Top 9 Food Photographers in Cincinnati, OH

The beauty of professional food photography is the ability to bring a cuisine or product to life. From still images to food in motion, these skillful captures present a perfect food moment or an emotive culinary story.

From a one-person army to a team of photographers, The Queen City’s talented visual artists captivate viewers with their mouth watering and tasteful food images. You will find some of the best commercial food photographers in Cincinnati on this list to work on your branding campaign shoots.

Ready to start your search for food photographers in Cincinnati? Check out our guide of the city's top talent to find the best match for your next dish.

Amy Elisabeth

Food and drink, restaurant scenes and artistic portraits – this is imagery that Amy loves to share with her city of Cincinnati.

Her luxe portrait sessions have afforded her the opportunity to work with public figures and celebrities like Margaret Atwood and Chuck D. But it is her food photography that has us captivated. Her commercial work has been featured in Cincinnati Magazine and Elle Décor among others.

Amy signature moody style makes ample use of shadows and unique angles. She effectively uses backdrops to provide country kitchen and suburban fine dining vibes.

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Teri Studios

erri’s expertise lies in fascinating and effective visual assets for beverage and food companies. He has worked with some of the biggest household brands out there including KFC, Hershey, Burger King and Kellogg’s.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Archive Magazine considered Terri one among the top 200 digital artists the world over. This photographer's work attracted us with their near perfect composition, creative lighting techniques, and the unusual use of flares to create a distinct ambiance.

Allison McAdams

Allison offers professional product, portrait and food photography services to clients in and around Cincinnati. To quote her, “I help brands create holistic photo strategies for both digital and print media.”

She draws from her visual communication and fine arts background to compose images that appeal to all the five senses in her viewers. Allison's style is bright and airy with seamless use of natural and studio lighting and clear backdrops. Glowing or glaring highlights have no place in her dish compositions.

Claudia Hershner

Armed with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in design and architecture, Claudia brings a fresh perspective to her commercial photo shoots. Her food photos reflect her creative eye and attention to small, often overlooked details.

What we love about Claudia's work is that each element is there for a specific reason and together create a fine-art style imagery. In fact, some of Claudia’s photos would make great wall decor of the framed kind.

Marlene Rounds

Marlene is popular with her business clients and with good reason. She helps them express their vision through thought-provoking visual assets.

According to her, brands and businesses have their own ideas, style guides and audience goals. But they need a creative and resourceful partner who understands this and produces amazing results.

Unlike many of her colleagues, Marlene doesn’t adhere to a signature style approach. She uses diverse lighting and styling techniques, backdrops and props to create punchy images that closely match your personal vision.

Gina Weathersby

After enjoying a successful stint as a portrait and lifestyle photographer, Gina took the plunge into food photography in 2011. The results of this decision have been nothing short of spectacular.

Gina now boasts of a clientele including the likes of Dewey’s Pizza, Cincinnati Magazine, and more who love her editorial and documentary style images.

Her work style is a mix of classic and contemporary with a hint of self-taught techniques. Gina’s food photos feature both the actual dish as well the prepping process.

Honemade Photography

Sarah has specialized in food and product photography right from the start. This commercial photographer revels in capturing timeless and nostalgic food and product images. Her style is more modern than classic with a good dose of earthy, muted and pastel color tones.

Sarah's photographic forte lies in her ability to give commercial products a homely touch through the plating, scenes and table settings. Her vibrant photographs, allowing brands to create genuine connections with viewers.

Say Yes to Jess Media

Hot chocolate with whipped cream and flying marshmallows captured by Say Yes to Jess Media. Jess is a Cincinnati based commercial photographer who services clients in Louisville, Columbus, and Northern Kentucky.

When Jess is not busy clicking creative and impactful food images, she can be found in capturing real estate and product imagery, and corporate headshots.

Her love for rich colors and lively compositions is visible in her use of props and backdrops that pop. Over staid and still life studio photography, she prefers to provide clients with dynamic, motion filled, and on-location images that engage audiences.

AGI Studios

AGI Studios is a veteran player in the photography and videography business. It has a team of visual creatives who are well versed in various aspects of commercial photography.

They have worked with businesses in need of commercial and branding assets from the food and health sector to industrial and real estate. The AGI team can provide images that capture your voice and connect with your audience.

If you need a partner who showcases diverse aspects of your business from basic branding to progress shots and product images, AGI Studios is one of the best to work with.

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