Top Film and Photo Equipment Rental Companies in Edmonton, AB, Canada

Top Film and Photo Equipment Rental Companies in Edmonton, AB, Canada

Choosing a film and photography rental company is an important decision to make. You have to consider both quality and prices - and excellent customer support is another consideration you must make. The most flexible options for rental packages is something the best in this field offer with consistency.  

If you're looking for the best film and photo equipment rental companies in Edmonton, we have curated this list of the top services in the city for you. Ready to start your search for film and photo equipment rental companies in Edmonton? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your project.

McBain Camera

McBain Camera is an Edmonton-based photo and video rental company. They also offer a range of other services, including photofinishing, warranty, and tech services. They carry a good stock of DSLRs, tripods, studio lighting equipment, and data projectors in pristine conditions.

All the items they rent out are daily, and additional discounts are offered if someone is interested in renting weekly. Weekend rates are higher but their service is impeccable.

Edmonton Production Rentals

Edmonton Production Rentals is a full-service production equipment rental company with an extensive array of rental items. They have DSLRs and mirrorless equipment from entry-level to professional quality for high-quality video and still work. They're constantly adding additional gear, including cameras, lenses and lighting equipment to ensure that  customers a comprehensive range.

The company has a strict quality check process. They double-check that the quality assurance team has passed every product on the rental list and that they're in excellent working condition.

Upstart Cameras

Daron Donahue is the founder of this photography and videography rental company. Based in Edmonton, Canada, this is one of the biggest and most reliable photography rental services. The cinema camera rental and production services package is based on the class-leading Sony F55 4K body and Canon's Cine-servo and Cinema prime lenses, including much more.

Upstart Cameras also offer underwater video production tools and accessories. The team has several Gemini and CSA-winning cinematographers and videographers. The company is SFOC certified and are licensed to operate drones for commercial videography work.


Vistek is Edmonton-based photography and videography rental and allied services company. Apart from rental, they also have a dedicated resale unit and a service and repairs unit. Whether you need a particular product for one day or multiple days, they're willing to offer flexible rental packages to you.

One of the major USPs of the company is its highly knowledgeable customer support staff. Let's say you're looking for a product for a particular project; the customer support executives are highly knowledgeable and can dig up the exact tool you search for.

Keen Eye

Keen Eye is one of Canada's premiere production services companies. They offer HD and SD digital cinematography services, photography tools, and accessories. They have primarily provided their services to broadcasters, producers, businesses, and corporations since 1998.

Keen Eye services not only Edmonton but also Calgary, Vancouver, and Whistler. Other areas include Fort McMurray and significant parts of North America. Their team works with all kinds of production budgets and believes that their clients' success translates to their success.

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