Top 10 Fine Art Photographers in Austin

Fine art photography reveals itself in numerous genres - architecture, portrait, and wedding photography, to name just a few. It’s distinguished by its expression of ideas, messages, or emotions, often in highly creative and visually unique ways.

Austin is renowned for being an artistic and culturally rich city and is home to some of the most talented fine art photographers in the country. Capturing everything from aerial landscapes to animal portraits and wedding photos, here are 10 of the best to keep an eye out for.

Christie Stockstill

Christie Stockstill is a Southern artist based in Austin who specializes in creative portraiture and fine art photography. She regularly uses sepia or monochrome to allow the stories of her subjects and textural elements to shine through, with uncluttered compositions and minimalist backgrounds. Christie describes her images as “organic or earthy,” as well as “frequently ethereal and mythical.” She wants them to provoke a visceral reaction, causing the viewer to laugh, cry or gasp. When she’s not busy shooting, Christie is mentoring, speaking, and teaching throughout the United States and abroad.

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Kayla Barker

Considered one of the best fine art wedding photographers in Austin, Kayla Barker is an award-winning professional and a respected leader in the industry. Her work has been featured in “Martha Stewart Weddings,” “Style Me Pretty,” and “Southern Weddings” and she was nominated as an emerging film photographer by Belle Lumiere. Her style is marked by pastel tones, strong textures, and muted color palettes, with the artist taking inspiration from the soft posing in sculptures and the dappled light of Impressionist paintings.

Priscilla Choi

Priscilla Choi specializes in film portraits and lifestyle images and began her fine art photography and design business as a means of expressing her creativity. She describes her style as “natural, airy, and fresh,” with a passion for finding beauty in the mundane amidst the chaos of everyday life. Priscilla was nominated as a finalist for Belle Lumiere Magazine’s online photo contest and has been featured as a “Photographer Spotlight” on Motherhood Anthology.

Burton Pritzker

With a background in the worlds of architecture, painting, and sculpture, Burton Pritzker now dedicates his time to photography as a means of unlocking doors. He says that it was the discovery of photography being a path to investigating light that inspired the switch, with his portfolio filled with images that explore this in all its myriad forms. In addition to his series of monochrome and abstract images, Burton also does documentary-style photographic work.

Jona Christina

Jona Christina’s interest in photography began when she was nine after being gifted a camera by her grandfather. She fell in love with its ability to capture unique moments and emotions. She now has more than ten years of professional experience shooting weddings and families under her belt, with her style featuring pastel tones and bright natural light. Jona has traveled around the world honing her craft and has had her work featured in “The New York Times,” “The Knot,” and “Style Me Pretty.”

Eric Coleman

Hailing from the Bay Area, Eric Coleman now calls Texas “home” and uses Austin as his base for food, commercial, branding, and fine art photography. He says that at the age of seven, he decided he no longer wanted to be an astronaut and wanted to pursue a career in art instead. Drawing on his photography education at Chabot College, he strives to create visual representations of his subjects that allow the world to see them in the perfect frame.

Randal Ford

Renowned for his animal studio portraits, Randal Ford has had his work featured in several coffee-table books, as well as on the covers of “TIME” magazine, “Texas Monthly,” and “Communication Arts.” He was named as one of the top 200 photographers by Lüerzers Archive across three consecutive years and was awarded 1st place in the 2017 International Photo Awards Fine Art competition. Randal says he is “obsessed with details” and that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” - both of which are instantly recognizable in his images.

Matthew Moore Photography

Matthew Moore Photography is the husband and wife team of Matthew and Katie, who specialize in fine art wedding, boudoir, and portrait photography. Matthew says that he loves to play off people, feel out their personalities and the surrounding settings by listening, observing, and photographing with his gut instinct. He not only manages to capture all the emotion and excitement of wedding days but he does it in a way that is highly creative and stands apart from other photographers in his field.

Over Austin

Christopher Sherman is the man behind Over Austin, which specializes in fine art photography documenting the landscapes of Austin. He flies state-of-the-art drones that are certified and insured (for your peace of mind) and has worked with clients such as the University of Texas, Fairmont Hotels, and the Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau. While Christopher is best known for his aerial photography, he also shoots commercial and fine art images from the ground.

Fine Art Memories

Fine Art Memories is the destination wedding photography team of Arfan and Diana, who have years of experience shooting everything from royal weddings to high-end private events. One look at their portfolio, and you can see their exceptional lighting control and creativity, with every moment captured from multiple angles. There’s a strong emphasis on earthy tones in their work, although they have also garnered a reputation for their exceptional black and white images.

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