Art gives viewers a chance to become absorbed, whether in the breathtaking beauty of a landscape or a person. Fine art can come in the form of paintings or objects, furniture or architecture. Or people with a distinct look.

Fine art photographers have the capacity to transform ordinary objects into extraordinary works of art. True pros have an aesthetic sense that is undefeated - and those are the ones you will want to look out for most of all. There are a variety of such outstanding fine art photographers in Montreal.

Ready to start your search for fine art photographers in Montreal? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for you.

Ray Sabbagh - Montreal Photography

Ray Sabbagh was born in Germany but currently resides in Montreal. He works as a fine art photographer, with an inquisitive and experimental approach to the art.

He's also an experienced drone photographer and a cinematographer. Ray's photography mostly depicts urban landscapes, skylines, skyscrapers, and scenery. His portfolio enthralls and often provides one-of-a-kind photographs that add to the beauty of a home's décor.

Nicolas Debrosse Photographie

Nicolas has various artistic talents, including fine art portrait and event photography. Fine arts, according to him, are defined as viewing your surroundings with a naked eye that can enrich. His photo work is artistic and uncompromising.

Nicolas is punctual and provides lightning-fast post-shoot turnaround times. He's a master of both high and low color contrast pictures that may cause the spectator to pause for a minute.

Steve Walsh Photography

Steve is a Montrealer with over two decades of expertise in cameras and photography. His work is remarkable because of his enthusiasm for photography, which he has had since his youth. He possesses a diverse set of abilities, ranging from photography to all types of filmmaking.

Steve has worked for a number of major corporations, including Ferrari, Turkish Airlines, and others. Fine art, landscapes, travel, lifestyle, food, and wedding events are among the areas he covers.

Eric Branover

Eric is a talented, self-taught fine art photographer in Montreal. He describes himself as a street photographer who captures the finest vistas of his hometown. He employs various lighting techniques to engage viewers in the image and cause them to linger for a moment.

Eric collaborates with a number of organizations, including Daniel Wellington and some fashion magazines. Altogether, he's always pushing himself to come up with new concepts and visual effects in order to present better outcomes for his clientele.

Eva Blue - Fine Artist

Eva Blue is an experienced Korean-Canadian fine art photographer located in Montreal. Through her camera lens, she has the capacity to turn the mundane into the spectacular.

Eva is skilled at capturing photos that are detailed and elicit memories or a sense of nostalgia in the spectator. Her work has been featured in prestigious publications such as The New York Times, Forbes, Vice, and The Guardian.

Life by Nicolas

Only visuals that convey raw feelings, such as excitement and pleasure, are worthy of the viewer's attention. Nicolas is the type of photographer who can bring out the finest in even the most ordinary of objects and turn them into stunning works of art. He focuses on lifestyle, fashion, breathtaking views, and fine art.

Nicolas' work is remarkable, which is why he has been recognized and featured in several publications. He also works with a number of companies on content generation and brand-building initiatives.  

Photography School-Jackie Rueda

Jackie Rueda has been in the industry for a long time. Not only is she a professional photographer who also owns and operates a photography school, but she’s also written a children's photography book and  creates branding concepts for many businesses.

Jackie captures in-depth details of objects and portrays them in the best possible way so that the viewer has to admire them. Her photography school experience has made her adept at combining lighting effects. Jackie appreciates taking on difficult projects and photographing for fine art.

Two Food Photographers

Ireland native Alison Slattery is the eye behind the lens at Montreal’s Two Food Photographer. Alison photographs a wide range of subjects, including travel, fine arts, food, and interiors. is always on the lookout for the next great shot.

This Montreal pro may be spotted snapping photographs at restaurants across the city and arranges photographs in such a way that the spectator feels they are genuinely alive.

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