Top 10 Food Photographers in Chicago

Home of the signature Chicago-style deep-dish pizza, the Windy City is well-known for its Italian and Mexican cuisines. In addition to fabulous finger foods, there are tasty barbeque and sub sandwich stations that will surely draw you in bite after bite.

And when it comes time to capture these culinary creations in photographs, this city's got you covered. The professional food photographers in Chicago are experts in capturing mouth-watering entrees and detailed desserts down to every last sprinkle. When deciding on the right food photographer for your photo shoot, consider these talented pros.

Captures by TK Photo & Film

After divulging into his passion for photography complimenting it with his joy for food, Nathaniel Crawford takes on every opportunity with integrity and style. Specializing in food and lifestyle photography and videography, his work has a tendency to exemplify his client’s best features.

Captures by TK Photo & Film has worked with a number of clients including Nestle Toll House, Lean Cuisine, and Halo Top. Awarded numerous times as Best Food and Lifestyle photographer, Crawford’s images are stunning, tasteful, and vivacious.

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Food Photo Studio

Food Photo Studio focuses its energy to work directly with clients who are looking to boost their marketing game with alluring appetizers. Each photo entails a mouthwatering dish that is just as crisp as if it were served directly to your dining table.

Whether you’re looking for a photo session at the restaurant or at their studio, Food Photo Studio will cover all of the intricate details required to execute the photo shoot. In addition to their restaurant and media food photography, they also work with clients for promotional and brand packaging campaigns with previous clients including Edwardo’s Pizza, Twisted Butter, and Chef MJ.

Jason Little Photography

Jason Little Photography takes a bold, imaginative, and vibrant approach to food photography. Each photo depicts the entrée, snack, and even take-out to be as appealing as if you were walking into a virtual food court.

Each brilliant photo captures a full frame of details that bewitch your taste buds into thinking that you’re about to partake in a full-course meal. Taking your brand’s vision to new heights, Little’s food photography easily takes the cake as one of the best food photographers in the Chicago area.

Stephen Hamilton Photography

Stephan Hamilton Photography takes raw and enticing photos of some of our favorite meals. By showcasing the meal’s vital ingredients, his photos subtly bring that farm-to-table feel rather than a medley of over-processed produce.

The team at Stephen Hamilton Photography offers full-service photography and videography experience with additional production services in cinematics, stop-motion, and animation. The team’s keen eye for natural detail that easily quenches your thirst and puts a halt to your rumbling stomach can be accessed through their Chicago studio as well as remotely for continental and international clients.

Stronghold Photo

Neil John Burger is a skilled photographer who specializes in food and restaurant photography. Implementing modern and creative touches to each shoot, his final photos are quality, engaging, and unique. Not only does he capture still photos, but he also creates animated photos and has been successful by collaborating with brands like Perkins and Snack Factory.

Sweet or savory, each food photo has layers of textures that are playfully accented with pairing ingredients. As a chef, you’ll want to ensure that all of your dishes are highlighted properly, which is exactly what Stronghold Photo does, and then some.

Kelly Peloza Photo

Focusing her photography work on food, products, and restaurant interiors, Kelly Peloza’s refined photography skills are one of the best in Chicago. While delicately balancing each frame by introducing fun and vibrant elements, her photos definitely shout, “eat me!”

In addition to her fun food photography, Peloza captures amazing images for cookbooks and recipe tutorials. As you delve into her creative cooking and photography style, you’ll be pleased with the amount of thought and consideration that’s taken with each photo.

Chicago Corporate Photography & Video

Chicago Corporate Photography & Video services a slew of industries running from food and restaurant to real estate and advertising. Their pristine work has been used by top brands like Kraft, PepsiCo, and McDonald’s.

Articulately organizing each plate into a fruitful arrangement, their food photography is definitely Michelin Star material. Each photo is quite literally tasteful and elegant. By capturing each crisp sizzle from your favorite kebab and every little add-on to your pizza, there’s a strong explanation as to why their photography skills are world-class.

Beaugureau Studios

Working with marketing and advertising teams, Beaugureau Studios is a premier food and beverage photographer and videographer. Their professional experience of 20 years has allowed them to diversity themselves in a buffet of venues and restaurants.

Regardless if you’re looking for simple product ads or a full photoshoot spread of a menu, the team strives to produce quality work that is both timeless and tasteful so the masses are continuously appealed to. Whether if you’re featuring the newest bubbly beer on your menu or the classic crisp charred steak, Beaugureau Studios will capture every necessary detail.

Regan Baroni

Adding a splash of elegance to every dish, Regan Baroni is a talented food and drink photographer who is trusted throughout the Chicago area and the rest of the world. Her featured clients include Adobe, Steamboat Dining Magazine, and Tyson.

In each photo, Baroni carries a luxe eye for satisfying dishes that inevitably captivate her client’s audiences. There likely isn’t a dish that Regan Baroni can’t exuberate its deliciousness. Her crafty camera angles and lighting work allow her photos to be one-of-a-kind and in the best condition possible.

Haas and Haas Photography

Haas and Haas brings a delightful take to every photo captured through their lenses. Nothing over-the-top, and nothing underwhelming––the hardworking team delivers excellent photos of food and people in every lifestyle.

They have a number of previous projects with clients like Bon Appetit Magazine, Politan Row, and Spiaggia. And within each of those projects are decadent photos of pretty pasta, savory salads, and crisp cocktails. Anyone looking for professional and precise photography service will be pleased with Haas and Haas Photography.

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