Floral and Frills Wedding

We love this floral wedding theme! From the brilliant greenery as a backdrop to the muted shades of the wedding cake and decor, this theme allows your favorite flowers to shine and be the focal point of the affair!

This wedding venue makes use of floral arrangements of multiple hues and extremes. The antique table is beautifully adorned with shades of lilac, a white bicycle displays the same shades in a grand way and tiny and whimsical flowers in Nicci’s hair are the perfect accent. A beautiful day indeed!

Details for a Floral and Frills Wedding

Bouncing off the ideas for the floral and frills bridal shoot, it's apparent that it could easily translate well as an overall wedding theme. Blooms bring in a colorful vibe while frills represent the textured aspects that bring out the fun, whimsical, and delicate nature of the big day. From the wedding decorations to outfits, and invitations to the wedding favors; the aesthetic presents endless lists of possibilities.

Florals and frills are also two elements that allow you to work with diverse color pairings that exude your desired wedding style or ambiance. Texture and pattern combinations also give your overall look a softness or edgy feel.

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Color Palettes for a Floral and Frills Wedding

For inspiration on floral and frills wedding colors, you don't need to look further than the pleasing pairings of bright yet muted tones used for this shoot. The color palette brings together a rainbow of gorgeous tones including white, yellow, violet, pink, pale blue, coral, and gray.

The contrast between pastels and bright hues used for different decorative elements adds more depth. We also love how the gold details, patterns and prints, and layering of colorful blooms adds texture while equally enhancing the frills aesthetic. The floral layout also ensures that everywhere you turn there's a colorful sight to behold.

What to Look for in Venue for a Floral and Frills Wedding

The shoot location also gives us ideas of the perfect wedding venue for a floral and frills affair. A botanical garden, backyard, hillside, or lakeside location works as an ideal backdrop for bloom-inspired nuptials. There's something poetic about finding creative ways to add more plants and flowers to such outdoor wedding locations.

The blooms and frills blend harmoniously with nature, and the color palette as well as the patterns and other tidbits suit a vintage, rustic, or bohemian-style wedding. Barnyards and greenhouses or glasshouses are other locations worth exploring for a floral and frills wedding. Venues with features like docks, barn houses, gazebos, and patios are an added plus.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas for a Floral and Frills Wedding

It's quite clear that an outdoor wedding venue adds a magical charm to a floral and frills affair. We imagine string lights hung overhead, haystack seating for a country-style event, and majestically displaying the wedding cake atop a tree trunk. Outdoor venues also allow you to incorporate elements like parasols, grand tented areas, elegant seating arrangements, and rustic food/beverage stations.

Create an enchanted vibe by having trees, shrubs, and other foliage inside the wedding tent. Style your nuptials as a mini-festival and have paths lined up with colorful potted blooms or lanterns leading to various areas around the venue.

Bouquets & Boutonnieres for a Floral and Frills Wedding

A floral theme event is one that will feature plenty of blooms displayed in grand styles. Borrowing from the floral and frills shoot, a bridal bouquet composed of colorful, long-stalked blooms is a uniquely charming touch. The selection of pastel-colored flowers that work with this theme includes pink Asiatic lilies, pink Azafran roses, faith roses, coral carnations, and light pink colored Livia roses.

The cascade of pastel-colored blooms forming the table runner takes it to an entirely new level. Vintage gold vases contain clusters of posies and they are also set up all over the wedding venue to further enhance the floral aesthetic.

Reception Decor for a Floral and Frills Wedding

The farmhouse furnishings bring out the theme's textured feel and also boost the rustic-inclined style. A display table with a mirror with frill accents and the grand attraction, which is the floral-themed wedding cake, gives us presentation ideas. Blocks of aged wood and the gold-colored clock are other little details that cast the rustic theme in a modern light.

Gold candleholders further add some warmth to the look and the white candles provide some contrast. We can't get enough of the white-colored bicycle flower stand filled with arrays of pastel-colored blooms. It's yet another eye-catching focal point, and the setup against the tree trunk and foliage creates a picture-perfect area.

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for a Floral and Frills Wedding

Nicci's wedding dress shows us how you can merge something new with something old. The vintage/rustic theme gives you room to embrace a more traditional and glamorous ensemble. We chose white flowers for her hair to complement her overall look. Nicci's floral print outfit also features the theme's color palette and it would be perfect for the bridesmaids' ensemble.

Floral print looks are best kept simple and there’s nothing more needed to dress up the outfit. That's until you take note of the subtle, pretty little details like Nicci’s light orange painted nails. It's a hue that would equally look great on accessories like shoes, earrings, and bracelets.

Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas for a Floral and Frills Wedding

This floral and frills shoot serves as inspiration in itself for a similar-themed wedding photo shoot. Natural backgrounds create beautiful backdrops, and the lace cloth hanging from the tree branch also works as a great photo shoot area. I'll keep going back to the bicycle flower stand which I'm sure would be everyone's favorite photo backdrop.

The pastel blooms also provide warmth and colorful pops that add dimension to pictures. We are also sure that guests will love taking photos against the backdrop of the rustic table setup, and with the right angles, you'll end up with an album full of Instagram-worthy pictures.

Wedding Invitations for a Floral and Frills Wedding

The blue floral print used for the wedding invitations just does it for us. It gives off a vintage look while providing hints about the type of occasion that guests can look forward to. The postage stamps with frill edges also tie in with the overall theme. We also love the white strip featuring the couple's names.

As for the actual wedding and RSVP cards, it's best to keep it simple with the floral print featuring on the edges. Let the elegant calligraphy font and details about the wedding do the rest. Any bride hosting a floral and frills wedding will equally look forward to seeing the guests’ ensembles.

Food for a Floral and Frills Wedding

A mouth-watering colorful spread featuring wedding food favorites, and a few unexpected treats, works for a floral and frills menu. Bring out the bohemian-inspired side of the theme by serving chocolate-covered almonds and selections of candy served in nostalgic cookie jars. For a vintage-style wedding menu, explore French cuisine.

Presentation counts, and having a self-serve cart decked with fruity drinks and outdoor grill stations suits the theme.  As for the icing on the cake, flowers take the day as seen in the floral and frills shoot. In this case, the baked treat was covered with a pastel-colored fondant, surrounded by pastel-colored blooms, and topped with a yellow/white carnation.

Florals and Frills Bridal Styled Shoot

These Hydrangeas made me giddy! The colours are so beautiful and are really an understated floral choice!

From Karen Kelly – “I recently asked some lovilees to collaborate with me on a bridal styled shoot entitled ‘florals & frills’. I wanted to showcase something totally OTT, filled with florals in different patterns and colours. I am so proud of the end results and grateful on the collaboration between all involved.”

Floral cake| Carike Ridout Photography burnetts boards
floral invitations |Carike Ridout Photography
small-florals | Carike Ridout Photography
large bridal bouquet | Carike Ridout Photography

From Karen – “The shoot took place in the glass house at Buitengeluk Function Venue in Fourways, Johannesburg. The first time I saw this garden gem I knew it was fit for a styled shoot. Terri from Ribbon Weddings created the floral masterpieces for us that included hanging birdcages, bouquets and a hydrangea table runner. It was breathtaking. For the cake I opted to add a layer adorned with fresh flowers that also added to the OTT of it all!”

floral birdcage Carike Ridout | Carike Ridout Photography
floral pastel cake | Carike Ridout Photography
Hydrangea runner | Carike Ridout Photography
Bride with flowers in her hair |Carike Ridout Photography
hydrangea wedding | Carike Ridout Photography
floral bike | Carike Ridout Photography
accent table | Carike Ridout Photography
bride wearing floral robe | Carike Ridout Photography
floral accents |Carike Ridout Photography

“Carla from Moi Decor Hire supplied us with the decor. I re-purposed an old lace curtain that we used as a backdrop, the results were amazing. Tesi Bridal loaned us one of her floral bridal gowns and it fit perfectly.

Nicci agreed to model for us in her wedding dress that she got married in earlier this year. Even more special is that it was made by her mom, the dress is truly a work of art. Ilana from Cosmetiek nailed the look with the make-up she did on the day. We added some whimsical flowers to Nicci’s hair which is a great idea for a fun reception look.”

Credits: Photography: Carike Ridout Photography // Floral Design: Ribbon Weddings // Concept and Styling: Kari from lovilee // Decor: Moi Decor Hire  // Make up: Cosmetiek // Model: Nicci Joao // Bridal Robe: Tesi Bridal // Venue: Buitengeluk Function Venue in South Africa.