Fine art photography takes years of practice, a lot of patience, and a keen eye set to find the artistry within a scene. It is not a skill or mastery one acquires easily, without tons of hard work. And Tampa, a happening city along Florida's western coast, houses no shortage of fine photographers pursuing fine art photography.

Ready to start your search for fine art photographers in Tampa? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your project.

My Art Portraits

Eric, the eye behind My Art Portraits, has been photographing a wide number of genres for well over 30 years. His images have been put up in museums and galleries around the world.

Erik loves to transform people and places through his photographs. Some of his images are truly breathtaking and many are surreal, featuring fantastical elements and unique compositions. Erik is your guy for a gallery that will leave your audience awestruck.

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Richard Stewart Fine Art Photography

Richard Stevens is a magnificent fine art photographer from Tampa. He's been taking and practicing fine art photography for many years of his career now. A known face in the area, his beautiful compositions with natural treatments often make waves.

Richard also sells prints from his fine art photo gallery which you can buy for your collection. A wonderful photographer, he wields a good sense of color and composition for all his scenes.

Ryan Joseph Fine Art Photography

Ryan Joseph is a fine art photographer from the South Florida area. He is a specialist in portrait photography and is also known for his amazing technical abilities as a fine art photographer. Heavily influenced by the masters of the 1930s and 40s, he crafts a beautiful synergy between traditional styles and modern digital techniques.

A student of Ohio University's prestigious Fine Art Photography Program, Ryan's imagery is award-winning. He's been ranked as one of the best photographers in the country, including being named a top 10 Wedding Photographer in the World by American Photo Magazine.

Jerry Virgilio ​Fine Art Photography & Design

Jerry is a fine art photographer based in Florida. He has been photographing for several years now and specializes in nearly all genres. Introduced to the art of photography ever since 1984, when he received his first 35 mm film camera – a Minolta SR1 – Jerry never forgot the thrill of making the perfect image.

He's now shot with many cameras over the years, fine-tuning his vision and craft. An lifelong attraction to fine art gifted him a sense for artistic imagery that he now utilizes in his career. A full-blooded Italian flatlander, the world's mountains draw up a profound inspiration within Jerry.

Silver Moon Custom Art & Photography

Michelle is the face behind Silver Moon Custom Art & Photography. An accomplished photographer who also dabbles in fine art photography and painting, she has a bachelor’s degree from Florida State University that focuses on fine art painting and photography.

During her formative years, Michelle photographed all genres, even experimenting with pet photography covering dog shows. Since 2012, Michelle has pursued photography as her career, where she passionately shoots fine art and weddings.

Allie Serrano Portraits

Allie Serrano Portraits is a professional portrait studio located in Tampa, Florida. They specialize in fine art portraits alongside many other styles of photos. Allie takes a deep interest in photography process, starting from the consultation meeting with a client to executing the idea of their shoot.

A lot of discussion goes into deciding the core look of a shoot. Allie specializes in several genres, including fine art, classy boudoir photos, and creative heritage portraits. Take a look at her portfolio for a view of many varied, artistic compositions.

Myra Thiessen Photography

Myra Thiessen is an accomplished Tampa photographer specializing in fine art portraits. At the young age of 16 she realized her dream profession. She was already a talented oil painter by that age, and was also a model. After experimenting with a Nikon, it was then Myra became hooked to the art of photography.

Being a painter and a model puts her in a unique position because she understands form and posture better than most photographers. Above all, Myra understands how to make a person or setting appear beautiful, working within the surroundings.

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