Floral Print-Inspired Wedding

A wedding in Glasgow could be all about the great outdoors, especially because this glorious city is known as the second greenest city in the UK. Boasting over 90 gardens and parks, Glasgow is the ideal place for a wedding that celebrates the joy and free-spirited happiness of love.

Your bridesmaids will help get you to the alter on time as you reflect on the past and look toward the future. Imagine a floral headpiece and the colours of summer paired with makeup that sets you apart – enjoy this special day!

Colour Palettes for a Floral Print-Inspired Wedding

The “pretty in floral” trend is very summer, simple, and sophisticated. Whether you want to go full-fledged floral or incorporate it in small bits; it's possible to weave the feminine design into your nuptials. You can also choose or create a floral print that aligns with your wedding colour palette.

Floral prints vary in terms of pattern, size, and colour. Softer colour combinations are better suited for the big day with wildflower patterns and pastels the preferable choice. Colour pairings that are predominantly white and navy, blush and pale blue, burnt orange and gray, and peach and pink are wonderful options.

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Details for a Floral Print-Inspired Wedding

The garb these lovely ladies donned gives us an idea of what a floral print-inspired wedding should look like. Floral prints work as standalone themes or fused with country style or bohemian weddings. As seen on these ladies, it works for bridesmaids' outfits or trickled through various aspects that collectively make up the big day, from the invites to the table settings.

The nature-inspired style exudes a summery and tropical feel that aligns with spring/summer nuptials held in outdoor settings. Different floral patterns also carry varied symbolisms and in general, roses, peonies, lily of the valley, and daisies suit weddings.

What to Look for in Venue for a Floral Print-Inspired Wedding

It's as clear as day that an outdoor wedding venue and floral prints go together. The fun, airy, and nostalgic theme simply blends well with nature. Going back to the snapshot of a bride and her bridesmaids giggling down a path leading to the lovely ceremony set up, the location that comes to mind is a farm with a barn or a vineyard.

That's why meadows, parks, countryside villas, beach locations, and private docks would equally work as perfect backdrops for floral print-inspired nuptials. An indoor wedding venue is suitable and can be dressed up with various floral decorative elements to further highlight the theme.  

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for a Floral Print-Inspired Wedding

The bride can either don a full-fledged floral print wedding dress or a block-coloured gown with embellishments that complement the theme. It also comes out well in the form of a white tulle dress with floral motifs or a showstopping gown featuring an intricately printed floral design on the bodice or skirt,

The floral design can also be introduced in traditional wedding outfits as beaded accents, embroidered details, or floral organza appliques. A bride with a penchant for exploring the less taken path can also choose a gown in a light pink or ivory shade. Besides lace and tulle, satin fabrics also bring out the best of the bloom-inspired theme.

Bridesmaid Dresses for a Floral Print-Inspired Wedding

When it comes to the bridesmaids' dresses, these stunning ladies show us how white floral print outfits look magnificently charming. It's a lovely touch how each lady has an outfit with different coloured blooms but collectively, the look is harmonious. Details like the knee-length and low-cut back add to the airy aesthetic.

The coral and pink corsages on their wrists take the entire look to a new dimension. It's also sweet how they paired the outfits with flats and that each lady chose different coloured shoes. Once again for the bridesmaids' attire, the botanical theme is best highlighted through satin, silk, chiffon, and lace fabrics.

Bouquets & Boutonnieres for a Floral Print-Inspired Wedding

Without a doubt, wildflowers are perfect for a wedding that focusses on shining a spotlight on nature's beauty. Their incredible textures, foliage, and palette of colours provide diverse choices for various summer affairs. Consider curating posies made of the New England Aster, bachelor buttons, blanket flowers, lace wildflowers, and chicory.

Oxeye daisies, water lilies, wild cosmos, rudbeckia, and coneflowers create the perfect centerpieces for a bloom-inspired wedding. Present the floral arrangements in metallic buckets to bring out the rustic side of the aesthetic and also include some pampas grass. For a garden affair, add more plants around the pretty wedding venue and create focal points with clusters of flowers.

Reception Decor for a Floral Print-Inspired Wedding

A floral-themed wedding is bound to be a bloom-filled event. Both the ceremony and reception venues should be decked out with features like cascading vine curtains, sunflower arches, and acrylic floral boxes. A rustic-esque floral chandelier, suspended stems, or hanging carnations are beautiful decor pieces for a wedding tent or any other outdoor event venue.

Select wedding linens and cutlery with floral prints, and choose bloom-themed wedding programs, menus, and matching table numbers. Gobo lighting is perfect for an indoor wedding venue because it allows you to project floral, or any other patterns, on the ceilings, walls, and dance floor.

Favours & Gifts for a Floral Print-Inspired Wedding

It makes sense to send your guests off with nature-inspired favours and gifts. Naturally, plants and flowers are perfect wedding favours for a floral-themed event. Pressed flowers, bagged saplings, acrylic-boxed ferns, edible seeds, and mini-potted plants are yet other suitable options.

For the bridal party, offer them jewelry and flower pins with floral motifs and it's even more thoughtful if you can have them custom-made to highlight your theme colours. The groomsmen can appreciate befitting floral-themed cuffs and boutonnieres. Petal boxes, dried buds, air plants, and unique vases are yet other wedding gift options that stay true to the spirit of the occasion.  

Wedding Invitations for a Floral Print-Inspired Wedding

Tickle your guests' fancy by extending floral-themed invitations to your bloom-filled event. A floral motif tells the guests that they are in for a beautiful and romantic treat. Floral details also include an element of elegance to wedding stationery. Customize the invites by incorporating your wedding colours on the invites.

Some options include featuring a floral motif on the envelope liners as well as the RSVP cards. Wildflowers alongside selections of whimsical flora designs suggest that you are having a boho-chic affair. Make it even more interesting by sending guests fresh blooms, dried flowers, or floral cut-outs along with the invites.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Floral Print-Inspired Wedding

You'll be spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting a floral-themed wedding cake. The tasty treat is the biggest star at your wedding reception and it should equally be presented in grand style. Sugar flowers, hand-painted floral designs, and edible flowers are some of the ways to deliciously present the floral aesthetic in a glamourous style.

You are at liberty to go for a cake flavour you love but it's best to keep the frosting or fondant all white with the floral details added as toppings. Another option is to have some fresh blooms elegantly decorating the baked treat. Silk flowers, peonies, roses, sunflowers, and woodland flowers are perfect choices.

Floral print bridesmaid dresses

When Emma of Emma Soup Bridal & Boutique sent this shoot featuring her floral print bridesmaid dresses over it filled me with such a sense of joy! The story that these images from Justin Aaron Photography tells is such a sweet one. One filled with free-spirited happiness, love, and a hint of nostalgia.

Imagine for a moment that your best friends (your bridesmaids!) and you are skirting across the summer sunlight filled fields and over fences to get you to the altar on time – giggling and laughing the whole way as you share memories and excitement of what’s to come.

Now you have a sense of what you see about. Enjoy!

Credits: Photography: Justin Aaron Photography // Dresses: Emma Soup Bridal & Boutique // Floral Design: Little Wren Flowers // Makeup: Rose Marsh // Venue: Tomago House.