of conceptual advertising.  She brings a bit of dreamlike imagery and a pinch of digital boosters to create out-of-the-box images. She excels at using technology to create bolder and delightful food photos for commercial and editorial purposes.

Each photographer brings an approach to photography that has certain common elements but is uniquely their creation. Katelin’s food portfolio stands out in the use of filters, props and other elements and reveals her versatility and range.

Todd Taulman

A variety of pink and red donuts arranged on a cooling rack [Todd Taulman]

Todd is primarily a commercial photographer and studio manager who showcases distinct styles in his food projects. Todd covers lifestyle, branding, advertising and many other image services for clients.

He is a master of minimalisms and vignette and prefers to capture close up shots of food and beverage with distracting props and other elements. He prefers to capture clean images that cause sensory and emotional responses in the concerned audience. From fresh ingredients to food prep, he covers every aspect of food photography.

Spahr Photography

Vegetable, meat, and cooked grains captured by Spahr Photography

Richard has been creating professional images for over 30 years. His valuable photographic background helps him understand the project end goals and develop artistic culinary images that do justice to the food prepping process.

Richard prefers to use natural lighting to tell different food and chef stories. Some of his past clients include St Elmo Steakhouse, Whirlpool, and JennAir among others. Richard has also collaborated with cookbook authors providing them with vibrant images of cooked or baked food.

John Bragg

A loaded bacon cheeseburger with fries on the side [John Bragg]

John is a commercial photographer who specializes in food, advertising and architectural images. He is also an enthusiastic traveler, especially to Europe, and uses his experiences and travel memories to create tasteful shots.

John is not a big fan of bright and airy. Instead, he prefers to use subdued lighting, rich color palette, and distinct props and backdrops to make the food images pop out.

He uses close up shots and table views to highlight the food item or product in an artistic way.

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