Models, brands, and others can find the best fashion photographers in San Jose who work with various clients in the Bay Area on photoshoots. If you’re interested in developing your modeling portfolio or want to shoot a lookbook for your latest fashion collection, we’ve selected the best San Jose photographers for you. Experts at capturing incredible fashion pictures, these professionals can collaborate with you and boost your career to unforeseen new heights.

Ready to start your search for fashion photographers in San Jose? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your next session.

Raymond Rudolph Photography

It wasn’t until later in life that Raymond Rudolph began experimenting with photography, but his worldly perspective has proven valuable to his creative fashion images. He’s based in San Jose and works with numerous models and brands in the Bay Area as a fashion photographer.

Raymond got his first experience in photography by training under local commercial photographers. But his passion for the industry drove him to set off on his own and establish his photography company.

Today, he's involved with many photo projects, whether personal or freelance photoshoots for clients. Evidence of his skill and professionalism appears throughout his portfolio. Editorial-style shooting, with a focus on the models, makes his work excellent for showcasing on a website, print, or in a modeling portfolio.

Amy Drake

Some of the best fashion photoshoots come from thinking outside of the box, and Amy Drake is no stranger to creative thinking. Combined with a focus on excellent customer service, she’s one of the best photographers to work with near San Jose. For the past 15 years, Amy has worked to become one of the top fashion photographers and continues to deliver with exceptional skill.

Amy makes the photoshoot experience for her clients an enjoyable process that always leads to pictures that blow her clients away with their quality. From the first contact with her, she’ll make you feel comfortable, which translates to how you’ll feel in front of the camera during the photoshoot.

Attention to detail is how she can capture the beauty of her models while still showcasing a hint of personality. Amy's pictures highlight the radiant emotions that her clients feel during the shoot, consistently resulting in vibrant images full of color.

Emily Kim Photography

You’ll be surprised by how hard it is to get the perfect fashion image, which is why Emily Kim takes a strategic approach to photography. Since 2014, it’s been her secret to success in creating fantastic fashion images for clients looking to improve their personal branding image.

Clients interested in creating a photo gallery to showcase their personal style will enjoy working with Emily. She takes a collaborative approach when working with clients so that their best selves emerge confidently as she begins to take pictures.

Not only an expert behind the camera lens, Emily is also knowledgeable about posing, styling, and has excellent ideas for locations in the Bay Area, where she is based. Many of Emily’s clients are business owners and also she works with modeling management companies on shooting model images.

Paul Ferradas

A love of art and culture shaped the way Paul Ferradas views the world, which has propelled him to be one of the most creative fashion photographers. After relocating back to his childhood city of San Jose, he’s established himself as a leading photographer for fashion brands and models.

Paul is a self-taught fashion photographer, developing his skills through studying other photographers. Over the years, he's learned to create a signature style for himself. Whether he’s shooting fashion products or models, the first impression is always important. Thus, Paul works diligently to create top-quality pictures that immediately grab the attention of his viewer.

Part of Paul’s appeal is shooting creative imagery unlike other photographers. His commercial-style images work excellent for publication in fashion magazines or to use in marketing a product.

Jeffrey Kuo Photography

Fashion photography for Jeffrey Kuo is more than just showcasing a model or style but capturing the entire lifestyle surrounding them. His fashion lifestyle fashion shoots have taken him all around San Jose.

Thanks to his work with various models, clothing brands, and styling companies, Jeffrey has established himself as a well-known fashion photographer in the Bay Area. His images are also published on fashion blogs.

Jeffrey believes shooting in locations like San Jose City Hall and other places around town can effectively capture the local lifestyle when targeting a related audience. He incorporates bold colors in each of his photos to bring them to life and capture all the details necessary to market a particular style or model.

These attributes are what make Jeffrey such a valuable photographer when working with local brands and fashion-related companies.

Moses Sison Photography

The fashion portfolio from Moses Sison will make anyone rethink their idea of a “typical model.” With his modeling development services and alternative photoshoots, he’s a fashion photographer worth getting to know if you want something outside of the traditional shoot.

Moses is a photographer who lets his images do most of the talking for him. An experimental nature with fashion photography has led him to push numerous boundaries while simultaneously creating tasteful photos you’ll love looking at.

Industry networking is also second nature to Moses, who attends photography meetups to meet unique individuals to photograph next. He meets models and other professionals in order to further explore his craft. With his portfolio, there’s always a particular trait highlighted in the fashion images. Moses is renowned for spotlighting a physical characteristic or unique talent that each model has, such as a dancer’s balance or a fashionista's sense of style.

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