Fine art photography is a creative genre where the photographer captures subjects from an artistic perspective. Though it is not a rule, a majority of fine art photographers prefer to use real film instead of the digital medium for the sake of their expressions.

Needless to say, fine art photography requires exceptional knowledge of the art of photography. If you are looking for an experienced fine art photographer in Minneapolis, check out this list of some of the city's top talent.

Hendrickson Fine Art Photography

A lighthouse from the Ireland in Black & White series by Barry Thomas Hendrickson [Hendrickson Fine Art Photography]

Hendrickson Fine Art Photography is a Minneapolis black and white fine art photography business. Started by the married duo Nancy Wojack Hendrickson and her late husband, Barry Thomas Hendrickson, their fine art photos reflect universal themes of love and legacy. In line with such themes, Nancy’s more recent projects include publishing her late spouse’s vast archive of work going forward.

The main source of inspiration for their work is the stunningly beautiful Irish landscape. Their series - Ireland in Black & White - is dedicated to the beautiful country, including one that documents the lives of the early Irish immigrants. Apart from these, they have a full series of landscapes both natural and architectural.

Life and Art Photography

Mother and child in soft outdoor light [Life and Art Photography]

Laura from Life and Art Photography is a Minneapolis fine art photographer. She has been working in the area serving clients from different walks of life for years and has made a name for herself in the community.

A look at her portfolio reveals her effective use of natural light, a command over each and every composition, and some beautiful retouching techniques. It all culminates into an excellent series of artwork. If you are looking for someone to capture an event or your life itself, check out Life and Art Photography.

Gregory Hayes Photography

A portrait of a cute baby in soft outdoor light [Gregory Hayes Photography]

Gregory Allen Hayes is a man of many interests. His educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies and Theology at Bethlehem College and Seminary in Minneapolis. However, he also worked as an automotive technician for four years and a telecommunications technician for two.

Photography came later in life for Gregory, after absorbing such diverse life experiences. By his admission, he is a modern-day renaissance man and fine art photography is his crowning adventure. His portfolio consists of artful photos of people at their highest points.

Shasta Bell Photographie

A film shot of a house in France [Shasta Bell Photographie]

Shasta started professional life as a calligrapher in the international wedding industry for five years. It was a trip to France which kindled the fire of photography inside her. From that moment onward, she picked up her first camera, soon after starting her own business, and the rest is history.

Shasta loves capturing moments that are natural and yet timeless. Her photos depict soft and pleasing hues that give the viewer a dreamy memory-like feel. Shasta’s wedding and travel work are breathtaking and can light up any wall in a home.

Shelly Mosman

Portrait of a seated woman against a dark backdrop [Shelly Mosman Photography]

Shelly has been a professional photographer for well over 20 years, though her personal work began in 2012 and has a unique feel to it. Her fine art photography vision features a focus upon darkness, an obsession that started with her memory of a painting of a house with darkened windows she looked at often as a child.

With her vast and idiosyncratic portfolio of work, Shelly establishes a relationship between her human and animal subjects, alongside the environment she shoots before. She is apt to use classic paintings as backgrounds and old, American uniforms within her sessions.

Brett Dorrian Artistry Studios

A fine art, retro-style portrait of a woman against a gray backdrop [Brett Dorrian Artistry Studios]

Brett Dorrian Artistry Studios offers fine art photography in Minneapolis, among many other genres. With more than 13 years in the industry, Brett has a dedicated line of clients with a history of repeat work. Her authentic client relationships pair with a diverse portfolio of award-winning lifestyle and business photography.

Brett’s community involvement includes attachments with the Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association and the Make a Wish Foundation. She operates a wonderful team of photographers and designers and always maintains a focus upon 100% customer satisfaction.

Megan Engeseth Photography

A fine art high school senior portrait in a mystic woodland [Megan Engeseth Photography]

Megan specializes in high school senior portrait photography with a fine art styling to it. Her unique sessions are themed, and her portfolio is packed with examples of her creativity and talent.

Megan’s eye for high definition retouching is widely appreciated in the Minneapolis photography community. Her modern take on senior portraits has earned her work a spot in major publications such as Today, Star Tribune, and Senior Style Guide.

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