Best Fashion Photographers in Washington DC

There is an iconic moment in Legally Blonde 2 where Elle Woods is walking up the steps to the Capitol Building, a bright splash of bubble-gum pink amid a hundred dour pantsuits and colorless neckties. A haven for political animals and slick lobbyists, D.C. for churning out more legislation than haute couture.

Despite this, the nation’s capital has a wealth of talented fashion photographers. Often traveling all over the world to shoot, these artists blend DC’s pragmatism with the artistic flair of Paris or Milan. Don’t be fooled by the power suits and gray-scale color pallet - Washington still has plenty of creativity to offer.

Whether you are looking for a commercial or editorial shoot, there is a talented fashion photographer in Washington D.C. that can bring your vision to life.

Tim Coburn Photography

Specializing in fashion photography, Tim Coburn has grown up in Washington D.C. He strives to bring his key eye for fashion and aesthetics to his work and relies on his innate artistic sensibilities. This world-class photographer has been shooting since 2000 and has owned his own business since 2003.

Operating out of his studio just beyond D.C. city limits, Coburn offers headshots, modeling portfolios, and portraits. His work has been featured on the cover of Esquire, Lifestyles, and Washington Life. Beyond his work in the fashion industry, Coburn volunteers in Cameroon, Senegal, Rwanda, and other African nations. He photographs and blogs about his experiences on his website.

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Antwon Maxwell Photography

Antwon Maxwell forged his photography skill in the “fires” of Southeast Asia. Working with limited access to wardrobe, models, and makeup artists, Maxwell was pushed to develop his prowess early on in his career. His style is defined by his meticulous attention to detail, sophistication, and luxurious tone.

Currently heading up a photography studio, Maxwell employs 5 other creatives including his wife. They have photographed covers of E, British Thoughts, BSM, and Hello Beautiful. Maxwell’s work can also be seen in Variety, Pop Culturist, and in Yahoo! News.  

Elliot O'Donovan Photography

Primarily focused on portraiture, Elliot O'Donovan Photography is an internationally lauded photographer. The New York Times, Washington Post, and Forbes have all featured his work. With a sultry style focused on shadows and deep, brooding tones, O'Donovan brings a sense of mystery to his photographs.

Elliot O'Donovan Photography works with a range of clients. From editorial to corporate and commercial, O'Donovan brings a breadth of experience to each project he tackles. Driven by his passion for non-profit work, O'Donovan’s website also features photos taken on humanitarian trips to Africa, Asia, and beyond.

Paco Alacid

Spanish by origin, Paco Alacid works on both sides of the Atlantic. Primarily photographing in Washington DC, Alacid often travels back to his native Spain to work. Specializing in fashion photography, portrait work, and video, there is a distinctly European flair that informs Alacids style and point of view.

A passion for storytelling is clearly expressed throughout Alacid’s portfolio. He leans into simplicity in subject and composition, giving his work a bright, clean finish.

Appeal Photography

Led by photographer David Guggenheim, Appeal Photography is an award-winning photography studio. Guggenheim has received international acclaim for his work in still photography and video. He has been featured by CNN, ABC, and PBS. With over 40 years of experience, he leads his team with confidence and enthusiasm.

As a whole, Appeal Photography operates with a philosophy of matching the mystique and unique appeal of each brand they work with. They approach each shoot as a collaborative partner. Based in D.C., the team travels worldwide to collaborate with brands from all over the globe.

Tina Krohn Photographer

Beginning her career as a dancer and customer in LA, Tina Krohn rocketed to renown after she launched her career as a photographer. Interviewed by The Huffington Post and featured in Forbes International magazine, she’s not slowing down any time soon. Her work has also appeared on the covers of LEADERS Magazine, Cuba Trade Magazine, and Reveal.

Tina Krohn’s clients include the US Navy, Cirque Du Soliel, and the Washington D.C. Ballet. Driven by her passion for photography and an innate desire to succeed, she has developed a wide breadth of work in her impressive portfolio.  

Denis Largeron Photography

Once upon a time, this accomplished French fashion photographer was a ballroom dancer. Based out of Washington D.C., Lyon native Denis Largeron has been working as a photographer since 2002. Deeply immersed in D.C.’s queer clubbing scene, Largeron is not afraid of low lighting, or any kind of photography challenge.

Energy and emotion define Largeron’s photography style. Leveraging experience in front of the camera, he knows how to manipulate light. His work as a model informs his knowledge as a photographer, giving him a unique perspective and voice.

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