Fashion photography is the art of chronicling the evolution of fashion over the years. Fashion photographers are dedicated to capturing people and events that are in vogue. Some of them work as in-house photographers at various fashion houses worldwide. Many work as freelancers doubling as fashion photographers on assignment, or within their luxurious studio environments.

Fashion photographers need to have an exceptional eye for detail. In a way, fashion photographers are as responsible as fashion designers for setting the trend. Vancouver has many exceptional fashion photographers who call this city their home with a traditional vibrant fashion scene. If you're looking for the best fashion photographers in Vancouver, you can start your search right here.

Ready to start your search for fashion photographers in Vancouver? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your next project.

Alex Waber Photography

Alex Waber is a portrait, commercial and fashion photographer based in Vancouver, Canada. A graduate from the cinematography program at Capilano University, he applies the technical knowledge in visual storytelling throughout his work.

Alex is an internationally acclaimed photographer, and his work has been published in leading publications like Rolling Stone, The Guardian, Homes and Living, and Montecristo. His primary areas of photography are fashion and portraiture, but he also loves shooting fine art. Many of Alex's works are displayed in galleries around the world.

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Tom Hawkings Photography

Tom's the face and the lead photographer at this prestigious studio. Tom's been working as a professional commercial and fashion photographer for many years now. Energetic and committed to providing the best product, his photos pay great dividends for all kinds of fashion enterprises. His technical prowess helps him capture stunning visuals across all conditions and vibes.

A dedicated commercial photographer with deep technical knowledge, Tom loves experimenting with projects, scenery, and products. The results are evident throughout his portfolio of past successes.

Irina Stelmakh Photography

Irina is the founder and the lead photographer at Irina Stelmakh Photography. She's been a professional photographer for several years and has earned a reputation for being one of the best fashion photographers in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Irina has a vast portfolio that ranges from business portraits to lifestyle photoshoots, from fashion photos to celebrations of motherhood. She doesn't like to limit herself to just one or two genres. Instead, she explores and experiments with any genre that she fancies. Irina loves traveling and often accepts assignments well beyond the confines of Vancouver.

Jamie Mann Photography

Jamie Mann is driven by a sincere passion for photography. He's been a professional fashion, portrait, and commercial photographer for years, working with clients in and around Vancouver.

Jamie loves capturing the essence of his subjects and their personality - as well as their clothing. His work has significantly featured the Coast Salish peoples - Squamish, Tsleil-Waututh & Musqueam First Nations. Jamie is a published photographer, and his work has found its way to the cover of some of the leading magazines in the USA and Canada, into the private collection of the uber-rich of Canada, and to galleries around the country.

Jim Diehl Photography

Jim Diehl is a professional portrait, commercial and fashion photographer based in Vancouver. He's widely considered one of the best fashion photographers in the city, respected by all.

His work takes him all around the globe, though he loves to stay back and concentrate on shooting from his studio set-up. Jim does a lot of his work from this studio, working with leading fashion brands and designers in the industry. He also covers many of the top fashion shows from around the world.

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