Best Food Photographers in Halifax, NS, Canada

Best Food Photographers in Halifax, NS, Canada

New food haunts are sprouting daily around the world, and Halifax  – the bustling capital of the Canadian province of Nova Scotia – is no exception. With such stiff competition, how do you dominate the market?

Excellent food and customer service, and stuffing your menu with as many adjectives as you like to describe a dish is still half the battle won. Studies show that it’s not mere words on a menu that make patrons lick their lips in anticipation – it’s stunning food photography. In fact, 8 out of 10 people would readily order a meal just because it looks good in the picture.

If you’re looking to enlarge your slice of the market, get ready to include good food photography in your marketing arsenal.

Flavour Photo

For someone with a proven track record, Alyssa of Flavour Photo will qualify no matter how daunting your photography task. She's photographed local food and drinks for the likes of 2 Doors Down Food & Wine, Viveau, Smyrna Restaurant, Cove Kombucha, Big Cove Foods, The Osney Cafe, and many others.

Food photography is not a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all marketing solution, so Alyssa wants you to tell her exactly what your business needs are. In return, she’ll come up with a food photography plan aligned with your vision.

Beth Dunham Photography

A food photographer usually works with a food stylist during photo shoots, but with Beth, you’ll have both rolled into one. A certified foodie who often cooks from scratch, Beth is also a food blogger and avid traveler.

Her blog, simply titled “Beth Dunham,” documents her travels and culinary escapades, as well as her love for Italian culture. Her goal is to either capture the “yum factor” of a particular dish or to evoke an emotion or memory associated with it.

Perry Jackson Photography

Perry Jackson specializes in food, travel, and lifestyle photography and works mainly with the advertising industry. He owns the Halifax-based production company, Jackson Productions Inc. His work has been featured in various magazines and cookbooks.

Perry has worked with numerous clients from North America and Europe including Clearwater, Gordon Food Services, KFC Canada, NSLC, Occasions Magazine, Nova Scotian Crystal, NS Seafood, and others.

Chantal Routhier Photography

For Chantal, nothing quite tells a story as vividly as a photograph. Be it a portrait, a wedding, a colorful dish on a plate – she’s eager to capture it all. The fact that these moments often collide is what makes her the happiest because she can then “showcase it all in one very special day.”

Her work has been featured in 100 Layer Cake, Reader’s Digest, Women’s Health, People, The Phoblographer, and USA Today, among others.

John Atacan Photography

John is another all-rounder on this list. He simply loves taking photos, so although he specializes in portrait photography with a focus on engagements and weddings, he takes various images on the side including food, streets, dogs, even ducks.

John’s interest in food photography began when, realizing he had too much time on his hands, he went to the kitchen and whipped up recipes from scratch. Then he snapped pictures of his creations and discovered he’s a natural.

Nils Carlson Photography

Nothing beats a meticulous photographer, and Nils doesn't miss the details. He checks if everything has been photographed just right way before he calls it a wrap.

Nils has over a decade of experience in editorial, commercial and advertising photography. His skills have earned him a spot as one of the most esteemed food photographers in Halifax.

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