Best Fashion Photographers in San Diego

San Diego is the perfect location for your next fashion photo shoot. Not only will you find the best settings in California, but you’ll also have your choice of the best fashion photographers.

San Diego fashion photographers have mastered the art of making models and brands attractive. Build your modeling portfolio or shoot images to promote your upcoming collection with a photo shoot by these photographers.


Images by IMDphotos always capture the true essence of the San Diego lifestyle. Founded by David Gibby, he’s developed a name for himself as a top fashion photographer in San Diego.

Gibby has more than two decades of experience in photography. Fashion photography is one of his specialties, and he works with many models, both professional and new talent. His style of fashion photography is excellent for models and brands. In addition to models, he works with many clothing, jewelry, makeup, and accessory lines.

Clients can choose from various packages to pick the ideal photo shoot. He’s available for shoot in-studio or on location and delivers all of the images shot over the entire session. He can even submit your pictures to modeling agencies.

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Aram K

The professional fashion pictures shot by Aram K are perfect for building your modeling portfolio or showcasing the latest line from your clothing brand. With over ten years of experience, he’s perfected the art of styling stunning fashion shoots.

No two shots are ever the same thanks to the creative vision of Aram K. He gives many of his photo shoots a theme that fits your brand image (including personal brand) so that your best features are always spotlighted.

Aram K works on location for shooting unique settings – from beach shots to settings around the city. He uses upgraded cameras and lenses to deliver top quality consistently. As a result, his pictures have been published in Vogue, Elle, and more.

Laurens Antoine

As soon as you begin working with Laurens Antoine, you’ll realize why he’s the top-rated fashion photographer in San Diego. He’s received hundreds of 5-star reviews and worked with thousands of models.

Antoine has a background in fashion, giving the expertise needed to shoot fashion images. He’s seen the industry trends and always makes sure that his pictures stay up to par. He specializes in commercial and editorial style fashion photography ideal for portfolios and publication.

Whether you’re working on a deadline to release a new collection or need to submit modeling photos at the last minute, Antoine is a trusted photographer who always meets his deadlines.

Antoine has a local studio in Downtown San Diego equipped with lighting, backgrounds, and the latest gear for shooting fashion pictures.

Siobhan Gazur Photography

If you’re looking for fashion images that draw attention, Siobhan Gazur has the talent that you’re looking for. She makes each photo unique with a personalized session for every client.

You’ll get a one-of-a-kind photo shoot when you work with Gazur. She’s a versatile photographer with a creative eye for shooting compelling fashion photos. Models and brands stand out in a picture that freezes a moment in time.

Gazur specializes in fashion lifestyle shoots, often using the environment as props in her pictures. Each picture tells a story about your brand or the model wearing the clothing. She has a friendly personality to make anyone feel like a supermodel – even if it’s your first photo shoot.

David Rumley Photography

Photography for David Rumley came as a surprising career after first picking up the camera. He showcases natural talent behind the lens as he’s developed quite an impressive portfolio as a full-time fashion photographer.

David Rumley found his true calling by photographing people – which makes fashion photography the perfect fit. He captures an artistic perspective of models. He pays attention to detail to make sure the model, clothing, and setting all flow into a cohesive image.

Throughout his career, Rumley has worked with many celebrities and personalities. He’s a self-taught photographer who has a unique fine art style for capturing fashion images great for promotion and other uses. He continues to deliver top-quality work to his clients in the San Diego area.

Nicole Smith

As a former model, Nicole Smith knows exactly how to work with models to get the best pictures. She’s a fashion photographer based in San Diego who stays on top of the trends for industry-standard photography.

Smith works closely with models and influencers on building their portfolios. Her experience in front of the camera gives her an advantage for assisting in posing and making you relaxed. Her eye for a great shot always leads to a gallery full of photos that you’ll love.

In addition to models, Smith also collaborated with brands. She has clients in beauty and talent agencies who commission her to bring their brands to life through stylized fashion photography.

Adam Rowell

It’s easy to spot a photo by Adam Rowell, thanks to his unique shooting style. He brings a new taste to the industry with a style comparable to high fashion meets the West Coast.

Rowell is a full-time fashion photographer based in San Diego who’s always ready to take on new clients for photo shoots. He shoots on location or in a studio – each session is tailored to the look you’re going for.

Clients hire Rowell when photographing various brand items, including clothing, jewelry, and other accessories. Whether he’s shooting close up to capture a product’s details or capturing the setting to showcase your brand lifestyle, each image is done to perfection.

Sven Bannuscher Photography

It’s possible that you’ve already seen an image by Sven Bannuscher on a billboard while driving around San Diego. He’s one of the top fashion photographers to work within the area.

Sven specializes in editorial-style pictures that work great for modeling portfolios, publication, and marketing campaigns. He has a way of capturing the beauty of the models that he works with and making fashion products look attractive to the viewer. Both result in pictures that convey timeless fashion.

What sets Sven apart is his professionalism. He’s an efficient photographer to conduct sessions when scheduled and deliver the images by your deadline. His work ethic has landed him projects globally.

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