Best Fine Art Photographers in Portland

Fine art photography always makes the viewer rethink their concept of reality. It takes true skill to transform ordinary objects into a work of art. We’ve found the best fine art photographers in Portland, OR, that have incredible galleries of available images and also available for commissioned projects.

Explore some of the creative talent awaiting you in Portland.

Tobin Floom Photography

Tobin Floom is an artist with a camera who uses his immediate surroundings for inspiration. For more than 30 years, he’s crafted a portfolio with pictures that suit everyone’s tastes.

Floom views photography as art. He specializes in fine art photography, capturing a range of subjects around Portland and surrounding areas. His gallery includes landscapes, architecture, and images that reflect the local lifestyle in Portland.

Throughout his career, the fine art images from Floom have appeared in various exhibitions and held in private collections. He continues to bring his camera along everywhere he goes because he never knows where inspiration will come.

He works with clients on selecting the right pictures for their décor, sizing, framing, and more.

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Scott Smorra Photography

The beautiful fine art wilderness photos captured by Scott Smorra always introduce positive emotions to the viewer. He’s a self-proclaimed nature enthusiast who uses his work to bridge the connection between humanity and nature.

Smorra specializes in wilderness photography. His fine art of shooting creates seemingly surreal images in nature – it’s a reflection of what he sees while out on outdoor adventures. He scours the landscape for the most remote locations where it’s just him and nature. The abstract locations seem unreal, but you’ll be surprised what you can find near Portland.

The images in Smorra’s gallery are full of vibrant colors. Each image is captured at the perfect time to get the sunset, clouds, and landscape in the best lighting.

Kristal Passy Photography

Kristal Passy is one of the most creative fine art photographers in Portland, Oregon. Her images are a true work of art that introduces new concepts and perspectives to the viewer.

Passy is based in Portland, where she works out of her studio or outdoors, depending on the subject. She studied fine art photography and combines technical skills and real-life experience to capture artistic photos that are true works of art.

Fine art is one of her specialties where she likes to explore the relationship of light with her subject. Each image or image collection is based on a creative theme that transcends reality. It’s a creative touch that makes her a standout photographer.

Deanna Cantrell Photography

Deanna Cantrell is a versatile photographer based in Portland. Fine art photography is one of her specialties where she is skilled at capturing a range of subjects.

Clients and collectors love the dynamic images that Cantrell creates. Many of her top photos showcase architecture and scenery from her travels. She always shoots with creative angles that can make famous landmarks appear new to the viewer. The unique angles and shooting at different times of the day is a way to bring a fresh perspective on reality.

Cantrell sells prints of her best images. She continues to develop her portfolio with images local to Portland and in other parts of the country.

Blue Mitchell

Creative photography has no bounds for Blue Mitchell. He’s a creative fine art photographer who blurs the lines between art and photographs.

Mitchell is an accomplished fine art photographer. He studied fine art in school before going on to have solo and group exhibitions and have art featured in gallery collections. His long standing career continues to grow as he works on his own personal projects.

Mitchell’s photography style is unconventional. He does much more than just point and shoot. He works with a range of different cameras and mediums. He also makes significant edits during post-production to alter a typical image. No image is created the same way, so you’ll always get a one-of-a-kind piece.

Larry Cwik

There aren’t too many photographers that can stick with a themed collection like Larry Cwik. He’s a dedicated photographer whose goal is to create beautiful and original photos – no matter how long it takes to get the perfect shots.

When clients collect works by Larry Cwik, they get more than just a picture, but an entire story behind how and why he captured it. One of his longest-running fine art collections took nearly four decades to complete. Others are easily more than a decade long.

But with patience, he’s captured stunning photos that appear in the Portland Art Museum and Bibliotheque Nationale de France. Each of his images is for sale, and he works with clients on selecting the ideal piece and display.

David Asherman Photography

David Asherman is an award-winning photographer based in Portland. His talent as a fine art photographer is world-renowned and now featured in various exhibitions.

Asherman is one of Portland’s top fine art photographers. He has a unique style that makes his photos recognizable. Many of the images in his gallery are black and white that creates dramatic contrasts with the light and shadows.

Many of the photos captured by Asherman come from abstract subjects or remote locations. It’s what transforms his images into art by allowing the viewer to feel emotions instead of thinking about where or what it is.

Asherman developed his skill by training under several notable photographers. He’s available for commissioned work.

Mark Reid Fine Art Photography

You can immediately tell the passion of his craft when interacting with Mark Reid. He began developing his portfolio from the first moment he touched a camera and continues to evolve with every picture that he takes.

Fine art photography is the specialty of Reid, who works with different subjects, either in the studio or in natural settings. He captures artistic visuals of everything from nature to people. The eye-catching collections showcase a range of themes and are shot in various locations around the world.

Mark Reid is an award-winning and published photographer. His photos are seen in popular museums and art fairs around the world. A love of creativity drives his motivation to keep developing his images.

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