Fig and Gold Wedding

Pink and gold, purple as dark and soft as velvet, and colours like fig and blackberry make for a stunning colour palette. The hues also combine incredibly well with the theme of the wedding as they blend into the earthy, yet vintage look.

As a standout furniture accessory, the display case holding delicate china, bold and brass candlesticks, and of course, magnificent sliced figs, takes the stage as an item of conversation and an art piece that deserves mention.

Decorative features like these will fit in well at wedding venues in Glasgow. Being a lovely green city and a historical gem to boot, beautiful pieces like brass candlesticks aflame with tall candles, pink and clear crystal goblets for a celebratory toast, and luscious plums – all enclosed in a vintage bar, are perfect. Imagine!

Colour Palettes for a Fig and Gold Wedding

The fig and gold theme falls in the category of dark, romantic wedding colour palettes. It favours those who aren't too keen on going for an entirely brightly-coloured theme but still want to incorporate cheerful pops of colour into their big day. Think along the lines of raspberry red and varying shades of blush combined with gold and purple hues.

Paired with figs and a spread of deep-coloured berries; what you get is a visually pleasant and highly photogenic setup. The range also allows you to creatively fuse the different colours in the form of decorations, flowers, outfits, and wedding food.

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What to Look for in a Venue for a Fig and Gold Wedding

With a theme in mind, it becomes significantly easier to locate a wedding venue that further highlights your vision. A garden venue with plenty of trees, gazebo space, or terrace location would enhance this wedding style. Going for a location that features indoor and outdoor spaces is an added plus.

Such a venue gives you the flexibility of combining the best of both worlds to truly bring out the spirit of the gold and fig wedding theme. It’s also practical because weddings are by nature occasions that involve multiple activities. Hence, you get a space for the ceremony, photoshoot locations, and reception venue.

Bouquets & Boutonnieres for a Fig and Gold Wedding

It goes without saying that there should be lots of greenery fused into a fig and gold-themed wedding. From the wedding bouquets and boutonnieres to the centerpieces; the floral arrangements should highlight the greens which essentially also add clusters of texture. Twines hung around the venue, chairs, and tables reinforce the beautiful tone.

As for the wedding flowers, peonies, sage, lilacs, baccara roses, and punnets of berries will do the trick. Fruits are an odd choice for wedding decor but they have a way of taking centerpieces, in particular, to the next level. Plums, blueberries, and raspberries work well for this theme.

Wedding Dresses for a Fig and Gold Wedding

The wedding dresses should ideally follow suit and include varying shades of purple, blush, raspberry red, black, and gold. The discerning bride can take the plunge by stepping away from the traditional white gown in favour of a blush-coloured look. The same colour palette in varying shades can work for the bridesmaids’ outfits.

Alternatively, you could settle for bridesmaids’ dresses in raspberry red or velvety purple hues to carry through with the darker tone of the fig and gold theme. Splashes of gold accents and accessories equally pair well with the overall tone. Blush-coloured ribbons also add a lovely touch to the entire theme.

Menswear for a Fig and Gold Wedding

Burgundy suits are so Rock N' Roll but they would suit a fig and gold wedding theme perfectly. Shades of the champagne hue work for the bridegroom and the man of the hour can stand out by wearing a burgundy suit. A mix-and-match look is worth exploring with burgundy jackets and pants in darker shades.

A deeper shade of rose pink is equally a great option for the groom or the groomsmen. As for the guests, tuxedos in neutral, darker shades will do the trick. Black bow ties pair well with any suit colour and take the look to the next dapper level.

Wedding Invitations for a Fig and Gold Wedding

In this luxe editorial, the wedding invitations stayed on the simple side with combinations of white, blush, black, and brown hues. The calligraphy font used on the envelopes and cards adds to the regal factor. As seen on the spread, it’s a sound decision to include RSVP instructions alongside a pre-addressed envelope to make it easy for your guests to confirm their attendance.

An alternative for this theme is to go for plum-coloured envelopes and matching velvet ribbons. Envelopes in shades of purple, pink, and gold also work for this theme. The same applies to the menus and welcome packages presented to guests during the occasion.

Food for a Fig and Gold Wedding

The wedding food for a fig and gold affair should be deliciously colourful. Fruit platters and flowers create the dynamic duo you expect to see at such an affair. Such platters serve as decor pieces while also tantalising taste buds and elevating senses. Grapefruits, blackberries, apples, and strawberries enhance the fig and gold wedding theme.

Presentation counts as well, and clusters of fruit served on wooden stumps are perfect for an outdoor rustic event. A bowl filled with deep berries, pomegranates, rich figs, and coral flowers presents the romantic hues on every table at the reception venue. For a more rustic-esque theme, throw in some fresh produce, spices, and herbs into the mix.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Fig and Gold Wedding

The wedding cake is undoubtedly the grand presentation at the reception during the big day. Bare wedding cakes don't cut it anymore, and these days, more couples are leaning towards baked treats that essentially stand as true spectacles. The Fig wedding cake has been in trend for a couple of years now, and it's not really about the flavor but rather the topping.

The ancient fruit is undoubtedly the perfect choice for a fig and gold wedding, as displayed by the masterpiece depicted in this editorial. A simple white fondant layered with figs and berries creates a tastefully Pinterest-worthy presentation.

Reception Decor for a Fig and Gold Wedding

Much like the editorial, a fig and gold wedding that tastefully makes use of an outdoor wedding venue is a true sight to behold. In the case of using dual venues, that is a location that provides access to an indoor space and outdoor garden;  you have endless possibilities when it comes to wedding decor.

That means decking out the indoor space with plenty of twigs, twines, and plants while outfitting the outdoor space with wooden furnishings and other vintage-inspired accents. As displayed, blush-coloured furniture and a rustic bar setup further elevate the theme. Golden accents are also seen all over; from the candle holder to the place setting.

Favours & Gifts for a Fig and Gold Wedding

Wedding favours and gifts don't necessarily need to have a seasonal reference but it's a thoughtful gesture if they are related to the theme. It starts with the presentation, and gold-coloured boxes with blush ribbons work for the occasion. As for the contents, mini-sized products are always a great option.

That includes mini bottles of syrup, jams, tin candles, and whiskies. You can also go with one item or include several products in the packages. Personalise the gifts by engraving the couple's names or the guest's name, if possible. In the spirit of the theme, you can also present your guests with dried, whole figs.

Fig and gold wedding with the coolest bar ever

This fig and gold themed wedding inspiration shoot from Onelove Photography includes what is probably the coolest bar designs ever. But more on that later…

The luxurious colour palette in this editorial contains a regal mix of plum, velvety purples, fig, blackberry, and lighter shades of pink and gold. There’s a whole lot to love in this shoot and it just keeps getting better and better with every scroll!

So about the bar design, which I’m absolutely head over heels in love with – it’s SUCH an awesome upgrade from the typical bar charts in style shoots.

Using a vintage display case and filling it with pleasingly arranged bud vases, brass candlesticks, vintage china and glassware, flowers, heaping bowls of whole and sliced figs, WINK! Weddings, Archive Vintage Rentals, and Seed Floral reinvented the typical wedding, bar and turned it into an installation art piece – a real wow factor and conversation starter.

If you loved this inspiration shoot (who wouldn’t?!) then be sure to check another from Onelove Photography here!

Credits: Photography: Onelove Photography // Coordination & Design: WINK! Weddings // Floral Design: Seed Floral // Rentals: Archive Vintage Rentals // Cake: Crumb Fairy Bakery // Invitations: Smitten on Paper // Hair & Makeup: Susie Chhuor // Cake Stand: Casa de Perrin // Dress Boutique: The Ivory Suite // Dress Designer: Amy Kuschel // Vintage Car: Classy Chassis // Venue: Castle Green in Pasadena, Florida.