Top 7 Film and Photo Equipment Rental Companies in Las Vegas, NV

Planning a big production in Las Vegas? You are probably going to need the best equipment to help you create high-quality content. Whether you're covering a large event or need the proper equipment to bring your video visions to life– finding the right camera rental service should be a top priority.

Here's a list of the best film and photo equipment rental companies in Las Vegas, NV that can provide you with everything you need. From cameras, stands, and drones to lights, studios, and even audio equipment, these companies have the rental gear to keep your production or event running smoothly.


In Color Studios is an award-winning video production company that provides film and photo equipment rentals in Las Vegas. They have a massive range of everything you will need for any type of productions, large or small.

If you need cameras, lighting, grip, and accessories– the company can provide you most of what you need. If you visit their website and can’t seem to find what you need, you can give them a call to see if the item is in stock but not listed.

Talk about reliable rental services, the company also has audio and streaming equipment– which is perfect for all digital content producers looking for the right gear for large streaming events and more.


Blackwood Camera is a fully-equipped camera rental business and production company. Their list of rental equipment include cameras, camera support gear, lighting, production equipment, and even workflow tools to ensure that your project runs as smoothly as possible.

They take pride in the equipment they rent out, which is why they make sure that all their gear is up to date. If you need a newer camera for your project, the chances are Blackwood Camera will have it for you. If you are searching for a film and photo rental service with a roster of high-quality equipment, Blackwood is just one call away.

Grosz Live Productions

Grosz Live Productions, aka GLP, provides AV rentals in Las Vegas for different types of events, including corporate meetings, conventions, seminars, and more. Aside from that, they can also provide you with gear for video and audio projects.

Their main focus is to provide artists and producers with professional-grade concert equipment rentals, including video gear for capturing live video and audio recording sessions.

F11 Rentals

F11 Rentals is a one-stop shop for all your production rental needs– whether you need gear for small and large productions, or film and photo shoots. Their inventory is fully equipped with cameras, monitoring, audio, grip, lenses, lighting, and more.

Clients have nothing but nice things to say about the company and their staff. Although the company is based in Las Vegas, they can go beyond state lines to provide you with the production gear you need!

AVR Expos

AVR Expos provides the best production equipment for your projects and brings a high level of customer service to the experience. Staff members are well-versed in the gear they provide and are happy to help customers with all of their AV equipment rental needs.

Their AV rentals are excellent for corporate events, small events, and productions of any size. If you are looking for someone to handle the audio and visual equipment needs for your performance, event, or film production in Las Vegas, AVR is one of the most reliable providers you can call.

Extreme Lighting and Grip

Extreme Lighting and Grip in Las Vegas can provide you with lights for film, theater, and other production needs. They also offer grip equipment rentals, which will allow you to get the job done with ease. Whether you are filming an action scene or challenging sequence, the right grip can make all the difference.

The company also has expansive supplies to ensure the success of each production. Their packages depend on the size of the truck, so the bigger the truck you rent, the more equipment is in store for you to use.

JR Lighting

If you are looking for a massive selection of lighting and grip equipment for your next large-scale production, JR Lighting might just be the place to find it. This place has enough equipment to light the entire city of Las Vegas.

JR Lighting can provide you with everything you need for your next Vegas production project. Because of their huge inventory, they hardly ever have items that are not in-stock.

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