Find the perfect fine art pictures for private and public collections by browsing the galleries of these top fine art photographers in Denver, CO. Denver is a prime location for fine art photographers who work with a range of subjects – from nature to portrait imagery.

Here's a list of the city's top talent, ready to execute a one-of-a-kind fine art photo shoot to deliver images you'll want to display and share.

Lars Gesing

Landscape image of Denver mountain photographed by Lars Gesing.

Enjoy the scenery of the American West by viewing the incredible portfolio from Lars Gesing. He’s a fine art photographer based in Denver who specializes in nature images.

Lars Gesing is an avid outdoorsman who always brings his camera along for the adventure. Over the years, he’s captured the beautiful Colorado landscapes in a series of photos that cover every season.

Clients interested in imagery depicting Colorado and the American West will have the perfect pictures from Lars Gesing. He hosts numerous art shows, sells prints, and is available for commissioned projects.

Anthony Camera

Creative portrait shot by Anthony Camera.

Camera is a fitting last name for one of Denver’s top fine art photographers. Anthony Camera is a seasoned photographer who is known for his creative portraits.

Whether he’s working on a commercial project for a company or an individual project for a client, Camera continues to push the boundary for his fine art style of shooting. He not only takes pictures but makes them a work of art.

Camera has 25 years of experience in photography. He’s had numerous photos published in magazines. He’s available to work in his Denver-based studio or on location.

Rocky Mountain Photography

Nature image shot by Rocky Mountain Photography.

After working with hundreds of clients, Rocky Mountain Photography’s founders Nick and Jeff have made a name for themselves as one of the top photographers in Denver. The duo brings their fine art style of shooting to landscapes, architecture, and more.

Rocky Mountain Photography has completed projects worldwide and has developed a portfolio of over 2,500 stock images. Many of their work centers around building this portfolio and also working with clients on commissioned projects.

The fine art images by Rocky Mountain Photography speak for themselves for why the duo continue to stay booked for projects worldwide.

Betty Garcia

Fine art cosplay image by Betty Garcia.

If you’re looking for a creative photographer, Betty Garcia has a unique style that’s sure to catch your attention. She’s a Denver fine art photographer specializing in portraits.

Get incredible fine art portraits of yourself or your pet with a fun photo session with Garcia. She creates an entire experience for her clients with a photoshoot and post-editing to create art.

Betty Garcia studied art and design – she combines both disciplines to create stunning imagery. Before each session, she consults with her clients to determine a creative direction and then organizes the shoot to make it a reality.

Danielle Trina

Fine art portrait by Danielle Trina.

Danielle Trina’s photography blurs the line between photo and painting. She’s a fine art portrait photographer in Denver that specializes in working with children.

Your ordinary portraits transform into artwork with the slick of Trina’s shutter. She’s able to capture timeless beauty in each of her subjects.

It’s always a pleasure working with Trina. You don’t have to be a professional model to achieve fine art images displayed in her portfolio. She makes everyone feel comfortable and natural during the session to achieve compelling results. Each image tells its own story, and you’ll be the main character in it.

WM Artist Services

Fine art gallery exhibition photographed by WM Artist Services.

You’ve worked hard on your latest art piece, and now it’s time to give it the attention that it deserves. WM Artist Services works with many local artists on documenting fine art pieces for their portfolios.

WM Artist Services has a range of services that cater to Denver’s fine artists. Many artists commission them to photograph individual pieces or even collections on display in a museum or gallery.

Having a professionally photographed portfolio can quickly make your fine art look attractive to potential buyers and galleries interested in displaying your work.

Dillon Film & Photo

Fine art portrait photographed by Dillon Film & Photo.

Document your lifestyle with a creative photoshoot with Dillon Film and Photo. You’ll work directly with Dillon, one of Denver’s top fine art photographers who always creates photos that clients love.

Dillon gives his clients a unique perspective of their own lifestyles. He specializes in fine art portraits by creating unique (and sometimes fantasy) settings. You’ll get to customize the look that you want to create, and he will help you get the perfect shot of it.

The artistic touch that you’ll have in your images is only achieved when you work with Dillon.

Barbara MacFerrin Photography

Creative fine art image shot by Barbara MacFerrin.

Have you ever wanted to have yourself portrayed in a painting? Barbara MacFerrin is a creative photographer that can help you achieve it. She’s a Denver-based fine art photographer who helps immortalize her clients as a piece of art.

MacFerrin primarily works in her local studio, where she’s able to create amazing settings. She tailors each session to her client’s interests based on how you want to look. She has all of the props, outfits, and other details to help create your vision.

Tony Ciccone Photography

Car fine art image shot by Tony Ciccone.

Get the perfect decorative photography artwork shot by Tony Ciccone. He’s a fine art photographer that works with various mediums – landscapes, cityscapes, cars, and more.

Ciccone’s fine art style of shootings works perfectly with the Denver environment. He’s photographed many of the surrounding natural sites and throughout the city where everyday objects become works of art.

Clients can browse his gallery to purchase prints that go well for displaying in your home or office. He’s also available for commissioned projects to get images that work well for your custom project.

John Fielder

Tree canopy photographed by John Fielder.

Colorado has never looked more beautiful, thanks to John Fielder. He’s a fine art photographer in Denver whose mission is to capture and promote the beauty of Colorado’s landscape.

Fielder has been a photographer for more than 40 years, where he’s seen drastic changes to the Colorado landscape. His photography showcases transitions between seasons and spotlights everything from the mountains to the wildflowers.

You can see Fielder’s work published in books, calendars, and more. He sells individual fine prints of his photos but is also available to work with clients on commissioned photoshoots of a location of your choice.

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