Best Fine Art Photographers in Los Angeles

Los Angeles welcomes creatives under its serene amber sunsets and inspiring art culture. Being the mecca of many entertainment and visual art companies and independents, there are endless avenues for artists to explore their creative freedom throughout the city.

Fine art enthusiasts will also find joy and inspiration in Los Angeles’ abundance of historic and contemporary art museums such as LACMA, The Broad, and The Getty Museum.

If you’d rather conceive the art than appreciate its qualities, you’ll find a number of camera-ready fine art photographers in Los Angeles - here's a list of some of the best talent in town.

Gillian LeBrun

Gillian LeBrun’s approach to her photography craft blends heartfelt and candid images to celebrate for years to come. She utilizes nature’s natural light to emphasize the beauty in each family, couple, and the surrounding world.

Regardless of the scene, LeBrun’s true artistic talent can capture even the most overlooked details of your event. Each intricate feature is highlighted through quality lenses and an authentic want to connect the bridge between the experience and nostalgia.  

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Jane Szabo

Jane Szabo articulates stunning photos that are reflections of her personal experiences. She constructs beautiful scenes of emotion that carry stories for her audiences. Although her work is prominently in the Museum of Art and History in Lancaster, California, with 71 crafted pieces, her work is also featured in a number of museums across the U.S.

Her photography has been featured in popular publications such as The Huffington Post, Mono Chroma Magazine, and Diversions LA. Her fine art pieces are unlike any other and represent more than just a thousand words with her pictures.

Jeremy Chou Photography

Although many of Jeremy Chou’s photography is related to celebrating marriage and engagements, his approach to capturing fine art images of his clients is outstanding and beautiful. He considers his portfolio to be a blend of fine art and editorial pieces that balance elegance and creativity.

His photos share stories of love and happiness while preserving the values of family. Chou’s artistic approach has led him to travel the world where he’s been able to photograph intimate and once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Kati Rosado

Kati Rosado is a fine art and wedding photographer who approaches scenes with an open heart and creative mind. For over 10 years, Rosado has polished her experienced as a photographer and appreciates each moment’s unique energy.

Her goal is to always capture images that withstand the testament of time and have images for her clients to have a keepsake for years to come. Working both in the U.S. and destination weddings, her experience is embodied in the highest possible quality photos.

Joe Latter Photography

Joe Latter’s photography style is detailed, diverse, and dynamic. His work in fine art, lifestyle, commercial, and wedding photography enters a new realm of quality––each photo taken merely transports you to the scene, which is exactly how to protect those irreplaceable memories.

His practice in the photography field for over 20 years has allowed him to travel to destinations where most have never ventured, capturing unique and astounding photos of the earth and all of its inhabitants. Latter weaves his knowledge of photography from each respective style and sets himself up for success by incorporating elements from previous shoots.

RP Photography

If you’re looking for an all-in-one photography service, look no further. Capturing every event you could think of from sports to music festivals, Richard Podgurski Jr. offers a wide variety of photography and videography services.

His high-quality are vividly pleasing and allure audiences around the world. Podgurski’s expert skills make him an ideal candidate when scouting for fine art photography. His lengthy work in many industries has refined his skills to top-tier quality while remaining authentic to his passion.

Parvez S Imagery

Although he is based in Los Angeles, there are no borders that restrain Pares S Imagery from capturing amazing photos around the globe. Blending history and storytelling, his work has been featured in a number of publications as well as having the opportunity to work with Oprah Winfrey, Linkin Park, and public figure Nick Cannon.

By opting in on imagery versus photography, it’s striking to see that his images perpetuate the value of life while conveying all of the emotions that trickle through each pixel. Each photo is taken with compassion and share lessons that are universally valid.

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