The beauty in fine art photography can make any ordinary subject into a work of art. That’s exactly what these top Cincinnati fine art photographers accomplish through their work. We’ve selected the best photographers whose award-winning talent can shoot incredible photos on freelance projects or provide prints for collectors.

Beth Phillips Photography

Outdoor fine art dance portrait photographed by Beth Phillips.

The graceful motions of dancers get beautifully captured by Beth Phillips. She specializes in fine art dance portraits and is based in Cincinnati, working with individuals, dance companies, and more.

In college, Beth Phillips studied photography, where she was able to combine her interests in dance and photography. Several years later, her studies have paid off and continue to propel her career as a dance portrait photographer.

Shooting such stunning dance portraits is a collaborative effort between Beth and the dancer. Dancers have the freedom to express themselves during the session tailored to them. Beth can assist with picking locations that best represent the dance style to provide the backdrop to a gallery full of images showcasing your best moves.

There is a lot of beauty in the art of dance that creates spectacular pieces of art. Many of her clients use these images for their personal collection or when applying to various dance programs.

Photo Well Fine Art Photography

Fine art nature image captured by John Weller.

Deciding to leave a career job in pursuit of his photography passion isn’t the typical move for someone with five kids and six grandchildren, but once you see John Weller’s pictures, you’ll understand why he’s achieved such a high level of success.

It’s hard to believe that John Weller is mainly self-taught. Yet, his eye for amazing shots has won first place awards at art fairs across the US and even a role as the art show director for the Vinkolet Art and Wine Festival.

Based in Cincinnati, Weller works full-time as a fine art photographer. He specializes in photographing outdoors, where mother nature’s greatest creations turn into artistic images. His image collections reflect his skill with shooting the abstract.

At Water’s Edge and Chasing Fog are two of Weller’s collections that use unique techniques like soft light to create dreamy effects. When he’s not working on creative projects, he’s available for freelance photography projects.

Hiromi Platt Photography

Fine art dance performance picture shot by Hiromi Platt.

The front row at a dance recital in Cincinnati is a common place where you’ll find Hiromi Platt, equipped with a camera in hand. She’s a fine art photographer specializing in dance photography.

Whether on-stage or off-stage, in-studio or outdoors, it’s Hiromi’s goal to shoot incredible photos of her dance subjects. Photographing live performances is where her skills really shine. This specialty photoshoot is the perfect way to showcase your dancer in action and giving 110% for the actual performance.

The dim lights are no issue for Hiromi, who knows how to shoot highly detailed shots showcasing the dancer’s skills, the cohesiveness of the group, and the stage set. The choreographed motions frozen in time create an artistic perspective of any dance show. These are the photos that make her a popular photographer for dance recitals. She shoots entire galleries of an entire performance or focuses on an individual performer to create a gallery worth framing.

Say Yes to Jess

Creative fine art composite photo designed by Jess.

Let your imagination run wild! Clients have continued to say “yes to Jess” for her creative fine art photoshoots for over a decade. Her self-taught photography skills and editing gives her limitless creativity. She gives you a break from reality and puts you in a fantasy world in a unique composite photo ideal for framing.

Shoot with the entire family or give each member a chance to express their imagination. Schedule a dream portrait photoshoot where you and your family can recreate scenes from your favorite movie or make your little girl speechless when she can finally have her dream pet in the customized Unicorn Experience.

Photoshoots with Jess are always fun and playful. So, loosen up and let your personality show. You’ll get to experiment with different costumes, props, and designed sets. In addition to delivering a photo album to her clients, she makes custom products available, like creating a fine art photo book.

Holly Burkholder Photography

Fine art family portrait shot by Holly Burkholder.

Turn your house into a home with beautiful fine art family portraits by Holy Burkholder. For more than ten years, she’s worked with families in Cincinnati to create stunning galleries.

Holly Burkholder specializes in traditional family portraits, shot in her fine art photography style. She works with many of her clients outdoors, creating a natural, timeless look to the images. She has the patience to make everyone feel relaxed during the photoshoot that leads to amazing photos.

Families can now have their portraits created into art through the lens of Holly. Completing the photoshoot is only the beginning of the experience. She sends her clients an online gallery to review. And after choosing your photos, she can design a custom album, photobook, and other services.

Clients who work with Holly Burkholder desire to add warmth to their home or office with pictures that last a lifetime.

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