Top Food Photographers in Eugene, OR

Food images are not simply visual representations of food. They are designed using light and  composition to create emotion and desire in the viewer. A great photo will make you want the product or service marketed.

This is where professional photographers come into the picture. They help you make images that sell your restaurant meals, food and beverage products or hospitality services.

The top priority for commercial food photographers in Eugene on our list is to create amazing visual content for clients whether they are brands, culinary artists publications or businesses.

Eugene Commercial Photography

Rob is a commercial photographer based in Eugene who specializes in product, beverage and food photography. He works with businesses in and around Eugene.

Rob’s work is striking in the use of innovative props and lighting techniques to make the product pop off the page. His use of dark background and moody lighting and angles create a cinematic vibe.

For Rob, his images are not mere camera recordings, but a creative way to make you desire a product or service. Some of his editorial and advertorial clients include Eugene weekly, Uncorked, Will Leather and Ninkasi Brewing Company.

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Erik Bishoff Photography

With an educational background in photography, design and architecture, Erik has the necessary creative and practical skills needed to create visual content that brings results.

Eric has experimented successfully in photography genres other than food and beverage. From editorial, product, weddings, portraits, architecture, lifestyle and events, this one-man army has covered it all.

He has worked with numerous clients like Yogi Teas, Ben & Jerry's, Adlib Advertising, American Express, Samsung, Associated Design and more in Eugene, Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.

David Gibb Photography

David doesn’t believe in rushing through photo sessions and prefers to take time to experiment and get the desired visuals.

David is one of those commercial photographers who have worked in different photo formats from film camera to digital. He credits the darkroom experience for making him a better photographer.

With 25 years of experience behind him, he provides crisp, colorful and well styled lifestyle, food and product imagery for clients. When he is not working in his Jacksonville studio or client locations in and around Oregon, he offers lessons to those interested in photography.

The Visual Group

Visual Group is more of a content studio than simply a team of photographers working on studio premises. To this end, the team provides an umbrella of services from concept discussion and development to final proofing and retouching.

The team offers a cinematic style along with animation and live action motion shots. They partner with culinary artists, brands and marketing agencies to create impressive visual stories that inspire and excite the audience. Some of the past clientele include the likes of Nike, Havas Edge, Sorel, Revery and Converse.

The Beatific Lens 

A Kentucky native who now calls Oregon her home, Liz considers herself a storyteller, adventurer and Photographer all rolled into one.

Liz has learned her skills from the best photographers in New York before setting up her small studio in Eugene. She believes her travels across the United States has opened her mind to new creative possibilities.

She enjoys capturing dreamlike images with cinematic effects for clients whether this is for weddings, commercial use, food, architecture, lifestyle or portraits.

Liz plays with colors, lights and angles to create different moods that best reflect the brand, person or product.

Bill Heller Event Photography

Bill and his team have been working with varied clients from corporates to family-owned restaurants capturing valuable imagery for commercial, food, and events. They are one of the few on this list to cover sporting tournaments such as golf.

They take pride in being photography nerds and enjoy discussing projects and client needs as much as talking about photography with their clients.

When it comes to food imagery, they provide colorful shots of food in natural and simple settings but are happy to lend a hand with food styling.

Pace Images

Jacob is another of those adventurous commercial photographers based out of Eugene. He works with clients across the spectrum from industry, architecture and product (including food) to lifestyle and portraits.

He is passionate about his work and believes in creating the best images that raise brand awareness or reveal the subject’s personality.

While he captures the raw beauty of buildings and deep emotions in family sessions, his food photos are visually striking. Jason is at ease shooting both in this studio and at the clients’ location.

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