Anyone can take a picture of their food, but nobody does the job quite like a professional food photographer. Find local food photographers in Charleston, SC, that know how to create excellent commercial and editorial-style food images that go great for marketing campaigns or published in magazines. Browse the top photographers and see what makes them the best at their craft.

Jonathan Boncek

Jonathan Boncek photographs a chef cooking in the kitchen.

Having a prior career in the restaurant industry grew Jonathan Boncek’s appreciation for culinary art. As a result, he’s become a top photographer in Charleston who can shoot spectacular commercial food images.

Boncek specializes in food and food lifestyle photoshoots. He enjoys capturing the final creation of a chef or getting shots of them in action in the kitchen preparing the meal.

The food compositions Boncek makes are very creative in showcasing the details of a dish and bold colors to make it attractive for marketing. It’s a commercial style that makes food look delicious.

Libby Williams

Detailed shot of pizza by Libby Williams.

With a decade of professional photography experience under her belt, Libby Williams has set herself up as one of the top in Charleston. Her experience photographing internationally helps set her work apart from others.

Libby puts her all into each shoot by working directly with chefs on photographing behind-the-scenes meal prep or getting shots of the finished meal.

Although Libby also works in different niches, many of her accolades come from her food photography. She has work published in magazines, published her own food photography books, and works with local events like the Charleston Wine + Food Festival.

Margaret Wright

Food lifestyle image at a picnic by Margaret Wright.

It’s amazing how Margaret Wright can make any food dish look tasty. Based in Charleston, she’s a go-to photographer for editorial or commercial-style food photography.

Wright has worked with major brands such as Nestlé and Aldi, amongst other local restaurants and food brands. She has a professional touch that brings lots of light and full color to each image for getting a look at even the most minor details.

One of the unique photoshoot styles that Wright does is food lifestyle. These shoots are always fun as she’s able to create an entire scene around your food and imagining how others would enjoy it.

Christopher Shane

Food dish photographed by Christopher Shane.

Past clients all loved working with Christopher Shane. As a food photographer, his pictures have incredible detail that seems to appeal to each sense just by looking at the image.

Shane has photographed for more than 10 years, starting with freelance projects before moving to more professional work. His images have been featured on magazine covers, and he’s worked with numerous chefs in the Charleston area.

Clients interested in acquiring food photos can browse his gallery of stock food images available for licensed use. The wide variety of pictures means that it won’t be hard to find something that suits your project.

Cameron Reynolds Photography

Commercial food image shot by Cameron Reynolds.

Going to work every day for Cameron Reynolds means getting to work alongside her twin sister while working with a theme she’s most passionate about—food. She’s one of Charleston’s best food photographers.

Reynolds started her photo company with her twin sister, who handles videography work. Food photography clients work directly with Cameron on shooting excellent images for commercial and editorial work.

Clients including Bon Appetit, Uber Eats, and GrubHub have benefited greatly from the work by Cameron. She has food photos published in magazines and frequently collaborates with brands on new creative food projects.

Andrew Cebulka

Editorial-style food image of sushi captured by Andrew Cebulka.

Perhaps his prior experience working in restaurants inspired Andrew Cebulka to jump into the food photography niche. Whatever the motivation, he finds ways to stay at the top of the industry in Charleston.

Cubulka is an artist behind the camera. His artistic eye creates unique images captured from angles that make you reimagine how food is supposed to look (and taste). He does all of his commercial work with the latest digital cameras and lenses but reverts to film photography when working on creative projects.

Clients can work with Cebulka on a food photoshoot or browse the images available in his stock photos.

McElroy Commercial Photography

Food lifestyle image captured by McElroy.

It’s the small details in setting up a photo that gives McElroy an advantage over other photographers. He’s one of the best food photographers that put extra attention on the process.

McElroy is an expert in technical details of photography, such as lighting and setting. These two elements are essential to getting a good image, even before editing. For example, he can take an ordinary setting and make it look photogenic for a commercial-style image.

Many of the photoshoots are around food and lifestyle, where he brings the scene to life of people enjoying food.

Paul Cheney

Food close up by Paul Cheney.

Paul Cheney takes a unique approach to each client project. And with 1.5-million images shot and counting, he’s got the experience you need to get great shots.

Based in Charleston, Cheney is one of the most hard-working photographers you’ll encounter. He’s worked with numerous wineries, steakhouses, cafes, and corporate brands to shoot food images for various projects tailored to their needs. His flexibility with budgets makes him an excellent choice for anybody.

Cheney is available to shoot on location at a restaurant or shoot product images in the studio.

Reese Moore Photography

Upscale dining dish photographed by Reese Moore.

You can immediately feel the passion in her work as soon as you connect with Reese Moore. She’s available for editorial-style food photoshoots in Charleston, SC.

Moore studied photography before starting her career in the field. Applying her studies and learning from experience has created an impressive shooting style that you don’t see everywhere.

One of the best things about working with Moore is the professional experience she delivers to clients. The photoshoot is hassle-free, and she has great ideas to elevate the pictures. The final image gallery will surpass your expectations.

Valerie and Co

Appetizers photographed by Valerie and Co.

Wife and husband duo Valerie and Ed combine to tackle food photography projects in Charleston. Their award-winning talents are one of the best in the local area.

Valerie and Ed are the perfect combination with skills that complement each other. Valerie is a creative genius behind the camera, while Ed uses his studies in photography and restaurant experience to be effective in the food photography niche.

Clients looking for commercial images will have a great experience with Valerie and Ed. The team understands the goal of shooting photos that sell and creates incredible pictures in their local studio.

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