Five Reasons you Need an Event Planner

Planning events – whether for business or for a significant personal occasion – can be a full-time job. In fact, for loads of people, they’ve made a career out of it! These magnificent people are called professional event planners, wedding planners and event managers, and they spend their days planning events, weddings and special occasions for a wide range of clients.

From freelancers, to sole traders to full service event management agencies, there are a plethora of creative, born-organisers ready to take your event concept right through to the final wrap.

However, a question that is often asked is…

When do you need a professional event planner to help you out and when can you go it alone?

To help you decide we’ve listed five reasons why you might consider hiring an event planner or engaging an event management company to assist with your event. The decision is up to you, but we think if even one of these reasons resonates, then it’s time to look up an event planner in your town.

1. You need to wrangle time

When it comes to planning events, time management is a necessary skill. There is a fixed deadline in place – a time when guests will turn up and everything needs to be ready. Pushing that deadline back a day or two (or even a few hours) is non-negotiable. There is also a requirement to keep the event schedule on time – speeches, food service, entertainment… If you can’t wrangle time efficiently, you’re going to run into trouble.

Hiring a professional to keep the planning and the event running smoothly – when you don’t have the time or skills yourself – is a no-brainer.

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2. You need to stick to a budget

Sticking to a set budget is what event professionals do best. At the start of the planning process, highlight what the budget is and the Pros will plan your event to stick to it. They’ll be able to tell you upfront if your budget is realistic and suggest ways where you can save money and do things more efficiently. They are skilled negotiators and will make sure you’re always getting value for money.

They’ll also warn you when your bright ideas are going to cost more than you have to spend. Think of them as a reality-checkers.

3. You need to offload the stress

The role of Event Coordinator is not consistently in the top ten most stressful jobs because it’s a walk in the park. Organising events, weddings or even Grandma’s 80th comes with a certain element of stress. Managing time, budgets, guest lists, liaising with venues, caterers, suppliers, wet weather contingencies… all of these things and more can add to a stressful experience.Off load that stress to the professionals who are skilled at handling it all. Event managers thrive on the buzz and frantic pace needed to execute an amazing event – let them have the “fun”, while you choose which outfit you’re going to wear.

4. You want to create something amazing!

Everyone wants to host The-Best-Event-Ever. The one that is remembered for all the right reasons, the one that left an impression and was considered an overwhelming success by all those that attended. To achieve that type of event or wedding it’s not just about how it looks. It is about how it’s planned and executed and that takes skills – plural. Do you have all those skills? Do you trust yourself to turn your vision into reality? Calling in the professionals, with years of experience, loads of great contacts and the necessary organisational skills, will ensure you and your guests won’t be disappointed.

5. You need your event to meet key branding, marketing and business objectives

OK, so this reason isn’t for those of you planning your wedding or 40th birthday party… This reason is for those tasked with planning a business event. We’re talking about product launches, key client events, the annual AGM, the companywide conference, a trade exhibition or a charity gala event… Essentially an event which has a strategic purpose and measurable goals that need to be met.

Choosing to work with a professional event planner or engage an event management company can not only save you time and money, but can ensure you meet all your key objectives. They can ensure your event is on brand. They can implement a clever social media strategy for before, during and after the event. They can help market the event and attract the right attendees. They can ensure your event is not just a date in the diary, but a successful, wholistic experience that reaches beyond the event and engages with a wider audience. And that’s just the start of it…

The final word…

If you are planning an event and want it to be a success, choosing to spend some of your budget on an event planner will ensure you save time, money and stress in the long run. It will also be the investment you make that turns your event concept into an amazing, rave-worthy experience that everyone will be wanting to attend and talking about for years to come.

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