Fine art photography is a unique niche in photography that takes a creative eye to capture artistic images. These images are excellent for décor, private collections, and public exhibitions. Each photographer we have identified in our list below has a specialized shooting style for commissioned work; their portfolios can be browsed to find the exact style you are looking for.

Ready to officially start your search for fine art photographers in Simi Valley? Read on to review our list and pick your favorites.

Ferguson Photography & Design

Botanical fine art photo by Ferguson Photography.

Ferguson Photography is a creative fine art photography studio based in Simi Valley. The owner, Tom Ferguson, brings a fresh perspective to everyday objects. You’ll never expect what he can transform into art.

Ferguson is a seasoned photographer who found a passion for fine art photography years ago. He believes it allows him to use a creative eye to turn the ordinary extraordinary. His talent is seen through his photo collections – subjects range from botanical to still life to toys.

Each photo taken by Ferguson undergoes a creative process. He combines photography with various mediums to form a final image. One of his signature styles is the photo collage composition, another style involves using monochrome finishes. Ferguson’s work has landed him well-deserved attention and can now be seen exhibited publicly. He’s also available for commissioned work.

Mark Jansen Photography

Meteors flying over Sierra Arch shot by Mark Jansen.

You may walk into a building in the Simi Valley area and find work by Mark Jansen displayed on the walls. His captivating fine art photos are held in private collections, displayed in corporate offices, and as restaurant decorations. His talent leads his work into gallery exhibitions and art shows.

Mark Jansen is one of the most accomplished fine art photographers in Simi Valley, whose work speaks for itself. He specializes in fine art landscapes and nature photos. As an avid outdoors lover, he combines both passions to create striking imagery. Jansen’s goal for each photo is to capture his perspective on the environment.

Overall, Mark is a patient photographer who waits for the perfect lighting to snap the photo. You can own his work through canvas prints or hire for commissioned projects.

Nicole Loggins Photography

Girl in a flower field shot by Nicole Loggins.

It’s always a special moment to book a photo session with Nicole Loggins. She’s a fine art portrait photographer who shoots photos to use as decorations and precious keepsake gifts.

Loggins works closely with families – including kids – to make photos into a work of art. She’s unlike other photographers by building genuine relationships with clients to highlight authentic personalities in each image. Loggins works best in outdoor settings. She manipulates the lighting with her camera skills and environment to create stunning photos that look like artful masterpieces.

A fine art portrait photo is an excellent addition to every home. Loggins sells wall art designed for home décor as canvas prints or a framed picture. Don’t just settle for a typical family photo. Instead, you could work with Nicole to turn the experience into unforgettable art.

Karen Vaisman Photography

Woman in clouds fine art portrait by Karen Vaisman.

Karen Vaisman is an award-winning photographer servicing Simi Valley and the surrounding areas. She has a local studio and is available to shoot on location. She’s a creative artist capable of blending photography and other mediums to create fine art photos.

Vaisman, who studied fine art before opening her own photo studio, is one of the top Simi Valley photographers. Her art combines portrait shots with digital touch-ups for striking visuals. She works with individuals, families, and even pets, always making creative images to fit them each.

Karen’s process starts with a portrait photograph. Vaisman applies unique editing techniques such as digital painting, smoothing, or scene editing to render her finished products that transport her subjects into surreal landscapes. She’s worked with many satisfied clients on fine art photos ideal for showcasing as decoration.

Gina Main Photography

Fine art holiday photograph by Gina Main.

There’s a fine line between photography and art when you work with Gina Main. She’s an artist with a camera who shoots timeless photos.

Gina is an award-winning fine art photographer whose passion is shooting breathtaking photos. Her clients give her a chance to push her creative boundaries and develop incredible, impressive concepts. Each client has a consultation with Gina before the session. The goal is to determine the type of shoot you want, outfits, poses, props, and set. She has lots of creative ideas, so bring your imaginations.

Gina specializes in art compositions that turn her client’s vision into reality. She photographs her subjects and uses post-production editing to enrich the photo for a fine art finish. She’s available for commissioned work and has past projects for sale.

Michael Anthony Photography

Fine art wedding photo in courtyard photographed by Michael Anthony.

Bring a creative twist to your wedding pictures by working with Michael Anthony Photography. He specializes in fine art wedding photography. Michael’s artistic photos have garnered lots of press and awards, making him one of the most popular fine art photographers in the region.

Michael’s company is a fast-growing photo studio that’s making a name for itself in the industry. In a decade, he’s worked over 1,200 shoots with plenty of five-star reviews from satisfied clients. A view of his portfolio reveals the quality of his fantastical, surreal visual portraits.

The unique cinematic shooting style is what makes Michael stand out from other photographers. Each involves choosing the perfect shot location, dramatic lighting, the right outfits, and more. With him, give your wedding or engagement shoots a creative touch to turn them into artwork set to amaze you and yours.

Dazzo Photo

Nature fine art image shot by Dazzo Photography.

Dazzo is a fine art landscape photographer whose pictures immerse the viewer into the setting. He works with updated equipment and photo editing to create images that may look better than in real life.

John Randazzo is a well-traveled photographer, with more than 15 years of experience across various photography niches. He always takes his camera along on his adventures, ready to apply his technique anywhere. This practice has led him to building an extensive portfolio full of fine art photos shot around the world. His outstanding portfolio of pictures work well as decorations or in art collections.

Randazzo is available for commissioned projects in the Simi Valley region and is always ready to travel when needed.

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