Best Food Photographers in Atlanta

Exceptional food photography enables us to experience the taste, smell, and texture of what’s on the table so we can vicariously bite in. It highlights the ingredients used in a dish or the ambiance of a restaurant, with all the movement that goes on behind the scenes.

Food photographers in Atlanta are dedicated to the craft, bringing the city’s foodie scene to the forefront. In this article, we’ll share with you 10 of the best who are making their mark on the industry.

Sharon Benton

Sharon Benton’s journey as a food photographer began in 2016 when she attended a cooking school and fell in love with the art of photographing her creations. She works collaboratively with local restaurants and foodies in the Atlanta area to help promote their menus and blogs. Previous clients have included the Old Vinings Inn and Lola’s Burger Bar, as well as the Thai Basil Kitchen. In addition to being a food photographer, Sharon also does product photography for local brands.

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Angie Webb

Angie Webb has been working as a photographer since 2006, with her images published in "Taste of the South," “Smitten Weddings,” and “Eater Atlanta." Food photography is just one of her many talents, which also include business storytelling, interior and product photography, and portraiture.

Angie's style is vibrant and detailed while also capturing a restaurant's movement and energy. When she’s not busy shooting, Angie offers private photography lessons and workshops for those wanting to learn the tips and tricks of the industry.

Mia Yakel

Mia’s passion for photography began when she was 15 and she’s since completed a Bachelor’s degree in Photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Shortly after, she launched her own business and has garnered a reputation as one of the top food photographers in Atlanta. She’s a regular contributor to the "Atlanta Journal Constitution” and her work has appeared in “Southern Living,” “Bon Appetite,” and “Atlanta Magazine.” She has a knack for telling engaging stories through her images, from the taste and flavor of particular ingredients to the joy of a shared meal.

Elena Veselova

Elena Veselova’s magazine-worthy food images draw on her background as a food stylist, with crisp, white backgrounds that allow what’s on the table to be the star of the show. Her portfolio includes a mix of aerial shots and 45-degree angles, with cutlery and ingredients from the dish often scattered in the surroundings. Elena’s passionate about developing her own recipes and shares them online through her blog and social media channels.

William Twitty

Born and bred in Georgia, William Twitty draws on his degree in Commercial and Portrait Photography to create stunning images for restaurants in and around the Atlanta area. His work has been featured in “Southern Seasons,” “Atlanta Magazine,” and in the book Tony Conway: Legendary Events, with the photographer having a relaxed and fun personality that clients love. He’s passionate about documenting the comforting flavors of Southern cuisine through photos that are clean and softly illuminated.

Kate Blohm

With her work featured in “Architectural Digest,” “Elle DECOR,” and the “New York Times,” Kate Blohm is one of the most in-demand food photographers in the Atlanta area. She’s a brand photographer for the Small Bites Adventure Club and Stop Think Chew, and has worked with the sustainably sourced meal kit company, PeachDish. Her images promote healthy, seasonal dining and have a fresh, bright feel thanks to her use of natural light.

Sarah Newman

Aside from being a talented food photographer, Atlanta-based Sarah Newman is also a skilled wedding and portrait artist, as well as regularly capturing stills for film and theater. She’s renowned for her use of dark backgrounds to create dramatic contrast in her images while also capturing the flavors and textures of the food she’s shooting.

Sarah collaborates with local restaurants and chefs to promote their menus, with a particular love for all things sushi. Previous clients include Genki Sushi Atlanta, Urban Wu, and the Tava Indian Bistro.

Sara Hanna

Sara Hanna’s vast portfolio covers everything from food to portraiture and lifestyle photography, as well as fashion and architecture. She collaborates with local restaurants to promote their latest menus through images that are well-balanced and casually styled.

Sara's work is regularly featured in “Simply Buckhead" magazine and she was featured in the book Tony Conway: Legendary Events. Through her photographic talents, Sara Hanna is able to support a charity that is dear to her heart, the Georgia Breast Cancer Coalition.

Wendell Weithers

Wendell Weithers is not only one of the best food photographers in Atlanta but he draws on his background in writing to tell stories about the people he meets along the way. His images often depict the interaction between people and food, with a hand reaching for ripe tomatoes or preparing freshly cut herbs. The tiniest details are captured in his gorgeous closeups, resulting in mouth-watering images that celebrate each and every ingredient.

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