A hobbyist or amateur photographer can probably make your food products and venue settings look good. But that is not enough in today’s crowded marketplace. You need images that show customers your passion and attention to detail and impress them with your expertise and creativity. You only have a few seconds to get their attention.

This is where professional food photographers shine. They combine their knowledge, skill and food styling experience to create visuals that captivate and sell. To help you achieve this and more, the talented creatives on our Baltimore list can make expert galleries of your food and beverages either at their studio, on location, or at a rental space.

Ready to start your search for food photographers in Baltimore? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your dish.

Edible Photography

Ice falling into a colored beverage captured [Edible Photography]

Cass follows his passion for photography and great food by solely focusing on food and drink photography for commercial use. His images are available for eatery promotion and product branding in and around Baltimore and Washington DC.

Cass uses his experience in design and marketing top create visual media that resonates with the audience and conveys the original brand vision

His images make ample use of bright lighting and backdrops that make food colors and textures pop. Cass effectively uses action shots to add intrigue and elevate the food image.


Shot of an inventive clear drink [Bmoreculinary]

Robinson was a former photographer for Baltimore Beat and City Paper Baltimore who now provides commercial food and restaurant architecture photo shots. In addition, she dabbles in fine art photography and Addison Ripley Fine Art represents her work.

Armed with a BFA and MFA in photography, Robinson has both the technical expertise and real-life experience. We loved her style of bright and magnified images of the plated dish and beverage where other food elements add a sensory touch.

Her work has been featured in The Washington Post, Slate.com, The Bund Shanghai and others. Although based in Baltimore and New York, she is open to travelling for food assignments.

Armstrong Studio

A tray of red and blue all-natural products [Armstrong Studio]

Armstrong studio is a full-service team that provides clients with food, commercial, lifestyle, jewelry, textile and portrait imagery. Christine and Jess provide packaging and other food images for food companies and dining spots.

Armstrong Studio’s motto is shoot last and ask questions first. They understand the client’s objectives and vision and create images that render this vision perfectly. They prefer a minimalist style by limiting the use of backdrops for visual effect, and adding food elements to complement the signature dish, product or beverage.

Christine and Jess work in their 1,700 square foot sustainably built barn studio and in-house visual artists. They are open to working with other chefs and food stylists on client projects.

Shunkwiler Photo

Sagamore Spirit Cocktail - Maryland Product Photography
Fruit punch poured into glasses with ice cubes and berries captured [Shunkwiler Photo]

Becca’s food photography portfolio will leave you amazed with her range of lighting, styling and other photo techniques. When she is not clicking food photos with a magazine and fine arts vibe, she dabbles in people's lifestyle and portrait sessions.

Her food images are not limited to the plated dish or ingredients, but covers action shots of cooking and baking. She enjoys capturing images of people in fine dining style.

Becca's signature style is bright, tasty imagery with a matte color palette and use of complementary colors and props.

Daniel McGarrity Photography

A bunch of cherries captured [Daniel McGarrity Photography]

According to Daniel, "The most important piece of equipment is 6 inches behind the camera’’ aka a professional photographer like him.

Daniel enjoys capturing portraits and bar mitzvahs just as much as he does clicking still-life and action shots of food. In addition, he covers corporate events and commercial photography for branding and advertising. When it comes to food images, he excels in minimalistic and close-up shots with a personal touch that woos the viewer.

His preferred style is individual dishes rather than chaotic table spreads. This is amplified with the right kind of props and food styling that tell a story of the place of the company behind the product.

Jeff Behm Photography

An overhead shot of a pair of juicy steaks [Jeff Behm Photography]

Jeff is a professional photographer from Frederick with 30 years of experience and assists clients in Baltimore, Washington and nearby areas. While he specializes in product photography, especially food and jewelry, he is skilled at capturing corporate headshots and portraits.

Jeff enjoys the visual aspect of advertising that connects businesses with their customers and displays the food product or service at their best. His work has been featured in Time and Cheers, among other magazines, and he has worked with clients like Joy Cones, Trinity Inc and others.

Pete Albert Photography

PAP David's Crab on Crab
Roasted crab with orange and dressing captured [Pete Albert Photography]

Pete believes that the best way to help clients with branding visuals is to capture the essence of the subject’s character. He combines his degree in Applied Art and Design with practical experience to create immersive food photos.

His portfolio reveals his skill at manipulating light and close-up angles to capture textures, dimensions and colors of food products. Pete works with clients across Baltimore, Greater Maryland, Annapolis, Washington, DC, and North Virginia.

His clientele includes National Agricultural Library, Wolters Kluwer Publishers and many more. In addition to this, his work has been featured in publications including Women’s Day, The Wall Street Journal, People and Glamour.

Steve Buchanan Photography

Bird's eye of a drink being prepared with greens [Steve Buchanan Photography]

Steve's photography journey started at 14 while working at 7-Eleven stocking roll of Kodak film. He has honed his skills over the decades to provide delectable food images for branding and promotional materials. In addition to photos of food and venue setups, Steve offers architecture, real estate and jeweler imagery for commercial use.

Steve’s images are bright but this is done in a subtle manner. He plays with light, shadows and angles to add charm and sparkle to his macro images, especially that of beverages. Notable clientele includes Chef Magazine, Food Network, Applebee's, US Foods, Thompson Hospitality, and Kroger among local and national brands.

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