Albuquerque has been consistently ranked as a top destination for artists and art enthusiasts alike. The vibrant, pulsing energy and atmosphere in Albuquerque is manifested in so many of its galleries, performing arts centers, and incredible museums. With steady influence from both Southwestern and Native American cultures, Albuquerque’s art scene is unlike any other in the country.

If you’re looking to see more of what ABQ’s art scene has to offer, there’s no better place to start than with the talented photographers that call the city home. Fine art photographers are as much an artist as any, elevating photography from what was once purely documentary to a modern, complex medium to incarnate their artistic explorations. Start your journey with any of the incredible fine art photographers in Albuquerque, NM featured below.

Zak Coker Photography

A covered footbridge that extends and seems to disappear into the distance [Zak Coker Photography]

Zak Coker is the artist-photographer behind Zak Coker Photography. Zak is a self-taught photographer specializing in travel photography (or, as he calls it, adventure photography!), portrait, automotive, lifestyle, urban, and landscape photography. While Zak is certainly a lover of travel, he also never fails to appreciate the beauty and art in his hometown of ABQ.

Zak uses both bold digital and muted film-like editing styles in his photos. As an artist, his photos often focus on the play between space, light, and perspective. His keen eye hunts for geometric patterns we often miss in the everyday scenery around us. If you’re looking for pieces that bring a thoughtful, moody ambiance to your space, Zak would be your perfect photographer match.

T Gregory Photography

A woman with sparkling green eyes, wavy brown hair adorned by a pink faux flower crown, looks intently into the camera; the sunlight highlights the back of her head, making her glow [Tony Gregory Photography]

Tony Gregory is the soulful photographer of T Gregory Photography. Tony is an incredibly versatile photographer with a wide range of experience, from studio portraiture to product, even event photography. Tony shoots both in-studio and on-location, depending on his vision for the shoot, though you can always be sure he’ll know exactly where to set up the session for the best possible photos!

Tony’s fine art photography style comes out the most in his portraiture. Tony elevates traditional portraiture by setting up the shot and surroundings to portray a story, a feeling. For Tony, portraiture is not just about taking someone’s photo, but capturing in detail what that person’s story is. Aside from his meticulous shots, Tony also employs different editing styles to help achieve his artistic vision for the photos.

Tricia Capello Photography

A dry, nearly-withered plant stalk peeks out between four white blocks; a piece of fabric drapes carelessly over the bottom left block, hiding some stalks of grass at the base of the blocks [Tricia Capello Photography] 

Tricia Capello is the artist behind Tricia Capello Photography. Tricia uses photography as a medium to explore the artistic, meditative, and introspective world around her. Tricia believes that images unlock the messages of the world hidden in plain sight, and this is the reason why her photography-art is rarely staged or edited.

Tricia’s work is a meditation, an experiment, and a safe space. Every element of her photos—light, negative space, carefully chosen color palettes—has meaning and symbolism. Photography is the tool through which Tricia grapples with questions of humanity, the self, and what it means to be rooted in an ever-changing world.

Bkly Studios

A nighttime shot of a ring of bright white light crowning a rock face [Bkly Studios]

Ian Beckley owns and is the head photographer for Bkly Studios. Trained as a landscape and travel photographer, Ian realized his passion for photography the moment he picked up his first DSLR camera. Ian enjoys traveling, seeing what the world has to offer, and capturing those in his incredible photos.

Ian’s photos are bold, bright, and even mystical, in a way. Ian wants to share with as many people as possible the beauty of the world, whether that’s on a mountaintop, on a beach, or sitting in a park watching the sunset. Ian’s works are available as prints so that you can take home a piece of his artistic eye and see the world as he did. Ian’s photos are more than just capturing a landscape, but imbibing a sense of wonder into the viewers,

Wayne Suggs Photography

A colorful skeleton rides and equally colorful bike down a dirt path, flanked by yellow flowers; the starry night sky showcases the moon in the distance [Wayne Suggs Photography]

Wayne Suggs has been a photographer for over 40 years. Trained as a landscape photographer, Wayne’s favorite subject is his very own home state of New Mexico, capturing vibrant, vivid imagery of the locations around him. Wayne is a published and multi-awarded photographer, with his work featured in not just local, but also national and state publications.

For Wayne, photography is more than just a job, but is also his advocacy; by showcasing the beauty of the world around him, he hopes to inspire people to continue to protect and preserve their environment. His photos are startlingly vivid, often capturing ombré skies and twinkling starry nights, with bright, captivating flowers dancing in the fields.

Bill Ebbing Photography

A rusty, abandoned, once-green truck lies at the edge of a fenced field; the words “1940 PIE TOWN NM” are painted on the driver’s side door in bright yellow, while a structure on its small flatbed hosts the words “HOT PIE” built of out wood planks painted bright blue [Bill Ebbing Photography]

Bill Ebbing is the founder and head photographer of Bill Ebbing Photography. Bill started photographing in high school, but soon after put his hobby on hold as he served in the military and attended to his family. He reconnected and discovered an amazing new world of digital photography, and took online courses to hone his skills.

Photography is more than just a picture for Bill: photography is a storytelling technique, a way to reveal the intrinsic and share it with those around him. While Bill is an acclaimed portrait photographer, his creativity as a visual artist really shines in his fine art photographer. His work is pensive, catching scenes and objects one might gloss over. Bill’s life experiences influence his work, which makes for interesting subjects and landscapes.

Clean and Simple Studios

A young boy and a young girl are in a wooden boat, sailing on a sea of fluffy blue clouds, with a rainbow bridge stretching from them to a castle in the distance; the little boy is looking towards the castle, while the young girl holds up a big camera towards the viewer, the big lens of the camera obscuring her face [Clean and Simple Studios]

Clean and Simple Studios is a multidisciplinary creative studio that handles a wide range of creative projects, from photography to videography, and even graphic design. Vincent Chavez and Joaquin Fore are the artists behind the studio, and both bring to the table a unique brand of artistry and work experience.

Their graphic, fine art photography work is truly a sight to behold with its fantasy themes, outlandish colors, and stark juxtapositions of photography against digitally-enhanced or digitally-created elements. Their pieces are thought-provoking, shocking even, and truly show what photography can do as a medium of artistic exploration.

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