Has an image of a dish ever made you want to drive straight to that eatery and order it, without looking at anything else on the menu? That’s the power of great food photography. It can make the viewer taste the flavors and smell the aromas emanating from the plate, then commit to purchasing it without a second thought.

Restaurants, food bloggers, and businesses around the world rely on food photographers to transform their products into stunning imagery that will draw clients in. Fort Worth in Texas is no exception, with the following 7 food photographers among the city’s best.

Nancy Farrar Photography

A European-inspired hot dog [Nancy Farrar Photography]

Nancy Farrar is a Dallas-Fort Worth-based photographer who has had her work featured on Food Network’s Beat Bobby Flay and in publications that include “Southern Living”, “Texas Journey Magazine”, “The Dallas Morning News”, and “Fort Worth Star-Telegram”.

She was voted as one of the 12 Best Dallas Food Photographers in 2019 for her images that allow the viewer to experience the textures and aromas of what’s on the plate. In addition to food photography, she is a talented real estate and architecture photographer, as well as offering portraits, headshots, and event photography.

Image Alive

Multiple dishes on a white linen table [Image Alive]

Established in 2010, Image Alive is a product photography and full video production studio located in Fort Worth that works with brand-builders throughout the region. It began as an eCommerce photography business and has expanded to include videos, 360 spin photography, advertisements, and commercial work.

Aiden is the man behind the camera and leads a talented team that serves hundreds of clients, both big and small. When it comes to food photography, they capture stunning bird’s eye views of plates and captivating product images of craft beers, tequilas, and whiskeys.

Geno Loro

An image of waffles with ice cream and raspberries [Geno Loro]

Based in Fort Worth, Geno Loro is a highly experienced food photographer who has worked with some of the biggest names in the food and beverage industry. He believes that the best images are “a collaborative effort between photographer, art director, and client” and he loves the challenges that come with working in new environments and cultures.

Geno honed his skills as a fashion and jewelry photographer at one of Chicago’s big commercial studios before making the move to Texas. Here, he helps businesses to showcase their menus and products to increase engagement and boost sales.

MKJ Photography

A wedding cake topped by pink roses [MKJ Photography]

Mariah Jackson is the owner and lead photographer of MKJ Photography, a Fort Worth-based studio that specializes in brand photography. Her images are colorful and bold, with Mariah having the ability to capture the personality of a brand in a single shot.

Aside from being skilled in her use of natural light, Mariah is highly experienced in studio settings, whether it’s for a food photography shoot or professional headshots. She firmly believes that branding is a key indicator in the success of a business and is on a mission to help her clients do it right!

Manny Rodriguez Photography

A platter of dolmades, stuffed peppers and olives [Manny Rodriguez Photography]

Born in Havana and raised in Miami, Manny Rodriguez purchased his first camera at the age of 18 “for no other reason other than boredom”. But he quickly became fascinated with photography and within a year, had decided that he wanted this to be his career.

In 1995, Manny relocated to the Dallas-Fort Worth area and began specializing in interior and food photography. Today, he is based out of a 5,000-square foot studio with a full working kitchen and open shooting areas, as well as a prop room and styling area. Throughout his career, he has worked with big-name clients that include American Airlines, Martha Stewart, and Pizza Hut, as well as Williams-Sonoma and Zoe’s Kitchen.

Julien & Lambert

A beautifully plated dish shot by Julien & Lambert [Julien & Lambert]

Julien & Lambert is a commercial photography studio that works with clients in the architecture, real estate, and hospitality industries. Their editorial-style food images are beautifully composed and brightly colored, with a mixture of bird’s eye and side-table views.

In addition to food photography, they offer a range of marketing services for businesses, including website development, social media campaigns, and bulk emailing. Not only that, but they offer affordable wedding photography and videography for clients in the Fort Worth and Texas metroplex areas.

Jennifer Boomer

A Mexican meal shot from above [Jennifer Boomer]

Specializing in lifestyle photography, Jennifer Boomer is a Texas-based freelance photographer who has more than 13 years of experience in the industry. She has worked for countless advertising agencies, corporations, and magazines, and was named one of the Top 10 Photographers in Texas by “Culture Trip” in 2019.

Her client list is extensive, with Tate Modern, “House Beautiful”, The Food Network, and “The New York Times” all represented. Aside from shooting mouthwatering shots of dishes and drinks, she is regularly commissioned to document the hustle and bustle of restaurants and the dining experience itself.

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