Top Film and Photo Equipment Rental Companies in London, UK

Top Film and Photo Equipment Rental Companies in London, UK

Awesome film and photo productions today need the best equipment to get the desired picture. However, buying the best gear is not always convenient. What then do you do? You rent them instead.

One needs to understand the film projects, budget, and filming location extensively before selecting the best rental company to offer services. Stay up on your game with the most recent trends by accessing them from companies that provide nothing but top-notch products.

These London production rental houses will always supply you with your money's worth. Ready to start your search for film and photo equipment rental companies in London? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your next project.


CAMERAWORKS is a rental company emphasizing customer shoots going off without a hitch. They have participated in over 20,000 jobs in commercials, fashion films, fascinating video content, and feature films.

The CAMERWORKS strategy is to supply filmmaking kits and gadgets to the required locations. The engineering and technical crew constantly assess equipment to ensure they deliver your envisaged outcome at all times. The company was started in 2014 and has evolved as they have taken on successful jobs over the years.

DV Camera Hire

DV Camera Hire provides various types of cameras for production companies around the environs of London. These special cameras include C300, C100, EX1'S, Sony FS7, EX3'S, Canon 5D'S, and Nikon DSLR cameras.

This camera hire outlet does not only deal in cameras. Radio mics, gun mics, and field monitors are other production gears they could for the ease of your production activities. Lighting kits and tripods are as well available for easy use. You can call them today.

Pixi Pixel

Pixi Pixel rents its equipment to film, TV, and Photography-related projects as a facility with a camera and lighting division in East and North London, respectively.

Pixi Pixel has a carbon-neutral certification and relies on eco-friendly HVO fuel for its entire fleet. They have a highly mobile generator fleet and have worked with several notable filmmaking bodies in the UK. Pixi is a patron of the British Society of Cinematographers and the Guild of British Camera Technicians.

One Stop Films

One Stop Films has created an avenue for projects that require the trending digital cameras to rent them. This company provides a considerable camera range, including full frame, 35mm, and 16mm film cameras - and have been doing it for over 15 years.

One Stop Films focuses on renting lenses, cameras, and grip gears for the commercial, film, TV, and promo industry. They extend services of giving solutions to technical questions from their clients.

Shift 4

Do you need a hire company that gives round-the-clock technical assistance, good quality in-house engineering, and professional minds? Shift 4 is the company to see.

Shift 4 supplies varying sound specifications, lighting, lenses, grip, and camera gears. The company has been standing firm in London for more than 30 years, which has given it time and resources to create a progressive and trust-intensive client base. They always stay supportive till the completion of the project and see that all their available hands do what's right for the job.

Fava Rental Ltd

FAVA rentals are known for their professionalism, wealth of knowledge, and friendliness. They concentrate on getting ARRI full frame and super 35 digital cameras, lenses, and accessories for projects that need these kits. Commercials, fashion shoots, music videos, shorts, and TV dramas use their services.

FAVA Rental is an Albert Sustainable supplier as it aims to create an environment-friendly production industry. They use LED lighting, natural Linoleum flooring, and electrically-operated delivery vehicles. Visit this rental agency located in Hackney, London, to overview their expansive list of equipment.

Genesis Hire

Genesis Hire caters to your wants in reliable quality camera brands like ARRI, Sony, Canon, and GoPro Action cameras. They supply a high-end collection of gears you would need for your productions, such as Sliders, Cine Lenses, and Lens Control Systems.

Offering unrivaled hire services and assistance is a standing watchword for the Genesis Hire operations. They have also improved their environmental policies and now have a 100% green supplier - Octopus Energy. Furthermore, Genesis Hire became a part of the Bectu Sustainability Group to promote sustainability in the world of rental companies.

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